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  1. Houp

    Sound effects: male vs female

    "Since we can't tell whether a Ylander is male or female" You can. Entity type Human man vs Human woman
  2. Houp

    equation for player jump

    player.Motion.Velocity += Vector3.up * Mathf.Sqrt(2 * jumpHeight * kGravity); at the moment we have gravity constant equal to 15m/s^2
  3. Houp

    How high can a player jump

    Ok, memory was bad. Now it is 0.55 m from standing and 1.25 me when running. Indomitus got it almost right.
  4. Houp

    How high can a player jump

    I will look at it tomorrow. Just there are 2 different heights. When you run you can jump higher. (I think it is something like 1.2m from standing and 1.5m when running)
  5. Houp

    Storing player data across play sessions

    We will take your comments at mind when designing the feature. Probably it will not be in a plain text. At least not all possible storable data (we will probably want to be able to store current inventory/equipment of a player with complete state of the items..)
  6. Houp

    How high can a player jump

    In 0.12 you will be able to set it up to 5 times higher(or limit it to lower values)... I know that I did not answer your question but maybe this info will make you happy.
  7. Houp

    Storing player data across play sessions

    Hi, something to achieve this is planned (will not mention when but surely NOT in 0.12) We want to allow you to store some information at least per player/user for each game(aka scenario) which would be shareable between sessions of the same game. Idea behind it is that you should be able to connect to different server with same game running and to have some progress there. + we want to allow you (not just you, us too ) to store some information per player but not per scenario but per creator. (for example to be able to have your own internal currency(like Oliver Q coins) shared between several of your different games) Even design of that feature is in the beginning so do NOT expect it soon.
  8. Houp

    Dev Diary #68

    I would like to add a small note that at the moment we try to have list of new features for Visual Scripting (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Ylands_0.12)
  9. Should be fixed in 0.12
  10. Houp

    Dev Diary #67

    Hi, there is problem in 0.11 on some computers with placing a composition (crashes). It was connected to rendering shadows. Try to lower your shadow settings. It may help. (it should be fixed in 0.12)
  11. Houp

    Trigger zone visibility

  12. In 0.12 we will introduce something now called "entity welding". You will be able to select bunch of of entities and "weld" them into one entity. It has many consequences. One of them is that it will impact performance positively (it is better to have one compound object than hundreds of individual ones) It may help in your use case.
  13. Houp

    Editor: allow digging in Character mode

    These are reason why the mode is there. To quickly test how it would feel to move inside what you have created. No special tools are planned for this mode. On the other hand tweaking editor/game terraforming tools is planned.
  14. Hi, one of the reasons causing this bug is fixed and ready for update but we cannot be sure if there are not other causes for this problem. Fixed was issue when you tried to Undo deleting of global/entity storages with other entities/game logic object referencing variables/function from the storages in one delete step. We can check if this is issue for you if you send us your .yland file were you are not able to go to the start of undo/redo history.
  15. You do not have to break a group. Editing group should work to.