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  1. Houp

    Fix the lights please

    Hi, it seems to that you have hidden Range/Spot angle parameters. Try to show them with a dropdown arrow next to TYPE: SPOT LIGHT
  2. OK01.zip Hi, I have tried to remove Undo/Redo history and resaved it. Please try it if it does help you.
  3. Houp

    Create group with code

    Hi, we plan to improve Custom tools in the next update. You have great suggestions! (not only this one but also the other ones) Thank you. (we read all of them)
  4. Hi, popped out tiles should be easy to delete. They should be selected after popping up. (so you need to just press Delete) OR you can hold ALT when dropping script tile to already occupied slot. It should replace the one underneath. ----------------------------- I think you (and I am sure I would) would hate it. You would delete your tiles while editing them by mistake. -> However, behavior change 1.10 - 1.11 is there by mistake. We will think how to improve it.
  5. Houp

    how to create sphere

    Hi, yep . The last hot fix patch have fixed one broken thing (which would affect some Mystery ylands and REs) but broke any tool using global variables/custom instructions - so in fact probably all tools.
  6. Houp

    how to create sphere

    I agree. We are looking into it.
  7. Houp

    how to create sphere

    I see. I tried to share it with google drive. (link is in the previous commit)
  8. Houp

    how to create sphere

    Hi, while developing custom tools I have created tool which can make "domes"(without overlapping blocks). The script is not anything which you should use to learn anything (its quite messy) but the tool should be useable. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dFHgr5qpqzE4e2DOMiDZh8vIvG8oBVCq/view?usp=sharing DOME CREATOR.zip
  9. Houp

    Formula Based Position Editing

    Hi, predefined sizes are in "grid size" (multiplications of 0.375 m). Mostly you want to use those. Custom size is set in meters because otherwise it would be a really difficult to have movement step equal to 1 meter.
  10. Houp

    Dev Diary #250 There be ghosts!

    It will be possible in 1.11 which is not out yet.
  11. Houp

    Broccoli Tree House Building Aids

    Hi, these generators looks really great! I am looking forward what you will be able to do with custom tools.
  12. Houp

    Light me on fire, please.

    Hi, there should not be any difference between adding a particle to NPC and to a player.
  13. Hi, colliders on objects have just one side active. In most cases it is enough and you can have half of active "colliders". If you want to hit also object itself than I would suggest to use Overlap sphere script tile with really small radius.
  14. Houp

    Destroyer of Worlds

    Bonus note: you may check "Object brush tool" to quickly make natural underwater flora.
  15. Houp

    Destroyer of Worlds

    Hi, maybe a feature "Regenerate ocean surface" is something which may be helpful for you. It will fill holes in the terrain. Water volumes are meant more for pools/lakes on the land. Placing underwater animals is now quite limiting to ensure that AI will work correctly for them. You may try to place sharks in the safe spot first and then move them to more narrow places. Houp