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  1. Valour4Eva

    Dev Diary #154 - Custom Images

    @Adam Snellgrove I noticed that in your video, you used the in-game "shotgun casing" icons to show how much ammo you have. When are players going to have access to icon images for all the in-game materials/tools/crafting items/etc. to do things similar so players can make their own custom hotbars?
  2. Valour4Eva

    Dev Diary #154 - Custom Images

    YES!! This is Exactly what i've been waiting for!! This will be Incredibly useful for MMORPGs and making custom images for skills instead of having only a limited number of images when adding skills to your hotbar. Can't wait for 1.5 now haha
  3. This seems to have been noticed by the team already. Here's the original thread:
  4. So this is a little funky, but sometimes editor won't allow you to zoom in/out when you work on editing scripts. It's very inconsistent too. One second, it works, but when I exit "edit script" mode and re-enter, it no longer zooms in/out.
  5. Valour4Eva

    Skill unlock time differences: Dodging

    @Adam Snellgrove if you could shed some light on this, that would be fantastic
  6. Valour4Eva

    Fatal Login Error Backend Request Error (-100001)

    Its just the game undergoing maintenance. Nothing to worry about
  7. Valour4Eva

    Action game: Battleground Arena!!

    UPDATE 4.0 (Text update): Hello again everyone!! been a while haha. Just wanted to provide a quick update on whats been going in in the game At this moment, for the past few weeks, I've currently been polishing the dynamic stat/attribute system so when the game launches for people to test/play with, all of the bugs (hopefully) are taken care of being this is a pretty important feature for this game. Besides the INT (intelligence) stat, the stats players will be able to adjust based on the amount of skill points they receive as they level up are STR (Strength), VIT (Vitality), STA (Stamina), and AGI (Agility). STR determines how much damage you do to enemies depending on the weapons/melee skills used, VIT determines how much health you have, STA determines how much stamina you have to use skills, and AGI will determine how likely you are to dodge attacks. When the game releases, the only class players will be able to use is the slayer class (basically a warrior). Future classes (Assassin and magician) will be released as they are worked on (hence why INT will be disabled on release), however in order to meet the deadline of the competition, I've had to settle with the slayer class being the only one players can use for this game. I've also included @Shadow72's targeting system into the game with his generous permission (big thank you to shadow by the way for allowing me to implement his targeting system into this game), so players will be able to use skills that require locking on to mobs. The closest mob to the player will be the first to be in the players target range, and the player can then cycle through any nearby mobs based on distance. They can also freely turn on/off the system if they wish to not use it to increase the difficulty of some spells. A video demonstrating the stat attribute system will be posted later this week (maybe tomorrow?) to showcase what players will be able to do in the game using it. More information about the game will be posted at that time, so stay tuned!!
  8. Valour4Eva


    It is semi possible. The reason I say "semi" is because you have to have the hotbar set to the skill hotbar in order for custom controls to work. If you try to use a skill custom control when you're on the crafting hotbar window, it won't work.
  9. Valour4Eva

    Dev Diary #153 - Bows and Grenades

    The bow fatigue feature sounds pretty interesting. It'll be fun to play with this in editor scripts!
  10. Valour4Eva

    tanks in Ylands

    Those would be reallllyyy fun to script to allow you to control/shoot with them hehe
  11. Valour4Eva

    Naru's Corner #8 - Connecting your games with game sets

    Very nice tutorial Naru! I definitely plan to utilize this when I create my hub after finishing "Battleground arena" so I can make more games for players. Cheers!!
  12. So while making my game for the BI competition, I noticed a pretty annoying bug: Lets say you have a player role you spawn in as and have 3 skills equipped to that role. Naturally, you spawn in with all 3 of those skills in your skill hot bar. Now, when you spawn in as a player role that has NO skills attached to it, and enter a trigger zone that has the following tiles: Only one of those skills appears in the hotbar: The same thing happens if you have in that trigger zone the tile that allows you to change player roles (a role containing skills). Because of this, I believe this is a bug. I would like to get a person from the ylands teams opinion on this please.
  13. This is more of a question to the ylands team if they see this. Why is there a difference in time for skills to unlock after dodging? I'm referring to when you dodge from a standing position compared to dodging while walking/running. I just tested this out, and apparently it takes .98 seconds for skills to unlock after dodging from a standing position, and .59 seconds for skills to unlock after dodging from a walking/running position. Why aren't these time's the same? I'm really puzzled by this.
  14. Valour4Eva

    Action game: Battleground Arena!!

    UPDATE 3.5: Hey everyone! Just a small text update, however I want to inform those who are following this thread that the next update for this game will be a pretty MAJOR one (hence the delay). Also, due to the time frame that is left in this competition, I have decided to turn this game from an RPG/MMORPG game submission to an Action game submission! The game will still utilize everything you have seen thus far, but on a smaller scale. But trust me, this will be even better as you can either play this as a single player or multiplayer! Later after this competition however, I will continue my work on the MMORPG by utilizing everything that has been put into this game and expanding on it. If you have any questions about this game, feel free to ask! Depending on the nature of the question though, I may have to censor my answers in order to keep things "hush hush"
  15. Valour4Eva

    [Tutorial] Data Sets

    Just wanted to mention I tested this real quick by naming it "Row" and it works, so It doesn't need to be named ID.