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  1. lunz

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

    Aah, the good old days of fighting sky- and landsharks. I remember.
  2. lunz

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

    Lots of patience and lots of spams!
  3. lunz

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

    Thanks @Spyler.X Good to see some familiar names still floating around on this forum.
  4. lunz

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

    Thanks! To be fair, it took a while. Kept on spamming the screenshot key till I got the perfect shot and luckily there was a lightning strike right in the middle of the scene.
  5. lunz

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

    Wooops, I kinda missed the 'relaxation' theme this tread was going for ? Guess mine don't really qualifiy.. Should have read before I posted, my bad.
  6. lunz

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

    It's been awaile since I posted anything on this forum. Haven't started Ylands up in a long time and a lot has changed. Tought I post some screenshots from a singlepayer survival scenario I was building around the time the editor got its first update. Never finished it, but maybe i'll start working on it again as soon as I can figure out this new editor. The scenario would go a little like this: You awake aboard a crashed airplane on top of a blizzardy mountain without gear. You'll have to loot trough the debris and scattered luggage for gear, as resources are hard to find on this harsh map. Eventually you will find clues on what caused the crash and stumble upon the deeper secrets this icy Yland holds. The crashsite and first spawnpoint on the map. This tourist wan't as lucky as you. Maybe you'll find something usefull on his remains. A functional, yet deserted facility. Where did everybody go? Finding a roof above your head is crucial for surviving in a snowstorm. Multiple natural and man-made shelters are scattered around the map for you to find.
  7. lunz


    Hi fellow Ylanders Stranded on a hostile Yland in the middle of nowhere? Nasty critters keeping you awake at night? Are you aiming a little higher for a place to rest your head? Look no further, find your new home, high up in the trees! This playerhome has : Multiple floors lifted up in rainforest trees; Cleaned up interior for decorating anyway you see fit; A (purely cosmetic) cranelift to transport your supplies to the higher floor; A watchtower, to spot your enemies between the jungle branches. Took me a couple of days to find a acceptable compostion with the amount of trees and space between them. I left the interior empty so I could focus on the exterior look of the building. I got my inspiration for the lift from pictures of Potbot83's crane on the workshop. It's 3 wagon wheels and some steel tubes + a lot of patience with the editor to make it look like something credible. Would be awesome if one day in the future we can add real ropes and hanging objects. But for now you'll just have to pretend it's a real working lift. To download this compostion, go to the following workshop link: https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/572 Feel free to post any toughts, critiques, etc.! I would love to know what you guys think. LNZ
  8. It worked! > https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/572 Thanks Ane
  9. Thanks Bojo. I'm regretted to say the lift thingy is purely cosmetic. The rope is made with a lot of cursing at the editor and eventually made out of steel tubes
  10. Thanks Spyler, I allready feared the only option would be to remove a previous composition. I'll try again tomorrow And thanks for the kind words! Will post a new topic with the workshop link as soon as I get it uploaded!
  11. Hi fellow Ylanders I wanted the post my new treehouse composition on the workshop but I can't seem to upload anymore creations on my page... It keeps gving me the Upload of creationfile.ycp failed: User exceeded space quota -error. Is there some kind of memory-cap on uploadable content? The composition file i'm trying to upload is only 26kb btw.. Anyone else experiencing this error? LNZ
  12. lunz

    Crazy cool idea?

    If we are bringing oxygen in to the game, we really should need underwater basebuilding!
  13. lunz

    RedRocket Truckstop

    Thanks, other Noorderbuur! Nice to hear you like it.
  14. lunz

    P1 Building Contest! #1

    I guess i'll go for the red one with the roof, Car B.
  15. lunz

    P1 Building Contest! #1

    Oh right, I'M IN