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  1. Houp

    Pirate chest mini encounter question

    Hi, as far as I know, all parts of one "riddle" are always just on one yland (or near it in the see/in caves) This one is one of the oldest (in fact I am the author ) -> look for another small pile of shells. (yes, this one is the hard one - maybe you have already collected shells indicating where to dig)
  2. Houp

    About Dynamic objects Animator

    Or rotate Reference point which is base for your rotation.
  3. Hi, mark that zone as Animated and you will be able to move it.
  4. Should work in today's hot fix
  5. Houp

    Animation unreliable

    Should work fine in today's hot fix
  6. Houp

    Help me respawn in my scenario?

    Hi, special respawning rules applies only for builtin Explore mode. Explore map from editor is just several ylands with different biomes. No other special rules applies. In your case I would have Spawn point on each of ylands. These Spawn points I would have inside Game logic label. In "on death" event I would find out which of the spawn points is nearest to the player and I would set his respawn point to that point.
  7. Houp

    Need tan function!

    Tan was added in 0.13
  8. Houp

    Ability to change crafting recipes

    Hi, this is considered as part of modding which is planned in the future (own entity definitions/recipes/weather etc.)
  9. Houp

    Allow us to control gravity

    Same answer as one topic below. This is not planned at the moment.
  10. Houp

    Gravity system

    Hi, not planned at the moment. "planets" walk is almost impossible.
  11. Part of it will be probably in 0.14 (you will not be able to possess other objects but you will be able to add your key action for example when you control a ship)
  12. Houp

    Animation unreliable

    Hi, fix is ready. Problem was that if in the sameframe one animation ended and the second one start -> the second one was canceled. (so in your case it started "returning" before it went to the desired position.
  13. try to compare it as strings (Variable+"" == "0")
  14. Hi, there is problem that "Get loaded ammo" has wrong type. Probably there will be small fix update soon and this should be fixed there. (one of the fixes) Edit: I removed estimate of the time of the fix update
  15. Houp

    A new pet?

    That seems reasonable.