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  1. zarwil

    ship stuff by zarwil

    I remove the "skeleton" beams after. They're mostly there as a guide for the outer beams. If you look closely at the second to last stage you can see a flush red interior.
  2. zarwil

    ship stuff by zarwil

    So the ship I showed earlier is pretty much finished. I'm just waiting for the coming update to be able to share it. In the meantime however I thought I'd show the evolution of a small English frigate I'm building. It starts off with a keel and the outline of the decks: Added ribs and a rough outline of the ship's top-down profile: More ribs and the "face" of the aft gallery: Finished "skeleton" outline of the ship: Some of the horizontal beams laid out with preliminary paint scheme: Beams finished on one side: Here's the (almost) finished version of the hull, with updated paint scheme: I also added some sails to get an idea of how the finished ship will look: And here's the full version line-up: Obviously it's not finished yet, but this has been a really fast build so far compared to previous efforts. I'm getting pretty good at building ships with this technique 😊
  3. zarwil

    Brand New Game: JUGGERNAUT!

    Man this looks crazy good!
  4. zarwil

    Dev Diary #63

    You mentioned in a previous dev diary that you will improve sailing in the future. Please don't make the sails rotate with the wind as some have suggested! It would ruin my rigging 😪😪 *Edit: Will you fully implement the scale function in the editor? It would be epic if you could scale obejcts like sails so you could make larger ships without the sails looking stupidly small!
  5. zarwil

    Large Explore Sharemaps?

    I second this! The options for island size, biome and count should be there when you create a normal explore game!
  6. zarwil

    Get Scale

    Is this being worked on? I would be over the moon if you could set the scale of sails!
  7. zarwil

    Dev Diary #57

    Does this mean for ships that you cannot blow holes or destroy specific parts of a ship with a cannon when this is implemented? Like everything on the ship is considered as one piece and can only be destroyed as a whole?
  8. zarwil

    Ray tracing reflection

    Hahahah feeling pretty stupid now
  9. zarwil

    Ray tracing reflection

    Is it a mod or can you do this in the editor? Very cool!
  10. zarwil

    Dev Diary #59

    That's a bummer I was away from 0.7 untill 0.11 released so I never caught why It was removed. I can't remember any severe first person bugs from 0.7 days. Will there be a better way to aim cannons? Aiming cannons through port holes on ships and other tight spaces is pretty rough and would be much better from first person.
  11. zarwil

    ship stuff by zarwil

    Lets just say I have failed a lot of times Usually I don't continue working on a ship unless I'm happy with the skeleton so most of my projects barely get started. I am also a huge ship nerd so I have a pretty good idea of how ships from 1600-1815 looked. Search for inspiration on google. By the way I think yours looks pretty good! Also it always looks worse from below because the shadows are cast differently and enhances the "steps" between the beam layers. And one more thing, make sure that your skeleton "fits" outside the ship component so it doesn't stick out from your hull when you're done, that would be an unfortunate thing to find out once you're finished!
  12. zarwil

    ship stuff by zarwil

    The ship is coming along nicely! I've probably spent around 80-100 hours on this so far. Progress is slow but steady (because detailing is boring). Will release it to the workshop after version 0.12 releases. This is the first ship I've (almost) completed using this method and because of that the hull is not completely proportionally realistic. If this were a real ship it would capsize immediately (just like the warship Vasa, us swedes are experts at this!)
  13. zarwil

    ship stuff by zarwil

    Yes this is very common. What causes this is that your ship has been placed slightly off center in one axis. This happens when you move things too fast. To fix it just click the ship hull component and drag it one step in each axis direction to make sure it's centered on the grid in all directions. Sometimes it takes a bit of work to get everything centered but I have never failed to fix it. Also don't forget to remove the anchor lever and ladders on the sides!
  14. zarwil

    Dev Diary #58

    You can always step back and play other games for a while until you think the game is "ready". I was gone for 10 months until a few weeks back. Personally I'm very hyped for the 1.0 release because of the influx of new players it will bring.
  15. zarwil

    Sun castle

    Kudos on building a realistic keep! Have you watched shadiversity on youtube by any chance?