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    Blueprints, updates plus infinite and beyond...

    1. For creativity we really aim it all at the Editor. Where you can make compositions. And if you put a composition on aap, you can then jump in and possibly make a blueprint. But sharing compositions is fully supported and will not change in the future 😊 2. I think I answered this somewhere else, but yeah, we are working on expandable Exploration. 3. Some things (like water improvements, AI features etc.) do get implemented on old maps, but most things do need a restart (like new Random Encounters and others. Unfortunately no plans to change that anytime soon. 4. We are always improving the AI and right now we are working on AI being able to shoot, so other improvements are possible and probable. 5. We are working on having tooltips on every item in Exploration and every script in the Editor, but it is a long process. 6. I don't think this is planned at the moment, but might reappear later. 7. Can't have alcohol in game, but we do have potions 😊 And I'd love drinkable tea in the game, will ask Devs of possible. 8. We are thinking of a way to glue stuff down, but not a prioritzly at the moment. 9. There are a few in the works 😉 10. Ah Sharks, our Nemesis 😅 Still working on those and they really are problematic, so don't hold your breath yet. 11. Yes, this will be a thing, just have to get around to creating it 😁 12. The trouble is, that there is a lot of stuff lying around and it would break a bit by picking up all that stuff. Devs not keen on this feature I'm afraid. Thank you so much for your questions, they are greatly appreciated and for your suggestions 😊👍 Keep them coming.
  2. Hey there Ylanders! So Update Watery Water is coming ever closer and yet we haven’t talked about the water too much yet. Well that’s about to change! We have some really cool new features coming into 1.3 that’ll let you really explore your creativity with our liquid friend. So first thing’s first, there is a new tool next to the terraforming tools, which will let you add water blocks. Now, these you can then extend and expand to your heart's desire, as long as they’re not too close to the sea (we don’t want that saltwater mixing up with the freshwater 😉). Now this water works the same as seawater, you can swim in it, float in it, even put ships in it! You can also envelop the water in a specific type of terrain, so it makes a kind of pool, which is pretty neat, and also it will make sure there isn’t a box of water floating somewhere in space. And while we are still working on possibilities to make water flow (since mobile devices still aren’t powerful enough to render anything like that), the water now makes countless possibilities...well possible, like the pictures below 😊 I can already see Ship Parkour, where you have to sail and jump from one “Water Tile” to the next 🤩 Finally, there is also a possibility now in the Editor to regenerate water, so while you are in the Editor and digging near the sea, you can simply press this button and the sea will regenerate to compensate for the loss of land. We are also working on this happening in the game in real-time, but that will be for another update sometime down the line. And that’s it for now Ylanders, so until next time, stay classy and safe!
  3. Adam Snellgrove

    Allow repositioning of chat window in UI

    I'll suggest it to the designers, but I think there are a few 'fixed' assets in the UI, that would be problematic to move.
  4. Adam Snellgrove

    No desert biome, no copper.

    We are reworking and expanding Exploration for a huge update later this year and this will be addressed as well 😊
  5. Adam Snellgrove

    RESOLVED [YLD-24324] Unable to export game to workshop

    Will look into it on Monday 👍
  6. Adam Snellgrove

    Issue with workshop and community websites

    Thank you for the heads up. Will fix it on Monday.
  7. Adam Snellgrove

    Blueprints, updates plus infinite and beyond...

    Thank you so much for your suggestions 😊 I'll go through them on Monday and let you know 👍
  8. Adam Snellgrove

    Out of the box idea of expanding the map.

    This actually something we are seriously considering 😊 We are now looking into technical solutions for this 👍
  9. Adam Snellgrove

    Dev Diary #130 - Compass

    We are working on a map usable by Creators in custom games 😊
  10. Adam Snellgrove

    Dev Diary #130 - Compass

    Hey there Ylanders! Put your Exploration hats on, cause we're off on adventures today! We talked in an earlier Dev Diary, that we'll be adding quite a few new Random Encounters, especially in the water, but some of us may ask, how do we find all these exciting locations! Well no need to worry, we are adding the cool new compass into the game. This handy fellow will do, what every compass does and show you, where North, East, West and South is but also if you get close to a Random Encounter, it will show you the right direction to get to it. You can craft a compass at a blacksmith station by combining an iron ingot, a needle and you'll need a hammer of some sort (which is sound advice for many a situation in real life as well). Additionally, we have updated the ship's compass to show Underwater Encounters, so you can find those sunken mysteries when you build yourself a proper ship 😉 For now, you'll also have the compass on a raft, but we'll be removing this in Update 1.4 to make the ship a bit more valuable and the raft experience a bit more authentic 🤩 The Compass will be available in the Editor as well and we are planning to give it some cool functionality in a future update for Creators to play around with, so something to look forward to. And that's it for today Ylanders, short and sweet 😊 So until next time, stay classy Ylanders!
  11. Adam Snellgrove

    Cannon damage bug

    (You can also DM it to Jimin, if you don't want to post it here 😊)
  12. Adam Snellgrove

    Can't change weather locally for zone. Is it possible?

    I meant as in the logic tile shown earlier (the one under this messsage). But if you get the DLC, you can make the archipilago maps, where it is easier to make the custom weather, since you already have the Ylands at a reasonable distance that we know works.
  13. Adam Snellgrove

    Cannon damage bug

    The game needs to be unprotected AND have local saves for it to be possible for someone else to open it up in the Editor.
  14. So this should be fixed in the upcoming update 👍
  15. Adam Snellgrove

    Dev Diary #129 - New AI Features

    Probably not yet, but we are going to look into that in the near future.