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  1. Adam Snellgrove

    Dev Diary #108

  2. Adam Snellgrove

    Is here any respawn system for ore?

    We are workin on something similar and it should be present in 1.1.
  3. Adam Snellgrove

    A game idea that I had yesterday: "Mutiny"

    Love it! Hope this gets made as I adore "Traitor" boardgames and this is just it 🤩
  4. Adam Snellgrove

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-21122] Ylands Editor freeze/crash

    Thanks for the report and especially for the logs. We'll look into it.
  5. Adam Snellgrove

    I paid for a 3 month server!

    No problem at all. We'll refund it and you can get the High Performance one 😊
  6. And do you have a controller attached to the computer? Though that shouldn't be a problem after the hotfix today.
  7. Thank you for the report man. The logs will help a lot 😊
  8. Adam Snellgrove

    1.0.1: Hotfix

    Still no, unfortunately. We are in talks with Nitrado over the details of our cooperation and that should be hopefully done soon.
  9. Adam Snellgrove

    1.0.1: Hotfix

    Added It is now possible to link account even when using guest one Tweaked Maintenance message made more user-friendly Fixed Game crashing when running with certain AMD video cards Microsoft Store lists game requirements as DirectX10 instead of DirectX11 UWP version renders the fog correctly [YLD-21042] the player can't hit animals from the front side with firearms sometimes [YLD-20962] UI: Invite to the game instead of join game text [YLD-20926] Auto-balance button is enabled for bundles; Fixed: Trading with NPC will no longer select bundles tab if there are no bundles offered [YLD-20857] It is now possible to disable the controller via Options [YLD-20944] Event Listener name translations in Genesys
  10. Adam Snellgrove

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-21115] Game keeps crashing

    It could be better now after hotfix, but let me know if it isn't.
  11. Adam Snellgrove

    Mobile Feedback

    The Editor is a bit too complex for a handheld device we feel 🤔 All those scripts and menus would probably just confuse a lot of people on Mobile, especially if they're not playing on a tablet.
  12. Adam Snellgrove

    Newcomer Help: Exploration Mode

    We are figuring out, if it'd be possible with some serious optimization but it probably won't be a tremendous amount more of Ylands.
  13. So we can't replicate the torch stand and wall torch problem. Could you maybe make a short video of it and send output_logs please? Would help a LOT 😊
  14. Adam Snellgrove

    Can't open the Workshop page

    Works for me 🤔 Maybe it's some kind of blocker or something but nothing from our end...
  15. Adam Snellgrove

    Ability to gift Coyns, items?

    He does (And this is how the Donation map of P1 works) but it gets cut by 30% which goes to BI.