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  1. zarwil

    ship stuff by zarwil

    I'm not sure if you can attach welded parts to a ship - might try later. My problem is that I can't move blocks with the movement and rotation widgets, and it's pretty much impossible to edit anything without them. Basically if I try to move a block by dragging the z-axis controller downwards the game just selects the block behind the z-axis controller instead of recognizing the input. It's stuck in selection mode even if you actually have movement or rotation widgets activated. Even if I could detatch and reattach the welded hull I still would need to edit some of the many items which are not included in the weld and those are affected by this bug.
  2. zarwil

    ship stuff by zarwil

    Okay so with this update I'm unable to change anything on my old ships, so any progress is stalled. I did however find out that with the new welding function you can copy the 'welded' part of a ship and place it outside the bounds of the ship part. This means you can detatch your own hulls from ship parts which is pretty cool To experiment with this I created a ship cunstruction site based on the hull from the previous post 😜 Here are the results: This thing below is a workspace used for bending beams. In the olden days ship builders would heat up beams with steam to soften them and then gradually bend them to their correct shape using poles stuck in the floor. Cranes lift the beams into place to be bolted on to the ribs You can download the composition from the workshop here: https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/1066
  3. zarwil

    0.12 Update first impressions

    I'm having trouble using the movement/rotation widgets in the editor. Whenever I want to use the x/y/z axis controls to move or rotate I always end up simply selecting and dragging the object behind. The only way to move around objects is to click and drag, but the widgets inputs are ingnored completely. Not sure if this is related to the update or if I forgot how to play the game.. Edit: This seems to only be the case with exported ships. When I create a new ship hull and place blocks I can move them just fine with the widgets, but on my old ships I can't use widgets on blocks, even if I place new ones.
  4. zarwil

    0.12: Smooth Sailing (15/04/2019)

    Nice! Thanks to this update my ship can finally sail!
  5. zarwil

    Dev Diary #69

    How about the scale widget in the editor? Are you considering the ability to scale different objects?
  6. zarwil

    ship stuff by zarwil

    I remove the "skeleton" beams after. They're mostly there as a guide for the outer beams. If you look closely at the second to last stage you can see a flush red interior.
  7. zarwil

    ship stuff by zarwil

    So the ship I showed earlier is pretty much finished. I'm just waiting for the coming update to be able to share it. In the meantime however I thought I'd show the evolution of a small English frigate I'm building. It starts off with a keel and the outline of the decks: Added ribs and a rough outline of the ship's top-down profile: More ribs and the "face" of the aft gallery: Finished "skeleton" outline of the ship: Some of the horizontal beams laid out with preliminary paint scheme: Beams finished on one side: Here's the (almost) finished version of the hull, with updated paint scheme: I also added some sails to get an idea of how the finished ship will look: And here's the full version line-up: Obviously it's not finished yet, but this has been a really fast build so far compared to previous efforts. I'm getting pretty good at building ships with this technique 😊
  8. zarwil

    Brand New Game: JUGGERNAUT!

    Man this looks crazy good!
  9. zarwil

    Dev Diary #63

    You mentioned in a previous dev diary that you will improve sailing in the future. Please don't make the sails rotate with the wind as some have suggested! It would ruin my rigging 😪😪 *Edit: Will you fully implement the scale function in the editor? It would be epic if you could scale obejcts like sails so you could make larger ships without the sails looking stupidly small!
  10. zarwil

    Large Explore Sharemaps?

    I second this! The options for island size, biome and count should be there when you create a normal explore game!
  11. zarwil

    Get Scale

    Is this being worked on? I would be over the moon if you could set the scale of sails!
  12. zarwil

    Dev Diary #57

    Does this mean for ships that you cannot blow holes or destroy specific parts of a ship with a cannon when this is implemented? Like everything on the ship is considered as one piece and can only be destroyed as a whole?
  13. zarwil

    Ray tracing reflection

    Hahahah feeling pretty stupid now
  14. zarwil

    Ray tracing reflection

    Is it a mod or can you do this in the editor? Very cool!
  15. zarwil

    Dev Diary #59

    That's a bummer I was away from 0.7 untill 0.11 released so I never caught why It was removed. I can't remember any severe first person bugs from 0.7 days. Will there be a better way to aim cannons? Aiming cannons through port holes on ships and other tight spaces is pretty rough and would be much better from first person.