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  1. Shift + letter A,E,d,s will meke it move fast drunk right now or use sroll
  2. I like to make one but my laptop doesn’t want me to do it...
  3. 0ldguy

    Can't Buy Ylands on Steam for friends

    If you want....try to get steam gift card 10$ Or more... code
  4. 0ldguy


  5. 0ldguy

    artic ylands

    Did they put santa’s workshop in the north?(artic yland)
  6. 0ldguy

    artic ylands

  7. 0ldguy

    RESOLVED I Can't respawn after die

    Editor maybe and put respawn somewhere else?
  8. 0ldguy

    More suggestions

    Clan!!!(they already suggested this) >can customize flag >have their own island to create/design >population determines the Yland size Team/group!!! >can not melee damages team during a hunt >indication where the team is(when its near and no indication when far) >can create/build in the barrier >range attack 50% chance of hitting the group for tanking a bigger animal/monster Solar panels >? Robots(cant wait) >i now can conquer the world ? >can combine body parts(+special traits)
  9. 0ldguy

    Editor suggestion

    *Easy ylands maker/design* >hard to make my own player-made island Can easily put/make/drag island to your main generated island >small >medium >large •can easily design and mold island to make it look nice. •shrink and enlarge •extra• 1. more options in putting items i the game. Shrink, expand and bend 2. Mp in editor Fix Mp and Sp bugs 1st Then slowly put suggestions to the game Cause the game is already awesome and I guess we can wait.
  10. 0ldguy

    My character was dead when I logged in?

    Im sorry, i put everything to short cut. Go to editor then go look for your item. You can select all your item by pressing you left mouse then drag all of it to the respawn area, save(i think) and lastly go back to your game. sorry bro English is my second language.
  11. 0ldguy

    My character was dead when I logged in?

    For some reason that thing happened to me also when i died from starvation in order to find the body >island familiarisation > editor- look for the loot 1st steady press ctrl then press all the loots one by one or the square thing. 2nd drag (copy and delete item) 3rd paste item to respawn
  12. 0ldguy

    Dev Diary #24

  13. 0ldguy

    Sneak Peek #43

    All good as long you guys work with it ylands for relaxing (every important) dota2 give me cancer pubg to...nothing really COD WWII to feel badass(campaign) oxygen no included is like my job and more
  14. 0ldguy

    Sneak Peek #43

    Thats true but you can also check editor and start building and saving composition for future (it might remove the exploration mode purpose which is survival and gathering resources to build and survive but you have a save composition”blueprints pls”)