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  1. @spiritchaser28 Can you see if a similar blueprint still works now or if it crashes the game? I think blueprints work differently now compared to a few updates ago.
  2. I've been designing some structures for my exploration island recently and the current piece is getting worryingly large (I can't break it up into smaller components unfortunately). I reckon there's a risk it will simply brick my game when I try to load it. With that being said, how big have you managed to make your blueprints? The biggest blueprint I've used so far required about 12000 stone+sandstone+logs, and it took about 5 minutes to load into my world if I remember right. I'm curious if anyone of you have made something significantly larger? Edit: Just did a test with the current structure as it is; 15000+ stone, ~4000 sandstone, ~1500 logs. Took about 5 minutes to capture. When I tried to use the blueprint the game instantly crashed. Bummer.
  3. Wow! I've had a hard time justifying to myself why I have spent 1700 hours building ships in this game... I guess, among the people who are still here playing this game 1700 isn't that crazy hahah
  4. zarwil

    Dev Diary #192 Working the Stations

    Speaking of which, can we get some more Q&A streams in the future? During the few months we had them the game improved more than any other period imo. I'd like to see a Q&A stream every two months or so for us to check off what's been spoken about before. During the lifetime of this game, promises have been forgotten and the direction of development has been pretty erratic. Things have been pretty good this year, but we should strive towards keeping this level indefinitely. Accountability with your player base is only a good thing imo.
  5. zarwil

    Rollercoaster Generator

    This is so cool! As an idea, could you alter this to work as a placement tool for walls? Love it!
  6. At some point before your game would lag when trying to place a large blueprint, but nowadays your game runs normally, except it can take minutes before your blueprint actually shows up. Something definitely changed with how blueprints are loaded, and the algorithms involved need to be evaluated because they are terribly slow, or at least grow terribly slow with high item counts.
  7. If you take notice of the positions of the door and ladder in this picture: And compare to the blueprinted version of the same structure below, You can easily see how the door and ladder have been moved. On the blueprinted structure, the ladder is unusable, and of course the doors look terrible with this misalignment. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  8. zarwil

    Dev Diary #187 Picking it up!

    On the topic of myster ylands, would it be possible to add more exciting rewards? Anything other than exploration points would be nice. I'd love to see unique weapons or tools as rewards, or perhaps treasures.
  9. zarwil

    Dev Diary #186 Composing Blueprints

    @spiritchaser28 Yesss, please for the love of god add these blocks to explore!
  10. zarwil

    Dev Diary #186 Composing Blueprints

    Something I'd like to add is the unbearable lag you get when a large blueprint you're trying to place intersects with some other building. It makes it impossible to decompose creations into modular units that are meant to snap together.
  11. Strange, reminds me of this.
  12. Devs and Nikki don't work weekends so you should have your answer this afternoon, patience!
  13. zarwil

    POSSIBLY Bigger and more varied sails

    @ocnoglittle @spiritchaser28 I'm thinking in technical terms here, at some level in the engine/code the water physics have to be "triggered" to apply to the character, so at some level it should be possible to change when a player is affected by water. It's not at all certain that this is something that can be "hacked" in the way I suggested, but it's worth a shot to ask.
  14. zarwil

    POSSIBLY Bigger and more varied sails

    That's what I meant by disabling water effects
  15. zarwil

    POSSIBLY Bigger and more varied sails

    @spiritchaser28 @ocnoglittle That's why we build custom hulls Regarding having space inside the ship hulls @Nikki Severin, is it possible for the devs to disable water effects for a player during a game? If they can, why not have hollow hulls which you can enter from a "hatch", and once the player has entered through the hatch, the game makes water invisible and disables its effects? The player is technically still in the water, but he doesn't know it. As long as there are no windows in the hull, this would work fine.