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Found 17 results

  1. What a stunning week it has been. Thank you for all your Screenshots of the beautiful buildings this community is making. And wow! Some of these are absolutely incredible! Some of you got a bit over-enthusiastic with the screenshot posting but we are glad for it because there were some spectacular buildings to ogle ? But who won? Well we had to give it to @Fompster and her picturesque church ? But others were just as good, so the runner ups are as follows: @Christalle and her...dare I say Elven home? (Where did you take inspiration for this, it really is beautiful ??) @RedEagle_P1. and his Zen Chinese garden, that just begs to relax in ❤️ And the tomb of the pharaohs by @Spyler.X. Will this be in the new Ylands World of Dreams map? If so, I better pack my Ankh for the journey. And again thank you so much for sending in your creations and screenshots. It really means a lot to us ? Well until next time stay classy Ylanders.
  2. So it has been a bit of a slow week concerning screenshotting, but we still have a winner! @RedEagle_P1.!!! Congratulations ? Of course we had to choose a picture from the very cool Mini-Golf game, so here it is ? And so cool you can also play it on Mobile ? Expect your Coyns to arrive soon ? And what are we doing this week? Well, this week's contest will be Buildings! Send us your best buildings screenshots to win a nice pile of Coyns ? As always the deadline will be on Friday at 10am CET. Then we will choose the best three to win prizes ? So long and stay classy Ylanders!
  3. Adam Snellgrove

    Contest Building Contest #1 - Winners

    So here it is! The end of our first building contest! And just WOW guys! Such great creations. It really blew us away. It was so hard to pick the winners. It really is amazing, what you're able to make in Ylands and a testament to the talent of our lovely community ❤️ But enough of my blubbering and unto the main event: 3rd place goes to @Igor Q. and his super cool hipster turntable! It is such a shame scripting isn't possible for Playlands, because the idea of changing the music this way is excellent! To you, we send 2200 Coyns. 2nd place belongs to @Spyler.X and his adorable cats! Nearly as adorable as the real thing ? To you goes 4400 Coyns. And finally, 1st place goes to... @Fompster and her magnificent peacock! It is a thing of beauty and we'll be honoured to have it in Playlands. To you goes the grand prize of 6600 Coyns. But all the rest of you were absolutely great too! @Christalle and her ladybug riding pet, @Miguel Preguisa and his Adam and Eve tempting snake and @MyPa553ng3r with his impressive statues and we thank you so much for these beautiful creations, they really are proof of the dedication of this community to keep making cool things on this fun platform, that is Ylands ? And now for the winners, we are going to make a special place in Playlands, where we'll put these items on show as a kind of museum of great creations. You will have a plaque telling all, who these talented creators are. It will take some time to build and implement, but it will definitely be there before full release and probably even sooner. What we need from the winners now is to send us your compositions (through private messages to me, if you'd like) made in editor, then found as .ycomp file located in PF(x86)/Steam/userdata/YYY/XXX/remote/Compositions folder or via the editor. Please send us these ASAP, so we can start working on implementing them into Playlands ? And again thank you all again for the spectacular creations and stay tuned for more contests in the future.
  4. Adam Snellgrove

    Contest Mobile Game Creation Drive

    Hey there Ylanders! We have some exciting news today. So exciting in fact, that I couldn’t wait for the next Dev Diary to tell you ? So, we are in the process of making the mobile version (iOS only for now) of Ylands available to you through a closed beta via Testflight and with that, we are also starting a sort of competition. We’d really like to populate Ylands with some fun mobile mini-games and games and to encourage this, we decided, that whoever makes a mobile game in universal mode (playable on mobile devices) will have a chance at winning some Coyns. In fact, we’ll be reviewing every mobile game that comes out between now and release and if we feel it’s playable, fun a cool, we’ll give the creator some Coyns for it ? Now if you decide to make a protected (monetized or not) mobile game, you’ll be eligible to win a 3000 Coyns, while if you make an unprotected game (thus automatically not monetized), you’ll have a chance (to be honest a pretty big chance) at winning 10,000 Coyns! Unprotected games are more valuable for us, because for one they are not monetized and thus will give new mobile players a better first impression and secondly they don’t use up our servers, which could prove to be a problem in the first few weeks after release. And now here’s the kicker! There will be no limit to this! No 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, but anyone who makes a cool mobile game will get this prize AND YOU CAN GET IT MULTIPLE TIMES! So if you make 10 cool unprotected games for mobile, you’ll get a whopping 100,000 Coyns (and believe me, you’ll want to hoard those for the future ?). Every time you make a cool new game and are finished with it, just DM me and we’ll test it out. If it is good and fun, we’ll send over your winnings and if we feel, like something could go better, we’ll send you our suggestions and help you out with making it the best game out there ? To recap, hopefully, tomorrow we’ll have the mobile beta ready for you. Thus, you’ll be able to test out your games on mobile. Then for every cool game you make, you’ll get a reward in Coyns. And finally, when release comes, we’ll choose the best games to be featured and get played by all our new mobile players! So happy building Ylanders! P.S. To find out, how to make your scenario Universal, Protected or Unprotected, head here: https://ylands.com/community/topic/25764-scenario-compatibility-management/
  5. Adam Snellgrove

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 6

    And now for something completely different...or maybe not? Let's get back to some good old-fashioned screenshots. It has been too long and it's time to see, what you've been up to. Especially in the new Mobile Beta! That's why this week the screenshot contest will be Mobile themed. We want to see, what you're up to in the Mobile beta, what you managed to create or what experiences you had. So as long the screenshot has the two sexy joysticks, we're game. And as always, the deadline is Friday 10am CET and the top three will get some lovely Coyn Prizes. And if you're still not in the Mobile Beta, get in there! There is still a lot of spaces to fill, so don't hesitate to join and tell us, what you think of it. Can bears scale a wall?...I sure hope not... And that's it, so start screenshotting and stay classy Ylanders!
  6. Ylanders, get your screenshotters ready! Today we’re announcing our first contest. In this post, we’ll also be outlining the requirements and guidelines of how to take part in this and future contests. So first of all, what’s it all going to be about? Our weekly contest will be of screenshots. Every week on Monday we’ll announce a theme of a screenshot we’d like to see from the community on Twitter, Instagram and the Forum and then it is up to you Ylanders to send us your most impressive shots. Of course, originality will be the main criteria, but another important aspect will be the photographic composition and technique ? Sometimes screenshots make themselves You’ll have till Friday 10am CET to submit your best shots and you can submit up to three screenshots into the contest. You can either submit the screenshots into the Forum post announcing the contest or on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Pycs and/or # YlandsPycs . On Friday Marci, Ales and I will sit down and pick the best screenshot to proclaim as the winner. The winner will be announced on Sunday in a blaze of glory! And the prize you might ask? A pile of coyns (2200 coyns)! Now a few basic rules to get us going: - Nothing offensive or rude - Your own original screenshots made by yourself - Good quality screenshots only (no Yetti and Loch Ness monsters all out of focus and pixelated...unless on purpose ??) - Submitted on Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag mentioned above or on the Forum post announcing the contest for that week. And while in other weeks there is always going to be a theme, to really give you the freedom to be creative, this week it is a free-for-all. Anything goes and the best Ylander wins ? So start sending and don’t forget to add the hashtag #Pycs and/or #YlandsPycs !!!
  7. Adam Snellgrove

    Contest Building Contest #1

    Hey there Ylanders! This week we have a very special contest for you ? This week won't be about screenshotting, but about building! Every one of you can send in one screenshot of your creation. And what creation you might ask? Well we would like you to make a nice decoration for Playlands ? Nothing huge, max size a statue of a normal-sized man. It can be anything. A small cat, an interesting art piece, statue, creature etc. And the first three? Well, they'll get a lot of Coyns (1st 6600, 2nd 4400 and 3rd 2200 Coyns) and their creations will be put permanently into Playlands with a little plaque commemorating their contribution for all eternity ? The deadline will be on Friday next week (27.09) at 10am CET. So in short: building contest to be featured in Playlands. Small (Ylander sized). Anything you can come up with. Everyone can submit one creation. Deadline 27.09. And that's it! We are really looking forward to your creations and hope you'll really let your imagination fly ? So good luck and stay classy Ylanders.
  8. And now for the runner ups! We have to again congratulate @Deadeye_Rob for his winning screenshot, but others sent in great screenshots, so let's have a look at them ? We have a very nice piggy pen from @bojo2736. That's one happy pig...I mean 'Mr. Pig' of course. @zarwilsent in some spectacular pics of his new shopping centre, but at night it really looks like the perfect setting for Dawn of the Dead ? And the last runner up is... @Deadeye_Rob again ? We just can't get enough of this town and the bar is absolutely fantastic ? And that's it for now folks. Normally I'd right about now announce a new contest topic, but not today. At least not here. Because this week we'll have a special contest, so look out for that later today ?
  9. What a fabulous week to be a contest judge. There were some absolutely gorgeous creations from all of you and it is apparent 0.14 has inspired some to be even more creative and that our community is probably the most creative community out there! But who is the winner? Well, it had to go to @Deadeye_Rob and his magnificent seaside property. It oozes atmosphere and we can't wait to walk around this town one day. But there were many more superb creations, so look out tomorrow for the runner ups! And also for the next topic of our screenshot contest ? Again, thank you all for the great screenshots and please, keep them coming. So long and stay classy Ylanders!
  10. ??? Thank you all for the great screenshots this week. They really were a hoot. But in the end, we had to pick just one winner: @bojo2736 and her airborne shark! And it is also a great way to commemorate the shark because we won't be seeing him for a while now in-game while he gets a fix-up. But a big thanks to the rest of you that posted screenshots, they were hilarious and it definitely made us feel nostalgic for some of them ? Also lookout tomorrow for the runner-ups, who'll also get a (smaller) prize. And that's all for now so... stay classy Ylanders!
  11. Adam Snellgrove

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 5

    Again we congratulate @bojo2736 for his flying shark, but there were other great screenshots, that deserve recognition. And here they are: The legendary mountain horses bred by @kimbuck A unique take on horse riding. Pictured @RedEagle_P1. but the unforgettable picture was taken by @Fompster_P1 And finally another great screenshot by @Fompster_P1 of his...'special' seagull family ? But thank you all for sending in your screenshots, they really were a great laugh. But now to this week's competition. We are back in very serious territory ? This week we'd like to see your first creations in update 0.14. Be it a house, ship, new beautiful Island or Zoo for all the pretty animals (seagulls not excluded). But it also might be your experiences in Playlands and other fun activities you're up to. So send us your first experiences in 0.14 for a chance to win a pile of Coyns ? And as always you have till Friday 10am to submit your screenshots either here or on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtags #pycs and #Ylandspycs So good luck, happy screenshotting and stay classy Ylanders!
  12. Adam Snellgrove

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 4

    Again big congratulations to @zarwil but there were others, that were absolutely fantastic too! And the runner-ups this week are: @Spyler.X and his Egyptian adventure (Death on the Nile?) @Christalle with her stunning discovery (love the Top Hat) And finally @Indomitus! Isn't all art first of all relatable? But these weren't the only good screenshots, all submitted were absolutely gorgeous and we thank you so much for submitting them. And now for next weeks competition: with all the talk of bugs and how we fight them, let's also acknowledge the good they do...they sometimes make us laugh ? So this weeks theme will be Funny Bugs. Send us your funniest bugs that happened to you for a chance to win a pile of Coyns ? And as always you have till Friday 10am to submit your screenshots either here or on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtags #pycs and #Ylandspycs So good luck, happy screenshotting and stay classy Ylanders!
  13. Yet again we have had an absolute splendid week of screenshots with this week's theme: Exploration. Thank you everyone for your screenshots, they are really great and remind us, why it is we made Ylands. Because of all of you creative individuals, that make things we wouldn't even dream to be possible. And now to the winner. It's @zarwil with his spectacular Bunny Rabbit in space! We also had to include the 'behind-the-scenes' picture, because it was just perfect ? A little hop for a rabbit... Is that Stanley Kubrick? But don't forget to check-in on Monday, when we announce the runner ups and the next contest theme of the week. And this time it's going to be a damn good one ?
  14. Adam Snellgrove

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 3

    Incredible guys! Again absolutely stunning screenshots and really we do appreciate them a great deal, so keep up the great work! And now to the runner ups of last week's contest. Again, it was very difficult to choose, but here they are... Christalle and her magical grove. Lunz managed to make a cosy little cottage in the unforgivable North. And Harry Pines swooped in with an absolute classic. The lonely Explorer. It boggles my mind the creations shown in all screenshots submitted and I can't wait for the next batch. And for the runner ups, please send me your in-game names, so we can send you your prize ? @Christalle @Harry Pines @lunz and of course the winner himself, @zarwil And this week our theme is going to be EXPLORATION. So anything vehicular, adventury and so on goes. And as always you have till Friday 10am to submit your screenshots either here, or on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtags #pycs and #Ylandspycs So good luck, happy screenshotting and stay classy Ylanders!
  15. What a great week this was! ? And we have this week's winner of the Screenshot contest with the theme: Relaxation. But before we announce it, thank you, everyone, for participating. Not only do you bring joy and inspiration to our team, but also you represent the ingenuity of the Ylands community and whenever anyone sees these screenshots, they'll be amazed, what can be done in Ylands. Like last week, we're going to announce three runner-ups tomorrow, who'll each get a 1000 Coyn reward, so look out for that ? But finally first place goes to the amazing zarwil and his relaxing cave screenshot...after being in a shipwreck. Well I'm sure it was relaxing in contrast to being in a shipwreck. Congratulations zarwil and expect your winnings tomorrow ? And remember to check on Monday, what the next theme will be and I truly hope the screenshots will be as amazing as this week and last week's. Everyone thank you SO much and as always, stay classy Ylanders!
  16. Adam Snellgrove

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

    Rightio Screenshotters, here we go again ? But first, we have to announce the runner-ups to last weeks contest. All screenshots submitted last week were absolutely fantastic, but we chose three to give out another small pile of coyns to, so let us know your in-game names, so we can send it over. And the runner ups are Christalle and her awesome robot, SweetPeaCC and his cosy bedroom photo and zarwil with his dramatic "ship in a storm" photo. And now, for this week's contest, the theme will be relaxation. So any relaxing screenshots you have or relaxing situations you experience in the coming week, send them over for the chance to win a pile of coyns ? The limit shall be again 3 screenshots per person, but don't be afraid to send in just one or two, because you only need one to win ☺️ And remember, you can submit your screenshots here, or on Instagram and Twitter under the hashtags #pycs and #YlandsPycs . So start screenshotting and most of all, stay classy Ylanders.
  17. And here it is, the Winner of our weekly screenshot contest! First off, we must congratulate everyone, that sent in their screenshots, because all of them were breathtaking. Unfortunately, there is just one 1st place. But that is why we have decided to reward the first three runner-ups also, so look out for that tomorrow on our Instagram. But enough skirting around. The winner is MyPa553ng3r with his action-packed shot full of lasers and exciting action. Hope there is a bunker VERY close by. Send us your in-game name MyPa553ng3r, so we can send over the reward ? And for the rest of you, thank you for the amazing screenshots and remember: tomorrow we start another round, this time with a theme. So take out your screenshotters and start screenshooting ?