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  1. Shadow72

    Dev Diary #100

    It's cool that everyone who bought the game during early access will get a special pet. I am wondering if there will be a special reward for players who bought the game before it was even on steam?
  2. Shadow72

    Dev Diary #93

    In the video you forgot one important step. Creating new bugs while fixing the current bug that you will find later! 99 little bugs in the code. 99 little bugs. Take one down, patch it around. 127 little bugs in the code...
  3. Shadow72

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-18313] DS can't load a savegame

    Hey, the problem you are having with the first error is that you forgot to capitalize file in YlandFile. I would also recommend renaming the folder the server is in from "Ylands DS" to "YlandsDs" as sometimes programs have issues when parsing file paths with spaces in them. As for the console window not fully opening i find that it happens when the server is already running in the background. Try opening task manager and killing the YlandsDs process. That should hopefully fix the issues you are having. Here is what your json file should look like(Make sure you rename the "Ylands Ds" folder to "YlandsDs"): { "SessionDataType" : "YlandFile", "SessionData" : "C:\YlandsDS\SessionSave.ylandsgame", "SavePath : "C:\YlandsDS\SessionSave.ylandsgame", "nMaxPlayers" : 4, "Name" : "Yland of Eden", "Password" : "***", "OfflineImmunity" : 1 }
  4. Hey, I am not apart of the Ylands team but hopefully I can help you out. After looking through the output log you posted it seems like you are using a pirated version of the game. The logs show that you are trying to load version 0.22 of the game which came out over 2 years ago. Version 0.22 also happens to be the most readily available pirated version for Ylands. I can also see from the log file that the games directory is located in your downloads folder which doesn't happen when you download the game from steam. I recommend obtaining a legal copy of Ylands from steam. It's only 15$. That should fix the issue you are having.
  5. Shadow72

    Dev Diary #91

    Looks like a lot of fun! Do you guys plan on incorporating small community made minigames into the weekly rotation?
  6. Shadow72

    Creating Custom clothing

    If i remember correctly there should be a checkbox in the npcs options that allows you to turn it off. Im not sure if its still in the game though. If its not what you could do is have a loop that sets the rotation of the armor to the npcs current rotation.
  7. Shadow72

    Creating Custom clothing

    If you do go down that road what i suggest is make the animation logic not tied to a specific set of armor, so if you want to later on make a new set of armor you can use the existing animation logic for both sets of armor.
  8. Shadow72

    Creating Custom clothing

    One workaround you could do is animate the armor so it moves with the npcs animation. That would probably be time consuming to do though.
  9. Try checking if the 'Variable' is equal to false instead of checking if it is equal to zero.
  10. Shadow72

    Incompatible Game Version

    Except the required information was given to us. Over a month ago @Khanecz made a post detailing the changes made to the Ylands dedicated server as well as updating the DS guide for the newer version. Well yes, the files this weekend are very different. It is most likely due to them pre loading the servers with the newer version before release with the plan to have all servers automatically update when 0.13 launches. The reason they do this is because the last thing you want to be working on right after you release a new patch to the game is to update the servers. That time is much better used to fix game breaking bugs as fast as possible. It is most likely a accident that they pushed the 0.13 version to their servers. The don't benefit at all from releasing the 0.13 version to their serves because nobody has a client that can connect to 0.13 servers. Also, I don't get the mansplaining comment. I don't know if it was directed at me but I don't feel like i have done anything that is remotely close to mansplaining.
  11. Shadow72

    Incompatible Game Version

    I think you misunderstood me. Its not that they don't have the same files as BI have, its just they are configuring the files wrong which is causing the servers to not be able to accept custom maps. With 0.12 they slightly changed the config files for the DS and the host hasn't updated their hosting software to allow the user to input the correct values for the config through their control panel.
  12. Shadow72

    Incompatible Game Version

    I agree that people should be credited with free time for the coyn servers because of the downtime caused. I have read the thread about you not being able to use custom maps on your DS and it doesn't seem like it is a issue with the servers. Instead it is a problem with your host not updating the config files to work with the newer version of the Ylands server.
  13. Shadow72

    Controller Bug

    Are you only using the joystick to control movement or do you also have a mouse plugged in?
  14. Shadow72

    Incompatible Game Version

    I don't think they have different software than what we get. I think they just have a different deployment system for their dedicated servers other than steam.