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  1. MyPa553ng3r

    Ships disassembly

    Explore mode, on P1 PVE Server. Built a ship, forgot a rope ladder to top deck, disassembled the ship. All the construction blocks on ship hull moved 100+ blocks along the X axis. Reassembled and disassembled again, the blocks moved another 100+ blocks away, out of render distance. Tried to rebuild the ship, but all the blocks are still attached to ship hull, and I can not build anything on it. The ship hull still sees the blocks, buy my character doesn't. log_clean.txt log.txt
  2. MyPa553ng3r

    unable to log in... and also chat issues

    I am having the chat issue persistently. It is now rare that I can see the chat. All I hear are the bleeps and bloops, but nothing shows in chat. I can send messages, and i can hear the notification from the response, but I can't see the messages
  3. May I ask, what's the difference between uploading and running a .ygt file on a DS, and generating a .ylandsgame file locally. It seems to me, that uploading and running a .ygt file simply makes a .ylandsgame file and then runs that. So therefore, its essentially the same as a .yland file, just with a PB and caves. I can just make the .ylandsgame locally, then upload that as I have been doing. Does the .ygt file update and save what has happened in it's corresponding .ylandsgame file?
  4. MyPa553ng3r

    Detailed Sailing Ship 1+2, Electric Boogaloo

    I'm a fan. Amazing work. I applaud your patience with the angles on a ship, even in Editor it can be tedious.
  5. MyPa553ng3r

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    @bb cakes_P1 I think it's going through an identity crisis.
  6. MyPa553ng3r

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Does it get more relaxing?
  7. MyPa553ng3r

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    At today's Vanilla Party we built a ship. We had a full server, and only took us about an hour to build it, Thanks to @Cthulunatic and Zsombar, @RedEagle_P1., @bb cakes_P1, TABarkeeper, ILOVE, @Yo Hasendonckx, and @MyPa553ng3r_P1. Hope you see you there next week, when we hopefully set sail to find more Ylands to conquer.
  8. MyPa553ng3r

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    I can't wait... Let's Go!!!
  9. I'm in. Builder, seeking team. I have no immediate ideas for a game, but I will help see yours realized.
  10. MyPa553ng3r

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Spring is finally here, as the snow melts away. Thanks Fompster, for all that you do.
  11. MyPa553ng3r

    What do I need to build a gaming PC?

    Good point. The second thing you should settle on is Case size. As a general rule, the larger the case, the more airflow, the cooler it can possibly run, the better it performs. Keeping it cool will become an issue before you plan for it.
  12. MyPa553ng3r

    What do I need to build a gaming PC?

    First thing you need to settle on is a budget. Then I would look on https://pcpartpicker.com/, and compare your budget to what other's have built.
  13. MyPa553ng3r

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Want to build cool stuff with us? Visit https://discord.gg/Ju82y7g