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  1. Houp

    xyz axis on blocks

    Hi, you can cycle through different gizmos in placing mode with <space bar>.
  2. Houp

    Pi constant

    Hi, very nice (although not efficient ) solution. My would be just: All numbers in our scripts are "C# doubles" inside. Maybe this piece of information can be helpful for some of you.
  3. Houp

    Dev Diary #196 Client Scripting

    Hi, I would love to give you a little more info: Just a few examples what you will be able to do in client script: Work with camera position and player's aim. Trigger skills from custom HUD buttons/controls. Work with mouse position in "cursor mode". And much more! It is surely advance thing for more experienced users but we hope that some of you will be able to make great things with it.
  4. Hi, thank you for report. It is an issue on our side. We are looking into it.
  5. Houp

    Requesting a function again.

    Hi, for making spells you should use "Skill game logic". (you can raycast there through camera) Adding "Get aim" to server scripts would not help you much. Player would try to cast spell in his desired direction but before it would get to a server and back he would be casting it in different location. This problem is mitigated by "Skill game logic" which is implemented to work well on both server and client. Hopefully it will be possible to execute skills not only from skill bar "soon". We are prototyping this feature at the moment. (that does not mean you will get it in the next update! - a note which must be always added )
  6. Hi, it should be fixed in one of the future releases. Meanwhile it should help to fill empty holes in the script in the image.
  7. This game was a testing game for 2 new 1.6 features: leader boards and Custom controller game logic. It is "five minutes" fun. I do not expect that anyone would return back to play it again. However, maybe it can be seen as showcase for these 2 features. https://play.ylands.com/asset/10761 Can you beat my high score?
  8. Hi, there will be something official from us. However, it will take time to make it. At the moment we have full API exposed on https://scripting.ylands.com/ with tutorial how to set Visual Studio Code so it will autocomplete what you write.
  9. Houp

    Text Scripting Feedback/Suggestions

    I would suggest to use Global storage and then you can use in any other object: function myFunction() { let gameManager = YLogic.get(45); if (gameManager.gameState === "STARTED") { } }
  10. Houp

    Text Scripting Feedback/Suggestions

    Hi, thank you for all your suggestions. However, I do not understand the first one. You can use same .yjs file in any number of game logic objects. There is no GUI support for global scripts at the moment but there is simple trick how to have them. Just add to any GL (ok, it may be tricky to have it in the beginning of all scripts) } let myGlobalVariable = 6; {
  11. class Test { constructor() {} doSomething() { return "test"; } } var x = new Test(); var p; var v = new YVector3(0, 1, 0); function onSwitchOn(triggerEntity) { p = new Test(); YEntity.spawnEntity(YEntityType.get(35), 1, v, v); YDebug.localConsole(p.doSomething()); } Hi, you need to first declare your class before you try to use it. Unfortunately due to a real bug this will not help you at the moment. Thank you for reporting the bug.
  12. Houp

    Slice sprites

    Hi, do not worry. We pack all your images to one big texture.
  13. Hi, I will not probably answer all of the questions and what I say may change before release of 1.6.. 1) Scripts are updated each time you play test/export your game. You may reload your scripts in playtest with /reloadscripts command so you do not need to restart whole play test. 2) With lunch of the feature we do not plan to release a modul to any text scripting editor which would help you with auto-complete. We know it would be beneficial for all of you. We have to think about it what would be the best solution. 3) Ylands scripts vs javascript. We have our own scripting language but our goal is to have it work as much as possible as javascript works so any javascripts tutorials out there will be valid also for us. (our scripts miss many javascripts features but what is there (arrays, strings, Date, math, etc.) should work as it works in javascript) @jchob do you have any example what you think is different for array scripting? 4) Error handling: you will see line number where is a problem with description of it. However, I feel, that there will be much space to improve this after 1.6 5) Documentation: we are reworking wiki for this. You should see full API since beginning. It will start rather "empty' but we plan to update it regularly with descriptions and more examples. 6) VS vs text scripting feature set: it is almost the same. Do not expect to be able to do much more. Yes, you can create own instructions which can get another functions in the arguments but you will not get access to Ylands features which are not available also in VS.
  14. Houp

    Various editor outcomes ?

    Yes, it is. The second option is to use Optimise button. It will make your future exports faster.
  15. Houp

    Various editor outcomes ?

    Hi, most probably the Teepee is indestructible and it is automatically optimised on export. (You can press Optimise button in Export menu manually and then you can play test it to see how it will work in exported version) You can prevent this behavior if you create a group with the Teepee and if you mark to not optimize the group in its properties.