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  1. Shadow72

    Creating Custom clothing

    If i remember correctly there should be a checkbox in the npcs options that allows you to turn it off. Im not sure if its still in the game though. If its not what you could do is have a loop that sets the rotation of the armor to the npcs current rotation.
  2. Shadow72

    Creating Custom clothing

    If you do go down that road what i suggest is make the animation logic not tied to a specific set of armor, so if you want to later on make a new set of armor you can use the existing animation logic for both sets of armor.
  3. Shadow72

    Creating Custom clothing

    One workaround you could do is animate the armor so it moves with the npcs animation. That would probably be time consuming to do though.
  4. Try checking if the 'Variable' is equal to false instead of checking if it is equal to zero.
  5. Shadow72

    Incompatible Game Version

    Except the required information was given to us. Over a month ago @Khanecz made a post detailing the changes made to the Ylands dedicated server as well as updating the DS guide for the newer version. Well yes, the files this weekend are very different. It is most likely due to them pre loading the servers with the newer version before release with the plan to have all servers automatically update when 0.13 launches. The reason they do this is because the last thing you want to be working on right after you release a new patch to the game is to update the servers. That time is much better used to fix game breaking bugs as fast as possible. It is most likely a accident that they pushed the 0.13 version to their servers. The don't benefit at all from releasing the 0.13 version to their serves because nobody has a client that can connect to 0.13 servers. Also, I don't get the mansplaining comment. I don't know if it was directed at me but I don't feel like i have done anything that is remotely close to mansplaining.
  6. Shadow72

    Incompatible Game Version

    I think you misunderstood me. Its not that they don't have the same files as BI have, its just they are configuring the files wrong which is causing the servers to not be able to accept custom maps. With 0.12 they slightly changed the config files for the DS and the host hasn't updated their hosting software to allow the user to input the correct values for the config through their control panel.
  7. Shadow72

    Incompatible Game Version

    I agree that people should be credited with free time for the coyn servers because of the downtime caused. I have read the thread about you not being able to use custom maps on your DS and it doesn't seem like it is a issue with the servers. Instead it is a problem with your host not updating the config files to work with the newer version of the Ylands server.
  8. Shadow72

    Controller Bug

    Are you only using the joystick to control movement or do you also have a mouse plugged in?
  9. Shadow72

    Incompatible Game Version

    I don't think they have different software than what we get. I think they just have a different deployment system for their dedicated servers other than steam.
  10. Shadow72

    Incompatible Game Version

    I think it is because they were planning to release 0.13 this week but they ended up delaying it. So all of the servers were automatically updated to the 0.13 version while we cant update our games past 0.12 at the moment. It sucks but all we can do is wait for them to either rollback the servers to version 0.12 on Monday or release 0.13 on Monday.
  11. Shadow72

    A special cube

    Looks amazing. Maybe make a game around it where you have two teams with each their own cube and they have to try and feed the cube different resources around the island in order for it to create a signal flare so the team can get rescued. The first team to set off the flare win the game.You could also have it so when a player dies it depletes some of the resources within the cube to respawn them. So it adds a sense of fear when going out into the wilderness to gather supplies because if you are not careful you could actually be setting you team back instead of helping them.
  12. Shadow72

    visual scripting entity storage problems

    Hey Marten, the problem you are having is you are declaring m_points as a local variable. What you need to do is delete the local variables that you have made and create a global variable. To do this you need to click on the variables dropdown and click "Create New Variable".
  13. When you despawn a car while a player is driving it the game will think that the player is still driving the car. It will despawn the car but the camera angle is stuck and you can still drive around.
  14. Shadow72

    Editor Feedback

    Thanks for the response. Here is some more info for the things you asked about. History window example: It seems like I was confused about how the tool actually worked. After messing with it for a little bit i figured it out. Maybe adding a apply button that undoes everything instead of undoing everything automatically would make it more easier to understand(so it would act like you clicking on a point to undo to is like a preview of what it would look like) Barrier alpha value: After a bit of investigating i figured out that the alpha value for barriers does indeed work, but the scale for the alpha value is off. With values from 0-120 it works as intended but 120-255 it is just completely opaque. It would naturally seem that 112.5 would let half of the light through and 168.75 would let 3/4 of the light through but it isn't working like that at the moment. Maybe it is calculating the amount of light it lets through for each face of the barrier instead of the whole barrier. Storages: Sorry for the confusion, the way I worded it was bad. How game logic storages currently works is that when you call a instruction it only runs the one function that you have inside of the storage for all logics that have the storage. This works fine for simple creations but when you try to create complex systems it becomes pretty useless. The problem is that sometimes you want a certain logic to handle a instruction call in a different way than others. For example, what I was trying to use it for was a command system. Each command was its own game logic that shared the same storage "command"(Since they all shared the same variables like "Name", "Description", etc.). I had a instruction called "handle" which would run the code for that command. The problem is that with the current way the storage system works it only allows you to write one instruction that all gamelogics use. So I couldn't write specific handlers for each command without having to have a giant ifelse block running through every command possible(which can be a lot in bigger projects). From what I understand, storages are supposed to be sort of like objects for us to use where we can create multiple of the same types with the same variables and instructions but allow for each variable to have a different value. It would nice for there to also be some kind of inheritance system so we could have the same variables and instructions but allow the instructions to be different. Variable Error Feature: I tried to recreate the bug but I couldn't. If i ever encounter the bug again ill make a post on the bugs sub forum. PlayTesting Menu: You could make 90% of it with checking for debug mode and custom commands, but it would be nice to have a playtesting menu in all games you make without having to include a custom menu for testing your game. Being able to set your speed, set god mode, and other stuff without having to write a handler for each of the commands would make it a lot easier to test games. Also having it in a nice menu the person making the game could bring up with a keybind would make it a lot easier and more user friendly.
  15. Shadow72

    Constantly Crashing on Editor

    Im not a Dev but it looks like to me that there is something wrong with the shaders in your game files that is causing you to crash. I suggest verifying the game files on steam. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335