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  1. Just checking to see if you found the solution or not, or if you needed further assistance.
  2. Ok so I just replicated your script using an event listener, and upon equipping a weapon, the skills are added and I can use the skills freely so long as I have the sword equipped. The issue you're having where the item is de-selected upon using the skill is not occurring for me. Could I see the settings for the logic these script tiles are in? Please @ me so i can see the notification and can respond quickly [EDIT]: based on your screenshot, I noticed you're scripting the actual weapon and not using an event listener. So I did the same thing by scripting the weapon and upon using the skills attached to it, it doesn't de-select the weapon as you are experiencing. Are you using any other logics? also, whats that bit of script to the right of that screenshot? Just trying to figure out what the issue may be as it seems its a script issue.
  3. Since we now have the ability to use custom images in game, could we possibly have the ability to change the icons of the in-game items/gear/crafting tools/etc?
  4. Valour4Eva

    Editor: Font styles

    Not sure if this is already in game, but can we have the ability to change font styles under strings? I know we can make strings bold, italic, and different colors, but it's sort of silly that we can't change the font styles lol.
  5. Could we possibly have the ability in the future to modify this menu for creating games? I'd really like to be able to have full control over the menu's players see when entering a game so I can create my own gear menu, inventory menu, etc. I'm sure a lot of editor creators would also like full control over these menu's so we can customize them for our games. If not this, could we have the ability to at least hide the crafting menu and skills menu from the player but still be operational (like with the script tile where we can disable hud components)? If I need to explain this in more detail, let me know. @Adam Snellgrove
  6. Valour4Eva

    Pixel Art

    Datasets were already in the game before the 1.5 update though. Did something change with the new update?
  7. So the resource cost element under skills is very buggy. Supposedly, according to the wiki anyway, it checks to see if the player has enough of a resource to continue executing the skill and if so, it takes away from the resource. If not, it stops the skill The problem is that even if the player doesn't have enough of a resource to perform the skill, it still takes away from the resource and executes the first few milliseconds of the skill. Lets say for example I have a skill with a resource cost element at the start of the skill player. The resource cost is set to 15, meaning it costs 15 of a resource in order to continue the skill. If my stamina is only 10/100, and i try to execute it, it still takes away 15 of the resource (in this case, it reduces my resource to 0), but it doesn't perform the skill because I only had 10 of the resource. ... well, it does, but only the first few milliseconds of the skill. This looks weird if you have a position/movement element thats suppose to play after the resource check as it just makes the player look like their spasming.
  8. I just realized this wasn't posted under the Editor bugs thread. Could a moderator or staff member please move this to there?
  9. Valour4Eva

    Copy/paste scripts

    An easy solution I discovered if you want to copy/paste large amounts of scripts from one logic to another, is put all of the code in question in an IF tile. Copy the IF script tile and paste it in the desired logic. Then just take out all the code from the IF tile and use it as you need to. Then just delete the IF tile.
  10. Valour4Eva

    P1 Spam

    I addressed this issue awhile back with red that it always seems they "overpromote" their group for some reason. Apparently the advice I gave him didn't stick... Yes it's good to advertise, but do it moderately. Constantly asking people to join a community tends to get on peoples nerves.
  11. While using the editor today, i found a funky 1.5 bug that needs to be addressed. Apparently some script tiles are overlapping others, while some tiles are off screen to where you cant select them. Prior to ylands 1.5, I never had this issue occur. Here's an example of the overlapping issue: Let me know what you think @Adam Snellgrove
  12. Valour4Eva

    pre Tým ylands...

    So personal attacks are ok in threads as long as you're part of P1, gotcha lol. Thanks for clearing that up
  13. Valour4Eva

    pre Tým ylands...

    I would recommend if you're gonna suggest this red, you should really teach your staff to do the same ?
  14. Valour4Eva

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    And I get roped back in again... Im gonna keep this short and sweet: Basically all I see here is an excuse defending the basis that it's ok to submit published games that placed in other competitions. Players, who had no knowledge of ylands competitions except for this one had no motivation to make games competitively. This is also why you don't see these games in other ylands competitions. The whole purpose of this competition was actually for more games to appear on the workshop, meaning very few people were making games at this time except. Combine this, along with the fact that you're basically reusing 2 games that PLACED 3rd in the tencet competition (proving how polished these games already are) means p1 had an unfair advantage reusing them for this competition. I'm done arguing over this, as many people I've spoken with (other than p1 staff and members) have agreed on the points I've made, including the staff. You have a wonderful day.
  15. Valour4Eva

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    Exactly, I was done a while back as I made my points to people reading this thread and the ylands staff team in DM's, yet I keep getting roped back into this lmfao