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  1. Hi, I would like to add just a few notes: Weather is not "local": you can not see visually part of the Yland in the rain and part of the Yland without clouds. Each "Yland" have its own weather. (only Explore/archipelago maps have more than one "yland") When player gets near to the specific yland then it is changed visually for him (he will see same "weather" behind him) There is "neutral weather zone" between Ylands -> so sailing one meter forward and backward will not change weather between 2 extreme weathers "Set weather at" will change weather for Yland which center is closest to the specific point
  2. Houp

    Explore H

    I have created a small example: Scenarios.zip. You will not probably see that both worlds are in the same game set. I uploaded it to the server so you can test it there first. Only one of the words is set to be visible. Second one is marked as hidden. Players are unable to start game on this map. They can get there from the trigger zones in "World 1 Test" Use of reserve session: Guid can be copied from Game set window:
  3. Houp

    Explore H

    You need to have all the words in one game set. Then you need to use "Reserve session" and "Dispatch" tiles as described on https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ylands_Tile_-_Reserve_game_session
  4. Houp

    Group Cannot Be Empty

    Hi, just few notes: A) red notifications persist (between editor and main menu and game) until they are confirmed with OK button. B) it should not be possible to have empty group in the game. If you want to delete group just select it and delete it. Editing group and deleting all objects in it will not work - in that case you should press Undo/place any new object to edited group and after that cancel group editing with escape. However, 1) there is a bug that you can save the game in this state which will leave an empty group in your game and 2) this behavior does not seem to be much user friendly. In one of the future updates pressing escape when editing an empty group will perform the same action as if you would delete the group. C) We still need to check that notification really behaves as described in point A)
  5. Houp

    Explore H

    Hi, I tried to create "explore" test maps runnable on mobiles. It is set of maps with name Explore H. You can go to any of them. Your equipment and inventory is shared between these maps. There are different "veins" (large stones dropping different ores) on different maps. I suggest to start on https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/2598 or https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/2601 yland. Surely it is not great.(or good ) I just wanted to test several aspect of an editor. (It uses only tools and scripts usable by everyone.) Attaching .yland files so anyone can look how it works. Scenarios.zip
  6. Houp

    How to play created world in editor

    Hi, use enter to activate chat in editor and write there /exporlocal or File/export/export for workshop and upload file to ylands.workshop.com.
  7. Houp

    Comments in Editor

    Yes, this is ready for upcomming 1.1 update.
  8. Houp

    Comments in Editor

  9. Houp

    The logic template

    Or you can assign None as current Position/Rotation animator.
  10. Hi, I see one problem there. "Target offset" in "Aim to instruction is position offset from a target. It is not rotation offset from the result rotation. Aim to rotates object towards target (or towards position offset from the target entity). It does not work in the way as "Aim as/copy rotation" would work. Try this setup: (or you would have to to make group from the arrow with desired rotation and offset from the group pivot)
  11. Houp

    Get name not working for Stone Pick

    Hi, the reason is that it does not return "STONE PICK". It returns key which is translated on clients. So when you try to write to console name of entity, different thing will see person who have game set to Spanish to the one who use English language.
  12. Houp

    Import Array Points into Path Logic

    You mean in editor or in game with scripts?
  13. Houp

    The logic template

    It would not be useful at the moment. What would you like to do with it?
  14. Not 100% sure at the moment but problem items should be selected after closing this dialog. You can then press F to see them.
  15. Hi, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately you are right that you are unable to that in the moment because of a bug (it affects projectiles only when Gravity is checked on). It should be fixed in 1.1 (for arrows you will still need to have 0, 180, 0 rotation set in Entity template to have it behave as you would expect)