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  1. Houp

    Explore H

    For keys you can adjust storing instruction to save cylinder ID. However, it will only work as exepected if an user will return to the exactly same world. In different word restoring this number can match the key with chest/doors of another users. Keys do not have any ownership. They are not bound to any user. There are no instruction working with ownership of protective barrier. Probably there is now way how to handle it at the moment.
  2. Houp

    How make a two-dimensional array

    @F.hao : in the first For loop you need to create a new "row" in each iteration. In your case you have just created an array "A" which has 3 items which are all the same. You have there 3 times array "B" which has last set of numbers (20, 21, 22) Just put there "Local variable" inside the first loop. Then you will create totally 4 different arrays. (opposed to 2 arrays which you have in your example)
  3. Houp

    Explore H

    EXPLORE H START TROPIC.zip There is just a new empty Entity label and a little change in Player role script/Event listener script: (I tried it only in Play test but it seems to work)
  4. Houp

    Explore H

    Unfortunately provided script depended on a bug which was luckily fixed in 1.4. However, the fix is causing that provided solution of storing player's inventory and equipment has flaw. What happend: Until 1.3 Event listener did not trigger player events (in this case "On item added to inventory") during "On connected" event which was not consistent and was causing numerous issues. Now event listener listen to all player events immediately. My script in 1.3: In "On connected" it restored (spawned) items to player's equipment and inventory. After that "On item added to inventory" started to work. My script in 1.4: "On item added to inventory" works from the beginning. Spawning the first item to player's inventory (to be able to equip it) will trigger "On item added to inventory" which will cause that "Inventory" variable is set to current inventory state (which was not yet restored). When it tries to restore inventory state, it does not work with the old state of inventory, but it tries to restore already rewritten inventory state. How to fix it: Probably restoring Inventory first and Equipment after it should work. However you may consider to ignore "On item added to inventory" during "On player connected" or you can first get stored state as a string for both inventory and equipment and just after that start to restore (actual item spawn) their state. @RedEagle_P1.> check above if you have used my example from the first post of this thread.
  5. At the moment we are unable to reproduce this bug. You see list of tiles which should be available only for the beginner level. I assume that you do not see desired tiles even under Entiteis - Common. Does switching between those 3 numbers help? If not, log files may be helpful for us. Thank you for them.
  6. Hi, since 1.4 we have 3 categories of puzzle tiles. In the last "Advance" 3 (under WOODEN CHEST name) are all tiles available.
  7. Houp

    Ropes vs bezier curve

    Hi, just small tip what can help you at the moment: I assume you will be able to make "rope" which will look more like a rope.
  8. Hi, another option is to use "Transfrom position" script tile.
  9. Hi, I am not sure what do you mean by the first part. I think it is already there:
  10. Houp

    RESOLVED [YLD-24764] On range attack

    I see. It is not in fire arms scripts. This was not intended. This is not planed at the moment but never say never. (in custom games you can do it easily with custom commands)
  11. Houp

    RESOLVED [YLD-24764] On range attack

    Hi, should be still there. Maybe there is a new translation text for it? It is called "On attack ranged" in English version. In Event listener it is in Player Action category.
  12. Houp

    How check if entity does exist?

    Using "Is Entity (Rabbit)" after "If" is enough. There is no need to use if ("Is Entity (Rabbit) " = True)
  13. Hi, I would like to add just a few notes: Weather is not "local": you can not see visually part of the Yland in the rain and part of the Yland without clouds. Each "Yland" have its own weather. (only Explore/archipelago maps have more than one "yland") When player gets near to the specific yland then it is changed visually for him (he will see same "weather" behind him) There is "neutral weather zone" between Ylands -> so sailing one meter forward and backward will not change weather between 2 extreme weathers "Set weather at" will change weather for Yland which center is closest to the specific point
  14. Houp

    Explore H

    I have created a small example: Scenarios.zip. You will not probably see that both worlds are in the same game set. I uploaded it to the server so you can test it there first. Only one of the words is set to be visible. Second one is marked as hidden. Players are unable to start game on this map. They can get there from the trigger zones in "World 1 Test" Use of reserve session: Guid can be copied from Game set window:
  15. Houp

    Explore H

    You need to have all the words in one game set. Then you need to use "Reserve session" and "Dispatch" tiles as described on https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ylands_Tile_-_Reserve_game_session