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  1. Hi, is it problem when placing composition or is it broken even in preview? If it is the first case then please try to check "Align" to "water level" and try to place it again. (when it is switched to ground level then all entities which were in original composition on the ground are aligned with terrain)
  2. Houp

    Suggestion: Hard trigger zones

    Hi, I would consider this as bug. Temporal solution should be to toggle "block camera" to ON on impassable barriers. Just keep in mind that Impassable barriers are resource demanding when visible. They were never meant to be used to create "own objects"
  3. Hi, I just tried that and it seems to be working. Do you have problem with any special entity? Can you make a small game where you can present the problem?
  4. Houp

    Dev Diary #99

    I think that I can say 3 times yes. Camera can follow any entity or reference point (not all game logic objects because they are not synchronized with clients) So for example you can set it to be on a reference point which is moving on bezier path and is aiming to the center of your game area. Just bear in mind that this featere does not affect loaded area. Thats still binds to players position.
  5. Houp

    Active item of Player

    Hi, 1) we also think about that feature 2) it should work as you are mentioning. It returns None(null). What error you are getting and what snippet of code are you using? 3) When you disable inventory for a player you are unable to use i. (same as in our game Playlands)
  6. Hi, it can mean one of the 2 things: 1) It is purely error on our side 2) you have problem in your script but we were unable to say you proper error message So in both cases it is something what you should not see. Providing logs and better your .yland file with steps what we should do to see that error would help a lot.
  7. Houp

    Scripting in Standard Explore

    /exportlocal We still need to figure out how to keep that option for you, expert users. However, many users were confused by having 2 different "export options" and 2 different "show directory" so we removed it from the menu. It is still available for you.
  8. Houp

    0.14: Playful Platform (05/09/2019)

    Thank you for your answer. I think that part of it can be done by you (for example you can teleport all disconnected players to certain safe area and then teleport them bach on their reconnection) Why default behavior keeps players at their position? Thats question for someone else. For a designer. I am programmer and responsible "only" for ingame editor.
  9. Houp

    0.14: Playful Platform (05/09/2019)

    You need to decide before uploading game to the workshop for the first time. After that you need to make a new game (using Save as will work to) then be sure that you have marked/unmarked PC only option in the state as you wish it to be and after then you can upload it to workshop. You can change origin of the area (you can change also the size but only make it smaller than 3x3x3) at any time. Tools for it are not much user friendly at the moment. You can change it by writing it in game settings or you can pick any zone (trigger, interior etc.) and it will take attributes from it. Just question. We do support what you want in editor with option to make explore like maps were you can add as many scripts as you wish. Why this is not an option for you?
  10. Houp

    0.14: Playful Platform (05/09/2019)

    Hi, now I see what you are talking about. Yes it was there by mistake (ability to change entity script in game save, I tried it in 0.13). We did not know that it was possible. (And you are right that it was there for a long time) As mentioned above we will discuss it what to do now. (If start fully support of something what was not intended to be there at all)
  11. Houp

    0.14: Playful Platform (05/09/2019)

    It is this way because it is always better to start making a game which will work on all supported platforms than to make a game and then hear "sorry, it will run only on PC". Putting scripts and game logic objects to game save was never supported. If you were able to do it then it was possible only by mistake. Many things would not work correctly. (maybe it would not be seen on the first sight) We do not plan adding this feature to the game. (to be able to modify/add scripts/game logic objects to existing play saves)
  12. Houp

    0.14: Playful Platform (05/09/2019)

    World is divided into big blocks (each approximately 100 metres wide in all axes) Until now it was not needed for you to know about this. You encountered it only when loading/unloading part of lands in game. Always whole these blocks are loaded/unloaded. You do not need to think about blocks even now. You see bounds of "universal" area by green box Not sure what do you mean. It was never possible to place game logic object in game saves. It should be possible to place them to "explore like maps" created in editor. I tried that and I do not see any problem there.
  13. Houp

    0.14: Playful Platform (05/09/2019)

    Hi, by default you create a game which will be playable on both PC and mobile. (Restriction to max 3x3x3 game blocks) If you want to create for PC only you can check that option in game settings. It will "unlock" all terrain as you were used to but bare in mind that it will not work on mobile phones.
  14. Houp

    Pirate chest mini encounter question

    Hi, as far as I know, all parts of one "riddle" are always just on one yland (or near it in the see/in caves) This one is one of the oldest (in fact I am the author ) -> look for another small pile of shells. (yes, this one is the hard one - maybe you have already collected shells indicating where to dig)
  15. Houp

    About Dynamic objects Animator

    Or rotate Reference point which is base for your rotation.