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  1. zarwil

    Dev Diary #176 What comes after 1.7

    Speaking of torches, you really need to work on overall lighting in this game. Light sources stack on top of each other and pretty much blind you if you have a few workstations lit during the night. Torches and lanterns also barely light up your path in a cave, so you can't see anything. There is no light source to my knowledge which works in the water, which means it's impossible at times to see under water when you're exploring a random encounter. Those are the most annoying parts anyways.
  2. zarwil

    FTC sign

    @spiritchaser28 Yes, ram will help your computer load and display structures/welds, but that is still unrelated to the ship issue. If the ship lag was caused by a bottleneck in rendering or loading structures, then ships would lag in single player sessions as well, but they don't. Therefore we have to conclude that the issue with ship lag is related to how multiplayer sessions handle ship physics simulation, and the synchronization of related data between clients. The crucial differentiating factor here is relative ping between players, which can easily introduce 400ms round-trip-time delay if two players are separated by a continent. If ship physics is simulated on the host client (server), and other clients rely on positional data from the host in order to be "in-sync", then this could explain the horrid FPS lag. This is probably not the case exactly, since this would cause lag with basic ships as well, which is why all this is so confusing. Whatever is going on, relative ping between players, and sending data related to ship physics simulations across the internet is definitely related. Again, specs people's PC's are not directly related these issues. The bottleneck is the speed of the internet, and the specific coding of ship physics over a network.
  3. zarwil

    FTC sign

    @Deadeye_Rob The devs are already aware of the issue They tagged your bug report as "known issue"
  4. zarwil

    FTC sign

    @spiritchaser28 The ship isn't rendered server side, it's rendered on each players client, so rendering shouldn't be related to the lag. If this was the case the you should get low fps wen playing by yourself as well, but that's not the case
  5. zarwil

    The Dreadful Wale

    Here's my take on the Dreadful Wale from Dishonored 2 As you can probably imagine, this idea was brought to me by @Deadeye_Rob (who also helped with some dirty work and interior design towards the end)! I'm a big fan of the Dishonored games, so this was a perfect project to pursue! The ship is a whaler captained by a character named Meagan Foster, who organizes and plans your missions throughout Dishonored 2. The ship serves as a headquarters between missions, and is absolutely iconic in its design! Here are some screens Interior: Captain's cabin: Engine room, with switches for enabling different sets of lights, and a lever for enabling/disabling the charging station:
  6. zarwil

    FTC sign

    Well, given that the ship rob's been using still causes huge lag despite not using many misc items, my theory seems to be debunked. Man I can't even imagine how they're handling ship physics in multiplayer but they're doing something seriously wrong...
  7. zarwil

    KNOWN ISSUE Low FPS when using Ships

    I can send it to you in pm's Also, I made a multiplayer map testing this exact issue before (With considerably smaller ships than the one in question), and sent it to Adam. Here's the lag test map: SHIP BATTLE LAG TEST.rar There are two issues at play here; huge lag spikes when loading in big ships, and crippling FPS drops during sailing in multiplayer. The former you can play around with the comp I send you, the second you can test with the scenario above.
  8. zarwil

    FTC sign

    Sure thing! I'll device some tests and hit you up. What's your time zone?
  9. But Red, there has been pretty much zero marketing for this game... why do you expect the player numbers to explode after like 2 updates to explore, when the player base is already minuscule?
  10. zarwil

    FTC sign

    @spiritchaser28 @ocnoglittle @Deadeye_Rob Regarding ship lag, I don't think the size of the "weld" matters tbh. My theory about ship lag is that it seems to be caused by the number of individual items connected to the ship. Or more specifically, the number of items on the ship which have their position/rotation communicated to the server. The welded part of a ship, no matter how big, should only count as one entity, which has one position and rotation. It has more "faces" to render, but that's handled by each player's client, not the server. The large ships people create tend to be sprawling with "misc" items which are dynamic and can be picked up and moved by the player. So for a ship with thousands of misc items used for details or whatever, the amount of data which needs to be sent (and handled) between server and all the clients can be thousands of times greater than a basic ship with just a couple of sails and a helm. This alone doesn't really explain the 2fps people get, so there must be some extremely inefficient handling of data between server and client. If anyone wants to help test this theory, hit me up.
  11. zarwil

    Dev Diary #172 Bigger ylands

    I think most people should be fine, given that Ylands is supposed to be runnable on phones. If your PC is slower than an average phone, then you shouldn't expect it to be able to run games very well. Just my 2 cents.
  12. zarwil

    Dev Diary #172 Bigger ylands

    Very interesting, I always thought the map size limit was due to performance issues
  13. The issue hasn't been player feedback historically, it has been that the feedback wasn't really acknowledged or acted upon. Players have been shouting about improvements to explore for years, and if anything, it got worse. The devs have recently stated how focusing on the editor was part of the bigger plan to improve explore all along, however this was never communicated once during the past 3 years. I think the forums have remained surprisingly civil given the circumstances. We are finally seeing some long awaited upgrades to explore, and the devs have communicated a clear focus on further improvements. There's finally some light at the end of the tunnel! (let's just hope it doesn't go the way of Metallica's "No leaf clover"....)
  14. zarwil

    Community Feedback

    How would that work with double voting? Someone can just vote 9 times on different platforms I'd put the polls in a notice as soon as you start the game, that way people can only vote once
  15. --In response to a recent negative thread-- As someone who has been quite pessimistic about the game here on the forums and privately with friends, I'd just like to mention that I'm pretty optimistic about Ylands for the first time in about 2 years. The recent attention to explore is what most of us expected when we first started playing. A steady stream of improvements for the survival element of the game. Anything I've ever done in this game has been in the hopes of some day being able to explore a vast world in some cool custom made ships. It seems this is finally coming to fruition, so the devs should get some well deserved credit!