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  1. Does write to log work in MP

    Yes it should work. No output for clients, only for host.
  2. Zone Trigger Collision

    Ok, you meant by "Editor" Visual scripting. That was not clear from that post. In 0.12 you will be able to mark some trigger zones dynamic and then you will be able to change their position/rotation/size with VS tiles. (you will be able to do that with trigger zones which are triggered by Players/Player team/Player role/Specific entity and Labeled entities -> last one will not be much effective for labels with a lot of entities in it but it may be useful in some cases) We will consider the other suggestion but it will not probably bee in next update.
  3. Zone Trigger Collision

    Hi, I am not sure what do you mean with that. Which values you are unable change in editor?
  4. On water event listener

    There will be On start/end swimming/flying events. Not sure if it is enough for you.
  5. limit of compositions or error?

    weird. We will look into this. Thank you for provided log files.
  6. limit of compositions or error?

    Hi, you are probably out of your steam cloud data storage. Best for you would be disabling this feature in your steam account: 1) right click on Ylands and click on Properties Switch to tab Updates and disable your Steam Clound synchronization.
  7. Eye Dropper in editor script

    Hi, it will be fixed in the next update. You can try what Oliver Hope suggested: hold shift when double clicking on entity/game logic or you can open it directly from selection window.
  8. Hi, unfortunately you need to wait for 0.12 release. "Change color" event is not what you think it is. This event is very old one and it is connected only with one entity. (color spotlight)
  9. Entity Template for Logic

    It is planned but I can not promise any specific update number for that.
  10. Zone Trigger Collision

    Thanks for a suggestion. Something like this is planned for the future.
  11. Do non used instructions affect the game

    Hi, no problem with that. It will not affect performance during play. Just do not leave empty events in your code.
  12. Group adding labels

  13. Max number of islands.

    8-12 and it is random.
  14. force exit from Dialogue using script?

    Short answer. There is not but it is planned for 0.12 to be added.
  15. String color

    bold, italic