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  1. Houp

    The logic template

    Or you can assign None as current Position/Rotation animator.
  2. Hi, I see one problem there. "Target offset" in "Aim to instruction is position offset from a target. It is not rotation offset from the result rotation. Aim to rotates object towards target (or towards position offset from the target entity). It does not work in the way as "Aim as/copy rotation" would work. Try this setup: (or you would have to to make group from the arrow with desired rotation and offset from the group pivot)
  3. Houp

    Get name not working for Stone Pick

    Hi, the reason is that it does not return "STONE PICK". It returns key which is translated on clients. So when you try to write to console name of entity, different thing will see person who have game set to Spanish to the one who use English language.
  4. Houp

    Import Array Points into Path Logic

    You mean in editor or in game with scripts?
  5. Houp

    The logic template

    It would not be useful at the moment. What would you like to do with it?
  6. Not 100% sure at the moment but problem items should be selected after closing this dialog. You can then press F to see them.
  7. Hi, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately you are right that you are unable to that in the moment because of a bug (it affects projectiles only when Gravity is checked on). It should be fixed in 1.1 (for arrows you will still need to have 0, 180, 0 rotation set in Entity template to have it behave as you would expect)
  8. Houp

    Editing groups

    1) should be fixed and ready for 1.1 2) It was intentional change. Reasoning for it was that you were unable to use Right click context menu + many players canceled the mode when they only tried to rotate around the scene. You can use Escape key to cancel Group editing mode now.
  9. In next update (1.1.) you should get proper error message. You are trying to access properties of destroyed entity. For example in game logic object ID = 94 in IF condition Crystal is not valid anymore. Add "Is entity" tile in front of Get hit points. This should help.
  10. Houp

    Scrips break on servers

    Not sure at the moment. Surely there is problem on our side: you should never see "internal error" in your script log. This means that we did not handle some exception correctly for you. It would help to solve the issue to have log_userscript.txt and output_log_clean.txt from the same game session (internal error #number -> same "random" number is paired in both logs)
  11. Houp

    Scrips break on servers

    Unfortunately you have probably restarted game between. From output_log_clean.txt I can see that there 2 problems in your scripts (and on our side too). 1. problem is in showing user old user UI when he enters a trigger zone in which he is created. (so probably it is not important the time from the start but connecting new players) 2. problem is in For each script in "On player disconnected" event (may be in Player role or Player team scripts) Script of the game would help to solve the issue. (It is enough to playtest it from editor) and log_userscript.txt after it happens again.
  12. Houp

    Scrips break on servers

    Hi @Fompster, do you have also log_userscript.txt and userscript.js files? (from the time trigger zones stopped working)
  13. Just to be clear. There should NOT be iron ore vein on the starting yland. However, it should be on other ylands.
  14. Houp

    How to get Ylands 1.0 beta

    Explore style maps needs Exploration DLC to be able to create them so it will be back for you at the release. You can switch back to 0.14.1 whenever you like. Just games saved in beta will not work on older version.