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  1. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #10 - Controlling a plane with custom inputs

    Oh that's awesome, @ocnoglittle!! Really appreciate this!:3 And I don't think you missed anything, it looks really good x]
  2. Hello there, guys!:) This time, we take a look at a new editor feature for singleplayer games, and that is controlling your custom vehicles with reading players vertical and horizontal input. If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to ask me below. ^^ See you next time!
  3. NaruTheHuman

    {Experimental Branch} Terrain Volume Tool

    Hello there Sadly, terrain tools are not accessible from visual scripting, and there is currently no way to modify the terrain from script at all.. :c
  4. NaruTheHuman

    Parkour game: Knockout

    Hello. you can perhaps use a time trigger with the desired interval, and use SET ENABLED instructions on your animators to turn them on and off again.
  5. Hello everyone! This week, we take a look at randomizing your lock combinations and puzzles. ^^ Hope it helps bring something more to your games x) I have attached the scenario, if you'd like to take a look. That will be all, see you next time! ^^ NARUS CORNER - RANDOM PUZZLE.zip
  6. Hello there!! ^^ This week we take a little look at game sets, and how to use them to connect your games together. As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment, and I will try my best to help ^^ See you next time, Ylanders!
  7. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #7 - Optimization tips & tricks

    @Azaren I think that the animation is still being calculated, since there is an option that it would be like a train that goes from one island to another, and you don't want it to stop going just because its not being displayed, at the moment. I'm not 100% sure, but I would say that it will still have an effect on the performance, even though much smaller, since it's not being shown.
  8. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #7 - Optimization tips & tricks

    @Mello1223 Ah yeah, that's unfortunate Wait so if you use get rotation in the group, it returns a different rotation than it should? I'm afraid that for now, there won't be a better way to solve this. but try to use transform rotation with 0,0,0 offset instead of get rotation. It's just a guess, but it could return the correct rotation that you need.
  9. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #7 - Optimization tips & tricks

    @ocnoglittle Hellooo ^^ 1. At this moment, they are both just about the same. There might be situations where one is slightly faster, but since there is a very little difference, I would just go with the one that's more suited for your game ^^ 2. The only reason not to weld something, is when you want to interact with it somehow, or you want for single blocks to be breakable. ^^ As far as the trees go... mm. I don't think it will make much of a difference since there will remain more or less the same number of colliders (unless you turn off the colliders, of course, :D). But I would say that you can go ahead and weld them together, you can never go wrong with welding, just remember that they will act and receive damage as one object from that point, so probably make them indestructible. 3. Will try to incorporate them into one of the following videos ^^ 4. I'm not sure! I didn't really come up with anything so far, but I will make sure to mention it if something comes up ^^ 5. Performance monitor is really just for monitoring some unexpected spikes where you unknowingly spam 1000 entities at once etc. Generally, you'd want frame time less than 300ms, and polygon count is more or less just for informational purposes now.. Script profiler is good for checking how many times have the functions been called and how fast your functions are. I haven't been using the perf monitor that much to be honest, I really use it just to check for some big spikes that would show some greater issue in my script.
  10. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #7 - Optimization tips & tricks

    @Mello1223 Hi ^^ As far as I know, we don't really have a way of returning local position in a group. :c I would suggest using some other blocks position and just subtracting them or something like that ^^ Feel free to drop some exact use case where you'd need it, and maybe we can come up with some solution. ^^
  11. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #6 - Scoreboard

    @ocnoglittle Hello:) All the storages that we have to work with, are stored straight on the player's account. That means, that each player has his own global storages, game storages, etc. In a multiplayer game, you can get information from all the online players, but always only from those who are there, since these are the only ones you see. This means, that we don't really have a way to have a leaderboard that would show top players from everyone that has ever played the game... You could only create sort of a high score system for every individual player..^^ Hopefully, this feature will be added in the future. But so far, it's really just not possible. x(
  12. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #7 - Optimization tips & tricks

    @jchob Hello there!:) first Q: Not at all, recursive function with 1s delay would be basically the same as the time trigger that goes through the colors, since it would just fulfill the exact same operations as the time trigger does. ^^ Lerp is quite simple, really. You pass two colors, and then a number between 0 and 1, 0 being the first color, and the second color being 1. Your problem might be passing in numbers greater than 1, that is why it goes straight to the second color... x] I've used lerp in many scripts, so it should work fine. If it still won't work, feel free to write to me again with some closer specifications. ^^ second Q: If I understand that correctly, you are creating some sort of a missile launcher, where you need to deal AoE damage? I would definitely try to go with the overlap tiles, since spawning the trigger zones, despawning them etc can cause a lot of issues by itself. so definitely go with the overlap approach. That being said, I haven't really gotten to trying the overlap tiles myself that much. So I will definitely have to try and create something with them.
  13. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #7 - Optimization tips & tricks

    Hi in this case, flags are not counted as mentioned animated objects they are not demanding on memory at all afaik, so that shouldn't be a problem!^^
  14. Hello there, everyone! This week, we will go over some basic optimization tips, and look at some common problems that the games generally encounter. ^^ If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask me right here! This will be all for today, see you next time ^^
  15. NaruTheHuman

    Naru's Corner #6 - Scoreboard

    Hey everyone! Another two weeks have passed, and a new episode of Naru's Corner is here! This week, we are going to create a simple scoreboard that you can place in your game. It is a nice way to add something extra to your world. ^^ Hope you guys are staying safe during this covid situation, and see you again in two weeks!