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  1. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Ylands_0.13
  2. Hi, or in 0.13 you can use just "On pick start" -> Target entity will be the one picked.
  3. Houp

    Dev Diary #81

    Hi, unfortunately no. The reason for it is that we do not know what might be problem. It works fine for us. Have you tried quite detailed instructions provided in another topic? Please try the instructions provided in that thread and write there in what part of the instruction you get different result to the one shown there.
  4. Houp

    Questions About Scripting

    Hi, no other option to do it at the moment. However, I agree that it would be useful to have something more user friendly.
  5. Hi, it returns "invalid value". Maybe in the future it will be zeroed (0, 0, 0). However to be specific: when you pick item, it's original position remains in it's data. The problem you encounter is that when you pick stack of item type which you already have in your inventory then picked item is destroyed and it just adjust stack size of the same item in player's inventory which has still position of its original "pick place". In 0.13 we will introduce second event "pick start" which will return stackable item before it is destroyed and "pick end" which will return "merged stack" in your inventory (as On pick does now). For nonstackable items both of the events will provide exactly same item. For stackable it will be same item only in the cases when player did not have same type of the item in his inventory.
  6. Houp

    Questions on weather system

    Your assumption is right.
  7. Hi, it should not cause any problems to you. Still, it will be fixed in 0.13
  8. Hi, thank you for report. Should be fixed and ready for 0.13
  9. and as bonus note: you will get same item in On Pick Start and On Pick End for all non stackable items.
  10. Houp

    DEV ANSWER Unable to set cheese to inedible

    Hi, there are many custom properties that cannot be edited by default for stackable items. (what should happen if you have 1 piece of cheese with description "Best cheese of the world" and second one "Worst cheese in the world" when you try to merge them? So you have to first mark them as Unique. Unique stackable items can not be divided to separate stacks and will not stack with any other objects. However, it will not solve your issue. At the moment you can disable only interactions of entities (what entities offer you when you focus them in the world). There is now no way to adjust what items offer when you have them in hotbar.
  11. Should be fixed and ready for 0.13
  12. Houp

    Questions on weather system

    Hi, each yland has its own system. There are 2 variants of Set weather, Set weather will change weather on all of the ylands. (and it will remain in the target weather "forever"), Set weather at will override weather only on nearest yland to the target positon. You can "reset" weather to default transition system when you use "Set weather" "None"
  13. Houp

    What is on create?

  14. Hi, just to be clear. You have template with game logic and that game logic have its own scripts? Can you post there used script there? (and used game logic) + please attach log files.
  15. Hi, can you please provide us your .yland file with steps what to do how to reproduce a error? (first in mind is known issue that "Spawn entity" can provide wrong error message when you destroy entity during its spawn. (due to another event) )