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  1. SamMonahan

    Increased Chest Size/Ship Storage

    We should be able to place a hatch on the floor of our boats to act as some sort of cargo hold storage access! Would be super cool.
  2. SamMonahan

    Winged Hussar Armor

    Awesome Cant wait to see what else you make
  3. SamMonahan

    Items Not Showing on Boats

    I believe I am aware of how to reproduce this. When playing this as the Host (peer to peer server) items I place down could not be seen by my friend (client) until he relogged. Let my also clarify I believe this to only be items place with the V function and not building blocks.
  4. SamMonahan

    Map Indicator

    Indicators, map markers and Co-ordinates would be perfect! @Ane Could you suggest coordinates as a work around while the map is being worked on? This way if our maps get wiped (like they frequently do) we can have coordinates written down and just work our way home like that!
  5. SamMonahan

    Crime Scene

    Oh yeah that was totally me >.> I sware that the rest wasnt though!
  6. SamMonahan

    Crime Scene

    I am not the murderer! I'm being framed!!!! Whats your in game name Hurricane? I wasnt even on yesterday
  7. SamMonahan

    Error Streaming

    Ensure all your drivers are up to date, apart from that im not sure mate.
  8. SamMonahan

    Large ship wont turn

    Unfortunately I also encountered this bug. The result was that I had to completely destroy my ship and start again
  9. SamMonahan

    Odd sized doors

    I tend to stick with even spacing mate 2 door wide openings and such.
  10. SamMonahan

    Lightly Furnished Log Cabin!

    My first full building to be published to the workshop, I present to you the medium log cabin! This cabin is only lightly furnished to allow the player/creator more customisation options https://ylands.net/asset/62 I appreciate any and all feedback, as well as ideas for future builds!
  11. SamMonahan

    Energy confusion

    Try getting all the components that Ane has listed! Should show up then
  12. SamMonahan

    Energy confusion

    You need to make a screwdriver to get the linker recipe! I'm pretty sure it can be made in the smithing station
  13. SamMonahan

    Military gear/items?

    Water pistols, foam dart guns and bubble guns also come to mind
  14. SamMonahan

    Military gear/items?

    Very true, but maybe they would get tweaked with parental controls too?