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  1. Shadow72

    The Lands of Evanar

    It has been a while since the last update so I figured I'll fill you guys in on what's up. Due to school and personal reasons I haven't had time to work on the game in around a week. As I begin to work on the game again I am faced with the challenge of completing this super ambitious game in 22 days. It is going to be super tough to do but I'm going to try since I know a lot of people are looking forward to the game's release. In order to be able to release on time I got to announce the first content cuts from the game. The dungeon system and the class specialization system won't be in the game at launch. It is just going to take too much time to create the dungeon with all the custom encounters and balance it all correctly to do before the launch. Since there won't be a dungeon to do at endgame there won't be a need for specializations as most of them are specializations are made for dungeons such as tanks and healers. If you are looking forward to that part of the game don't worry, I plan to add in the dungeon and class specialization system in the first non-bug update after launch. After the game is released and I have some free time I plan to upload a bunch of cool stuff to the workshop. My plan is to split all of my systems up and release them onto the workshop for anyone to use. So for example if you want a quest system like mine all you would have to do is download the composition from the workshop and add it to your game. The main concern when I say that to people is "Aren't you scared that someone might just copy what you did exactly and upload a copy of the game on the workshop?" but I think the positives that will come from me uploading the systems to the workshop will overshadow any of the negatives that could come from it. I highly suggest that others do the same too. The more we allow others to use what we have built the more cool games we will see on the workshop. The more cool games on the workshop the more people will stick around playing Ylands. It also allows people with limited experience in the editor the ability to create really cool and complex games without having to have that much experience in the editor. It will take some time for me to release all of them though. Some of the systems will have to be modified to allow easier use with outside scripts and the detailed writeup on how to use them will take a while to write. So don't expect it right away, but it is coming. I should probably get back to working on the game, there is still so much to do. The next update I post will most likely be a preview of the lvl 1-5 leveling experience.
  2. Shadow72

    I was forced to remove this post...

    Ahh, well that really sucks. Hopefully you guys can get your money back from him.
  3. Shadow72

    I was forced to remove this post...

    I'm a bit confused. Is the middleman you are talking to in the pics the same guy that BI verified was from Tencent? Or is he just a middleman you found? Also you won't get much luck emailing people from China, they usually never check it because they all use WeChat.
  4. Shadow72

    I give up

    I also just want to put this out there. Please be nice to the devs. Most of them don't really have a say in what gets added to the game. They can give input and feedback on it but at the end of the day only a couple people really make the decision and that decision can be skewed by outside factors such as how well the game is doing and contractual agreements, and whatnot. Especially be nice to Adam because his job is to collect all of our feedback and criticisms and advocate on behalf of us what we would like to see in the game to the people who make the decisions.
  5. Shadow72

    I give up

    I do believe that they actually listen to the community and change things accordingly. For example exploration, they were planning to shift the game towards a roblox type game but they decided since the community wanted it to do a revamp of exploration. They also make many changes to the game based on our feedback. Things just take a little time to be made and released. As for the Unity thing, Unity is perfectly fine. Its been used in AAA games for a long time. It may not be as optimized as UE4 but its not trash. I'm a bit confused on why you think Unity is the problem. If you see a error pop up for Unity it doesn't mean that the Unity Engine is broken, it means that something in the code for the game is breaking Unity. I know there is a lot of hate towards Unity but it is usually unwarranted. Watch THIS video to see what I mean. They will also never switch game engines. The only other supported game engine out there that supports C# is GoDot. Which is worse than unity for 3D games. Even if they went to Godot they would still have to rewrite a HUGE amount of the game to get it to work. Which would also introduce a bunch more bugs than we already have. If they were to swap to UE4 they would need to completely rewrite the whole game. It would take years to do. I think the main reason why the game is so buggy is because of the limited dev team they have. They don't have enough time to fix all the bugs while developing new content for the game. It really puts them in a hard place because they end up having to build stuff on buggy code that makes even more bugs and then causes the original bug to be much harder to fix because they also have to change everything that was built ontop of it. What I personally think they should do is have the next update after the exploration one be just bug fixes and optimizations. And use the artists time to just build a bunch of new assets for the editor. Once that update comes out they can do a advertising push and this game could be really big. The demographic for the game is there, its just most people don't want to deal with bugs.
  6. Shadow72

    need help with scripting

    Setting the stack size to -1 should do it.
  7. With the new update you are able to transfer stuff between the worlds. So you can think of your singleplayer island as your home base and you can sail your ship to other peoples islands and collect stuff and bring it back to your own.
  8. Shadow72

    The Lands of Evanar

    So far its running flawlessly. In the script monitor the scripts usually take under .3 ms to run and has peaks of about 1.5 ms, but that is from the saving time trigger which I will most likely optimize later on.
  9. Shadow72

    The Lands of Evanar

    Update #7 In this update I added the character system. The character system allows you to create multiple different characters to play as. So if you want to be a priest and a wizard you are able to. This system was very difficult to create due to the scale of data that would need to be handled and stored. It is about 90% finished right now, I just need to work out a few UI bugs that you probably saw in the video. For this update I want to dive into how I actually created this system incase if any of guys are looking to create the same thing. On the surface it seems to be a very simple thing to do, just add variables to the game storage for each character and call upon the right variable for the character the player is playing. Which is exactly what I am doing right now, but if every time you have to check something like if a player has finished a quest you would need a if statement to see which character the player is playing. Which really bloats your scripts and makes it a big pain in the butt to do anything with those variables. After a bit of trying things I finally found a way to greatly decrease the amount of repeated code needed to make the system. How it works is each player has a entity storage called "Character Info". When the player spawns and picks their character the storage is added to them and filled with all of the data from the game storage for that particular character. I can then manage all of my data like seeing if a quest is completed or what quest they are on by checking and updating the entity storage. I then have a function called "Save Player" that saves all of the data in the entity storage to the right character slot in the game storage. That way I am only checking and using those specific game storage variables in one spot instead of through-ought my entire game. The save player function is called when the player disconnects and every 30 seconds just incase the server crashes so there won't be too much of a rollback. The image below shows what my game storage variables look like. After I got that up and working I started to try and figure out how I can save the players inventory and equipment to the game storage. You aren't able to save entities directly to the game storage so what I did was grabbed all of the data I needed from the item and then put all of it into a string and separated the data with ";". So it looked something like this: [Item Id];[Stack Count];[Color1 Red];[Color1 Green]... so on and so on. I can then put that string in an array and store that array in the game storage. When its time to give the character the saved inventory you just need to loop through the array and split the string on ";". You then can grab the items from the array by using the get tile. So index 0 would be the Item id, index 1 would be the stack count, so on and so on. You then can spawn the item and change all of the items properties to the ones that are stored in the array. This is so far the best way I have found to store entities in game storage. If you guys have any questions about anything from my game such as how I did something or just what I plan to implement in the game, feel free to ask me.
  10. Nevermind, you can delete this. I was being stupid and was pushing the wrong thing to the array.
  11. If you use a for loop to loop through the players equipment and save the definition id of the item to game storage you get the error: "Unknown internal error, type isn't supported by server variables". For some reason this only happens when you get the item from equipment. If you loop through the inventory and try to save the exact same items definition id to game storage everything will work perfectly.
  12. I think I kind of understand what they are saying. When creating a new singleplayer world you will have a option to make it multiplayer. If you do so that allows other people to come to your world. Only other people in exploration worlds can join your singleplayer world. So since P1 and YWD maps are made in the editor they won't be able to go to a singleplayer world. At least that is how I think it is going to work based off of what they have said.
  13. Shadow72

    The Lands of Evanar

    Thank you! I am planning on having around 100 quests when it launches for the competition. With some of those quests being daily and weekly quests to keep players interested and coming back to play. After the competition I plan to keep updating it and adding new things. I will do it for as long as people are playing it and enjoying it. If the game ends up dying and nobody plays it I will probably move onto another project. As for monetization's I haven't really thought about it too much yet. All I know right now is that monetization's will never be P2W in The Lands of Evanar. Everything in the store will be cosmetics for things such as mounts or costumes or something. I am planning on doing monetization stuff last so I haven't really thought of what my plans are.
  14. Shadow72

    The Lands of Evanar

    Update #6 In this update I added a welcome screen and a class selection screen. The class selection screen is just a placeholder for right now, but the welcome screen is close to being done. I also added the first implementation of the mount system. You will be able to earn mounts from either buying them from stable masters or getting them as a drop off of bosses. All you need to do to summon your mount is to use the "Summon Mount" skill. Other than that not too much has changed. I am planning to start working on the lvl 1-5 quest chains. Once they are done I will be hosting a dedicated server so everyone can try the beta. Note that all progress made on the Beta server will not transfer to live servers.