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  1. Adam Snellgrove

    Explorer's Gazette - July

    Hey there Ylanders! Welcome to the third issue of the Explorer's Gazette 😊
  2. Hey there Ylanders! I think this time the video speaks for itself, so watch on Ylanders 😏 If you want to check out my first Dev Diary, here it is in all its glory 😅 And that’s all for today, so until next time, stay classy Ylanders!
  3. Adam Snellgrove

    Games don’t load

    Unfortunately not. The minimum requirements were made in cooperation with Apple, who are very strict about these requirements, because they want to ensure the games and apps run as smoothly as possible on all supported devices. So it might not be because of the iPad Mini, which can maybe handle it, but a different product with a A8 processor, that lacks the capabilities to run Ylands. And because it can be allowed either to all A8's or none, it had to be (according to the AppStore rules) restricted to all.
  4. Adam Snellgrove

    Does Ylands work on iPad 6

    Oh good 😊 Do let me know if they start up again.
  5. So seems this is expired and no longer happens.
  6. Adam Snellgrove

    RESOLVED Remove the energy streams completely.

    Okey, I know it has been a bit of a wait 😅 But invisible links will be an option in 1.4. They will be switched on by default, but can be switched to invisible and will be visible only when holding a linker.
  7. Adam Snellgrove

    Does Ylands work on iPad 6

    So iPad 6 shouldn't be a problem. Could you be a bit more specific please, what the problem is? When does it crash, does it crash on all games? What are the circumstances?
  8. Let me know, if this helped.
  9. Adam Snellgrove

    Immersive ships

    Those are some cool suggestions, thank you 😊 I'll pass it on.
  10. Adam Snellgrove

    Dev Diary #139 - New Menu

    Hopefully soon 😉 It is a sacred game 😇🙏
  11. Adam Snellgrove


    You can disable team damage when creating an Exploration game. We are working on a system, so your pets don't kill your friends 😬
  12. Adam Snellgrove

    Dev Diary #139 - New Menu

    We are implementing this feature in 1.5 😉
  13. Adam Snellgrove

    Dev Diary #139 - New Menu

    Hey there Ylanders! It has been a while since we messed around with the Main Menu, so here we go again 😊 The Main Menu should be the gateway to everything Ylands and we wanted our new version to reflect this. While the old Menu was cool, it no longer was enough to encapsulate all the awesome games constantly popping up in the Workshop. So the main aim was to give these games much more space to live in and to get noticed because they did tend to fall between the cracks a bit in the old menu, if they weren’t featured, which is a terrible shame. So in the new Menu, you’ll always have all kinds of different games visible to you in different categories, like Featured games (by the Ylands team) of which there can now be many more, your recently played games, your exported projects, top-rated games by the community and many more. We also have some cool new tools to promote good games and to get them to the top of your lists, so you always see the crème de la crème of Ylands creations 🤩 Games will also be categorised into different genres, so you'll be able to quickly get playing the games YOU want to play. But that’s not all that will be changing with the menu. We are also implementing a much better communication system, so that players can message each other through Ylands and we can message players and thus be able to interact much more with our Creators and Players alike 🤗 There will be many more cool improvements in the new Menu but that’s for you Ylanders to explore for yourselves once update 1.4 drops 😁 And that’s all for today, so keep safe and stay classy Ylanders!
  14. It could be because of an outdated driver @estebandb7. Do you have your driver updated?
  15. Adam Snellgrove

    RESOLVED [YLD-25487] Invisible game logic

    Tak je to opravené a bude to součástí update 1.4.