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  1. Hi, colliders on objects have just one side active. In most cases it is enough and you can have half of active "colliders". If you want to hit also object itself than I would suggest to use Overlap sphere script tile with really small radius.
  2. Houp

    Destroyer of Worlds

    Bonus note: you may check "Object brush tool" to quickly make natural underwater flora.
  3. Houp

    Destroyer of Worlds

    Hi, maybe a feature "Regenerate ocean surface" is something which may be helpful for you. It will fill holes in the terrain. Water volumes are meant more for pools/lakes on the land. Placing underwater animals is now quite limiting to ensure that AI will work correctly for them. You may try to place sharks in the safe spot first and then move them to more narrow places. Houp
  4. Short asnwer. Yes.
  5. Hi, I know there is probably lack of documentation for this feature so I will try to explain here: Normally only Global storage, Entity storage and Game logic storage have unique IDs and they will update from the placed compositions. Any other game logic objects and all entities will not update. There is no simple rule what should update and how. (missing/new objects in new composition, already modified objects in current game etc.) For easier use of Game set we have introduced Script module game logic. It can reference only Game logic objects and only those with no world representation (eg. no Particle effects, Barriers, Trigger zones, ..). Create Script Module Source Reference all GLs you want to have updatable Click Export in properties of Script Module Source Create composition with Exported Script Module. Past it in the different game B Fill references to objects in target game/world (like Particle effects, Barriers, Trigger zones, .. entities) .... Go back to the game with Script Module Source Update referenced Script Module game logic objects Export it again Place it in the game B It will update local copy of script module with new values but it will keep all existing references to local objects (from Step 6) ---- Last note: In VS, custom instructions/variables can have different scopes (Member, Module, Global) If you want to have access from other objects in game B to instructions/variables from the Script module then set scope as "Global" If you want to have access just among GLs from script module to each other then chose scope "Module"
  6. Houp

    Event Listener. Game Update vs. Timer

    "On update" triggers once per frame -> you have 80 FPS then it triggers 80x in one second. You have 30 FPS then it triggers 30 times per second. "On fixed update" does not depend on your FPS. It will trigger the same amount of times per second each second. It may trigger even 2 or more times per one frame. "Fixed update" is used for physics/movement of objects with collisions. Those events are not Ylands specific. You can for example check: https://learn.unity.com/tutorial/update-and-fixedupdate#
  7. @Spyler.X : for "engine error 400" - please try to repeat export now. It should work now for you. Regarding issue with Entity templates: Can you send me your game (or composition with just problematic Entity template)? I would like to look into it.
  8. Houp

    Event Listener. Game Update vs. Timer

    Hi, it depends: Time trigger + script delay with small time delay may result with more than 1 triggering per 1 frame. (one long frame on slow PC) Event listener + On Game Update event will trigger only once per each frame. So: A) you are fine to track movement once per second -> I would use Time trigger B) you want to track movement once each frame -> I would use Event listener + "On game update"
  9. Hi, those should be 2 separate issues. At the moment I can answer the part about templates and destroying referenced objects on export.. Problem is caused by custom variables/instructions with scope set as Global in scripts of referenced objects by templates. I agree that the error message could be more informative. For Entity templates you should not need to have those variables/instructions available in other scripts -> the game prevents you to reference scripts which will not be available in playtest/after export. Bigger problem are Group templates where is valid to have references among objects in the referenced group but it will still prevent you to playtest. At the moment it is not possible to use "destroy on export" feature for Group templates. It will be fixed in next update.
  10. Hi, thx for reporting an issue. It should be fixed in next update.
  11. Houp

    Is there no way to find group position?

    I hope I will be able to influence others to have it in the next 1.10 update. However, no promises.
  12. Houp

    Is there no way to find group position?

    Hi, unfortunately there is not this feature (yet). You can "hack it" - place Reference point in the group's pivot position and use "Transform position <reference point> <0, 0, 0>".
  13. Houp

    Darker Environment

    Hi, in custom games you should be able to achieve desired effect with Post process game logic object.
  14. Hi, attributes of items in default object palettes should respect Game settings. Please let us know if it is not true for you.
  15. Houp

    xyz axis on blocks

    Hi, you can cycle through different gizmos in placing mode with <space bar>.