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Found 3 results

  1. Adam Snellgrove

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

    Rightio Screenshotters, here we go again 😁 But first, we have to announce the runner-ups to last weeks contest. All screenshots submitted last week were absolutely fantastic, but we chose three to give out another small pile of coyns to, so let us know your in-game names, so we can send it over. And the runner ups are Christalle and her awesome robot, SweetPeaCC and his cosy bedroom photo and zarwil with his dramatic "ship in a storm" photo. And now, for this week's contest, the theme will be relaxation. So any relaxing screenshots you have or relaxing situations you experience in the coming week, send them over for the chance to win a pile of coyns 🙂 The limit shall be again 3 screenshots per person, but don't be afraid to send in just one or two, because you only need one to win ☺️ And remember, you can submit your screenshots here, or on Instagram and Twitter under the hashtags #pycs and #YlandsPycs . So start screenshotting and most of all, stay classy Ylanders.
  2. And here it is, the Winner of our weekly screenshot contest! First off, we must congratulate everyone, that sent in their screenshots, because all of them were breathtaking. Unfortunately, there is just one 1st place. But that is why we have decided to reward the first three runner-ups also, so look out for that tomorrow on our Instagram. But enough skirting around. The winner is MyPa553ng3r with his action-packed shot full of lasers and exciting action. Hope there is a bunker VERY close by. Send us your in-game name MyPa553ng3r, so we can send over the reward 😊 And for the rest of you, thank you for the amazing screenshots and remember: tomorrow we start another round, this time with a theme. So take out your screenshotters and start screenshooting 😀
  3. Ylanders, get your screenshotters ready! Today we’re announcing our first contest. In this post, we’ll also be outlining the requirements and guidelines of how to take part in this and future contests. So first of all, what’s it all going to be about? Our weekly contest will be of screenshots. Every week on Monday we’ll announce a theme of a screenshot we’d like to see from the community on Twitter, Instagram and the Forum and then it is up to you Ylanders to send us your most impressive shots. Of course, originality will be the main criteria, but another important aspect will be the photographic composition and technique 📷 Sometimes screenshots make themselves You’ll have till Friday 10am CET to submit your best shots and you can submit up to three screenshots into the contest. You can either submit the screenshots into the Forum post announcing the contest or on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Pycs and/or # YlandsPycs . On Friday Marci, Ales and I will sit down and pick the best screenshot to proclaim as the winner. The winner will be announced on Sunday in a blaze of glory! And the prize you might ask? A pile of coyns (2200 coyns)! Now a few basic rules to get us going: - Nothing offensive or rude - Your own original screenshots made by yourself - Good quality screenshots only (no Yetti and Loch Ness monsters all out of focus and pixelated...unless on purpose 🐒🦕) - Submitted on Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag mentioned above or on the Forum post announcing the contest for that week. And while in other weeks there is always going to be a theme, to really give you the freedom to be creative, this week it is a free-for-all. Anything goes and the best Ylander wins 🥇 So start sending and don’t forget to add the hashtag #Pycs and/or #YlandsPycs !!!