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  1. chrono208

    Server Wipes

    So, Does anyone know if the admins/devs finally resolved the 10 hour or so cumulative time limit before a server gets wiped? I really want to play but i wont play again until this specific issue is dealt with. Honestly, i don't see how anyone is tolerating these constant server wipes, i'm sure you guys have lost a mass of players though because of this issue. But then again we did already pay for the game and you guys have our money already so i guess you guys probably wouldn't care about this then. Unless you are good guy devs and are seeking a resolution and hence here i am asking for elaboration. If any non-devs can relate to what i'm saying please bump this thread so devs will see our frustration. Here's hoping you guys implement a fix. -Chrono
  2. chrono208

    Official Servers

    Why are the official servers constantly being wiped? it's like you devs want people to stop playing your game.
  3. chrono208


    Can you guys help and find out what happened to explore na 5? I had gotten kicked from it earlier and tried to reenter but alas i could not. I logged out of steam and my computer and checked for updates as well waiting a couple hours before re-trying to log back in but when faced with the continue button it shows NA 5 unavailable and it also no longer appears in the server list. Please help! My friends and i have made some significant progress and do not want to restart rn. -Chrono
  4. I think there needs more attention to this bug that seems to commonly arise. When my friends and i are trying to join each others game being hosted it sometimes throws an host unreachable error message then boots the connector from the server regardless of load percentage. We've tested out creating two servers(worlds) from my end. Everyone connects fine the first go through and can reconnect with no problems for a time being. Variables that i've noticed that were at play during reconnection issue. Eventually i tried logging out and waiting for my world to save for a good 5 minutes then was forced to force close the game due to some sort of freezing while saving. I reloaded immediately after to check for any data loss and it appeared to be fine. Later in the day my friend attempted to join and was met with this error. On world two i left the server open to the public and during a player join my friends experience an alteration in game hud while the game froze during the entering. After the game unfroze my friend decided to relog to fix the gui issue and was met with host reachable. And alas we come to our final world. My friend hosted a server and during an attempt to reset the server, to display the unlocked yet still undisplayed schematics in crafting inventory, i was met with the host unreachable error. Conclusion, it seems that improper / untimely crashes and errors during resets cause sometime of error preventing further connections from client side of hosted servers.