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  1. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #6 - Scoreboard

    Hey everyone! Another two weeks have passed, and a new episode of Naru's Corner is here! This week, we are going to create a simple scoreboard that you can place in your game. It is a nice way to add something extra to your world. ^^ Hope you guys are staying safe during this covid situation, and see you again in two weeks!
  2. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #5 - Using Skills

    Hey guys! I'm sorry for uploading this video a week late, but I have a lot on my plate right now, so there was no time to sit down and come up with something.^^ This week we take a quick look at using skills, which are really easy to use, but I thought they should be included anyway (plus it was the only theme I really had some time for now :D) Hope you enjoy it, and see you in two weeks hopefully back with a better video this time.
  3. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #4 - Sentry Turrets

    Hello there! Welcome to another episode, where we take a look at creating sentry turrets for your games. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask right here ^-^
  4. NaruTheHuman

    How make a two-dimensional array

    Hello there. You have to create some temporary local array and use it to set the inside elements, and then push this temp array into the main array as one index. I've made an example here, where I set the TEMP ARRAY to values 1, 2 and 3, and then push this array to MAIN ARRAY. That means that MAIN ARRAY[0] will now be = {1,2,3}. You can then access this array as I've shown with the write to console tile, first one returns 1,2,3, and the second one will return 2. Once you actually set up your array with some values, you can access and change individual values through SET and GET array tiles, but its important to always set them at first, as you can't access something that isn't really there.
  5. Hello there, once again! ^-^ This week we will take a closer look at the principal behind counters and progress bars, I hope you'll like it. If you use this system in some of your creations, make sure to send a picture or something, I will love to see that it has been somewhat helpful, and the others will see what you managed to create ^^ This will be all from me today, so just to keep with Adam's work. Stay classy, Ylanders!:>
  6. Hello there, it's me again, your friendly neighborhood designer, Naru! As it showed up, the first episode wasn't a complete disaster, against all odds! And so, welcome to the second episode! Today, I have prepared an easier thingie, where we destroy a building at the start of the game, and then build it back up using some animators. I have really tried to keep it as short as possible while still explaining everything I do, so you will hopefully be able to follow just fine ^-^ This will be all from me today, so enjoy the video, and as Adam would say... Stay classy Ylanders!
  7. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #1 - Terrain Generator

    Hey there Ylanders! It’s me, Naru, your friendly neighbourhood Designer! As we promised, we are bringing you the first of many Naru’s Corners. Each week we’ll bring you an interesting feature I’m working on and I’ll explain in a nifty Let’s Play Video or in written form how to tackle it, so you can be an Editor Wizard in no time! And first up I decided to show off one of my favourite contraptions, the terrain generator. This little guy is capable of scanning the surrounding area and with the help of ray casting project that terrain on a surface of your choice. You can make it look like rods, or a military hologram or a nice colourful projection, it is up to you. I have recorded (a pretty hefty 40 minute 😬 ) Let’s Play, so hopefully,that’ll explain most of it, but if you are at a loss, don’t hesitate to hit me up and I’ll try and help you out 😁 But the video should do it. So have fun with it and I’m looking forward to bringing my next invention in two weeks’ time 😊 So, until then, stay classy Ylanders.
  8. NaruTheHuman

    Move water

    But you can move game logics, just make sure to check the "animated" checkbox. Only water can not be moved, because of some performance issues etc.
  9. NaruTheHuman

    Move water

    Hello there Sadly, right now there is no way to move or add the water, once you're in the game. I would suggest using some combination of slowly rising blue colored trigger zones with bubble particle effects, for instance. ^-^
  10. Hello You can copy paste scripts simply with ctrl+c ctrl+v, just make sure to enclose them to some custom instruction, so you can select the whole thing at once. In this case it would be the best to simply call the fire and tilting methods straight from the listener for custom controls. Events like open/close and on/off are not triggered when called through script, because these are meant to be just for the case when someone actually interacts with them. ^^
  11. Zdravím Pokud jsou NPC mimo loadnutý chunk, nepočítá se pro ně AI ani nic jiného, jsou to jen uložené entity. Takže pokud jsou na oddělených ostrovech, nemělo by to vadit.
  12. NaruTheHuman

    Dummy rotation

    Hi! Sadly, we can't really change the default rotation of already existing objects, since it would break the rotation for everyone else in the game, who has already placed them. But you can simply add 90° to any script that you have when you're checking the dummy target. Feel free to ask some specific questions on how to solve this check, if you run into any trouble with that.
  13. Mmm jediné co mě napadá u těch stacků je to, že pokud v poli vyhledáváš například náboje přes nějaký loop kde to hledá tu entitu od začátku, tak ono to vždy použije tu první co to najde.. To znamená že to poprvé hledá náboj, a najde ho to na indexu 2 kde je 60x. Potom to hledá další náboj ale zase od začátku, takže to znovu najde ten na indexu 2 co tam je 60x. Také se mi to už párkrát stalo, a vždy jsem byl zmatený. Musíš nějak ošetřit aby to nemohlo znovu najít ten samý item, třeba ten array promazávat postupně? Pokud tě nic nenapadne můžeš poslat scenario se scriptem nebo ten screen, a poradím lépe přímo na příkladu. Co se týká toho druhého issue, nevím že by jsme něco takového měli reportnuté.. takže určitě prosím poslat logy a video, to by bylo super. output_log a output_log_clean soubory najdeš pod Steam\steamapps\common\Ylands\Ylands_Data, pomohou nám lépe identifikovat problém, pokud tam bude.
  14. NaruTheHuman

    Building a vector from independent numbers

    You have to use SET POSITION tile, to actually change the position of the entity. You can either save the position to variable, use SET Y VECTOR to this variable and then set it back to entity like this: or just use parts of the original vector through get X and get Z vector, and set X manually: There is really much more ways to approach this, but the main point is that SET Vector just changes the number itself, but you still have to use it somewhere else, to actually change something visually. To change position, always use SET POSITION. Feel free to write if its till not clear in any way. ^^
  15. Game proměnné bohužel neumí ukládat entity, no. Můžeš to vyřešit například tak, že budeš ukládat entity type pro každou z těch entit.