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  1. zarwil

    The Good Side

    this game is so much fun
  2. One of the bugged ships I sent you previously has this bug. Basically slopes have no "hit box" and can't be interacted with. I'll PM you in the conversation I'm referencing.
  3. zarwil

    Dev Diary #103

    Awesome! I never thought we'd get islands visible in the distance! I think it's about time to bring up blueprints for ships again, though. At the moment ships are very difficult to build nicely in explore, and just like buildings and shelters, it would be great to just use something you've built before. Ships are especially difficult to design in explore compared to buildings, so to not have blueprints available for them is a huge miss.
  4. Huh, usually that works for me You could try and copy the ship to an editor map (where it's easier to manipulate) and try to continue working on it there, but I suspect you will have the same problem. Still worth trying though. You can also try and manually copy the blocks from the ship and place on a new ship hull (in the editor, still). To do this, place a new ship hull somewhere else in the editor map, then for each type of block you have placed on the ship, place one more of that specific block type somewhere central on the original ship, and double click it while holding down CTRL to select all blocks of that type. At this point the actively selected block will most likely not be the one you just placed, so change that by un-selecting the block you placed and selecting it again. Now left click and copy all the selected blocks and paste on the new, empty, ship hull. You will have to move the selected blocks around a bit until they are placed in the correct position relative to the hull, but it's possible. Do the same for all types of blocks you have on the ship. (except maybe single items etc..) edit: I forgot to mention that each time you place a new set of blocks onto the new ship, you have to aim at the actual ship hull when pasting, not a block that is attached to it. Also, regarding the following: "At this point the actively selected block will most likely not be the one you just placed, so change that by un-selecting the block you placed and selecting it again.", this can sometime result in every thing being un-selected. If that happens, try to have a different block selected before you try to CTRL+double click.
  5. Right, figured you were finnish due to the name and pic ^^ you can open explore games in the editor by entering an empty editor map, then from there open an existing game. In the pop up of existing games you can switch to explore/creative games at the bottom of the pop up.
  6. This is an age old bug. Is this build in the editor or in explore/creative? In either case you can open the map in editor and try to duplicate the entire ship and delete the old one. See if it helps. Also, I like the ship! I'm gonna try and make something similar sometime in the future.
  7. zarwil

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    @Dead8Eye If you like to build ships come over to the P1 ship building coalition and have a look. Same goes for others as well of course https://discord.gg/Ca7ddBB
  8. zarwil

    Dev Diary #102

    Amazing!!! Love it!
  9. zarwil

    Dev Diary #100

    I have no doubts that this is your ambition now, but I think of this similarly to politics. Even if you trust the current government to handle some new regulations, what is to say that a future government will not abuse it? In this case you are the same government, but the point still stands Soo many things can change in the future, but maybe it is pointless to think about it now
  10. zarwil

    Dev Diary #100

    I'm cautiously optimistic about this. This will pretty much guarantee a solid player base from the start (which I'm vary happy about), but it could also potentially tie your hands in the future if it turns out that the f2p player base earns you more money than the paid explore pack, in which case I would expect less development focus on the latter. Unfortunately, development focus will always be prioritized for what is most profitable... the world would be crazy if this was not the case The balance of this really depends on your ability to tempt new players in to buying the explore pack, so for the sake of the explore die-hard's, I really hope it ends up popular. As mentioned, this won't really be the case if nobody buys the explore pack. In regards to mobile, this is key for me, and really the main reason why I'm positive about this change. It ensures continued focus on the PC version, since a (probably) significant portion of mobile players will also try the game on PC. Additionally, this really gives you huge incentive to advertise the PC version and the Explore pack as effectively as possible, since it will boost that revenue stream, which, again, ensures a healthy focus on the PC version of the game. All in all, this move could have the potential to save this game, if you handle it correctly. (edit: this also opens the door for more egregious micro-transactions... ...we'll see about this.)
  11. zarwil

    Dev Diary #99

    look it up on steam!
  12. zarwil

    Dev Diary #99

    Anyone on for making limbo?
  13. It would really improve the ability to create ambiance and set the tone for a map. If you were to make a single player story driven game mode for example you could add custom sound-cues, ambient sound and atmospheric music which you could trigger with logic. As we know music and sound is crucial for setting the tone in both movies and games, this would dramatically improve our ability to create special games. I get that this might be difficult due to copyright stuff for example, but other games let you do this (cough minecraft..) and they have no issues.
  14. zarwil

    What happened to this great game?

    From the community's perspective the whole mobile push just came from nowhere. Every time you mention mobile it's a reminder that your internal vision is different from what the community wants, and you'll never lose that feeling unless you make mobile seem like a small extra, instead of a focus. I've been quite vocal a few times on this forum about my distaste for the mobile component of the game because I really can't see the point of it besides being an additional source of revenue, which would indicate that this was an idea for the higher-ups, rather than for the community. I have a hard time seeing how community-made Ylands game modes with wonky controls will be more fun to play than actual games which are specifically made for mobile, so who is gonna play this? Again, sorry for the sour tone.
  15. zarwil

    Fallout Vault (Fallout 3/ New Vegas Style)

    Make a video or I'll riot!