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  1. Since cars are generally pretty useless in this game, I decided to create the ultimate resource-gathering truck. It features a small living space with a bed and stove, as well as a charging station -- enabling you to mine resources for days on end! The covers on the sides reveal all the storage containers, which amount to a total of 1335 storage slots. I've tried to strike a balance of maximizing storage-space while still being able to target/use each container without too much difficulty. What I'm most pleased about is that it still drives well on rough terrain without looking all too goofy (if the chassis sits too tall, it looks like a buff dude with scrawny legs). It's quite rare that the chassis hits the ground and makes that annoying thumping sound. Besides this truck, I've also uploaded a bunch of cars and other random stuff to the workshop over the past week or two, so take a look if you're curious! I've tried to price things as low as it will let me (with a couple exceptions).
  2. zarwil

    Tiny scale model ships!

    Two tiny models of an age-of-sail warship and a WW2-era battleship. These were quite tricky to build. Each model has two variants available on the workshop: one fitted to a simple stand, and one encased jn a fancy display.
  3. zarwil

    Dev Diary #249 Make nice things easier

    Wow, this is really cool and something I've been wanting for ages, I just thought it would be too elaborate to ever be added to the game I suppose this would make it a lot easier to create a brick wall (for instance) with slight variations in color, position and rotation. I do wonder though how you intend to tackle the general complexity that builds have reached for a while now. Entity welds ofc take longer to compile the less each item has in common with others, so if you build a huge structure where every wall is made of brick, and each brick has its own unique position, rotation and color, that seems like worst-case scenario for the weld process. And all of that aside, (unless I've missed something...) there is still poor general multiplayer performance with ships which needs improvement. With the ability to create blueprints straight from the editor now, I suspect lots of people will create very item-dense and complex ships moving forwards.
  4. zarwil

    how to create sphere

    The new custom step size and angle is a godsend for things like this. Imo it's the best addition to the editor that I can remember.
  5. zarwil

    Dev Diary #245 Fun Energy Wanted!

    Oh right, I remember now you mention it.
  6. zarwil

    Dev Diary #245 Fun Energy Wanted!

    First of all, like I suggested in this thread, energy links need to be retained in game blueprints. I honestly feel like it's a travesty that this feature was removed, because now there is no way to neatly integrate energy components into our blueprints. Aside from that, there are a few fundamental pieces missing for energy to be truly useful in my opinion; 1) More automated doors (similar to the force field door, but with normal doors instead). The energy door just locks/unlocks the door instead of opening/closing it, which is what I want. 2) Sorting items into various containers is an endless pain in games like ylands, and anything to help this problem is greatly appreciated. Pehaps take some inspiration from Minecraft in how items can be collected and sorted into different containers using redstone. At the very least I would love a "trashcan" item which you can throw your random junk into, although this doesn't need to use energy of course. 3) There needs to be different ways of activating energy circuits aside from manually using a lever. I would love a light sensor which could, for instance, be used as a day/night trigger for street lights. A pressure plate would also be nice. Any kind of sensor to detect world events would be nice tbh. 4) I you want us to be able to create cool digital circuitry without using scripts, there are two crucial items missing to complete the current set of logic gates; a clock and a storage unit (for data). Actually the storage unit can be made with logic gates, but you would at the very least need to make an SR NOR latch to store a single bit, which is unnecessarily complex when you could just add a simple logic block to store a bit instead. The clock is more important, because without it we can't really create anything complex that's self-perpetuating. The clock would be a logic block that switches on and off with a certain frequency that can be selected by the player. With this, and a storage block, you could do quite a lot. Edit: I wasn't gonna comment on this, but I didn't love reading this part: "There are indeed some cool things like logic gates (AND, OR, XOR and such) but that's not quite... fun." Maybe I didn't read it with the tone you intended, but this is the sort of stuff comp-sci people love. Flatly opining that such things are boring in a dev diary is a bit odd to me.
  7. Any self-respecting explorer should have a jeep! I've been experimenting a little the last few weeks with different car designs, which has resulted in a few that I'm pretty happy with! My favorite has to be the jeep, which I made in two variants. The one not shown here is build upon the off-road chassis, but I prefer this one. Surprisingly it handles terrain almost as well, and is generally easier to drive. Up next; an off-roading truck. It looks a bit goofy with the short wheel base, but I can't do anything about that unfortunately. It generally drives around rough terrain pretty easily. Up next; A sleek convertible sedan. I call it the "Continental". My favorite to drive for some reason. It's really satisfying to have the wheels properly fit the inside the wheel-arches. This car is not built for off-roading (as you can imagine), and thus is pretty useless in exploration, but it's a cool collectible I guess. And finally; a small roadster. This was the first one I made, and it's not as refined, but I like it nontheless. I also made plenty of color variations of this one as well as the Continental.
  8. Hey, this is really bugging me at the moment. Prior to this last update, blueprints retained any energy connections you had set up, allowing you to neatly hide ugly energy components. This is no longer possible, and I don't quite understand why. If energy connections are not retained, that means we have to manually connect every component once a blueprint has been created, which means every energy component needs to be clearly visible and easily accessible. This means strict limitations in what you can create with energy in blueprints overall. If the reason behind this change is that you want energy components to be accessible in case a player accidentally disconnects a connection, that's fair, but they can always rebuild a blueprint if they mess it up. Please, please revert this change to the way it was before. It's a crushing limitation that pretty much ruins every creation I have ever made that uses energy.
  9. zarwil

    Gallant Galoot: Small ship built off grid

    Awesome build love the curvy shapes! I've considered using tilted sails before but decided against it, it looks pretty cool I have to say. Edit: Also, @Nikki Severin @anna_svecova, why did you change the name of the "Community Creations" topic to "Community News"? It makes no sense, and has clearly resulted in this user posting their creation in "General Discussion", since it's not clear where it should be posted It just seems like a really unneccessary change that makes the forum more confusing. If you wan't more engagement in the "Community News" section, consider not placing it at the bottom of the forum page.
  10. Ships reverse painfully slowly. I suggest keeping the current reversing speed for sail-powered vessels, but significantly increase the reversing speed for engine-powered ships.
  11. zarwil

    Dev Diary #225 Ship, boat and giant urchin

    Niceee Guess it's time to make a modern motor yacht
  12. zarwil

    Why isn't Ylands being played?

    The unfortunate fact is that most games barely get played, even if they are good.
  13. Actually that's pretty realistic. A ship's hull speed (the maximum speed the hull can achieve) is proportional to the length of the hull, so a longer hull can in theory reach a higher speed than a shorter one. In order to travel faster than the hull speed, the boat has to "ride" on it's own bow wave (like small motorboats), which requires exponentially higher engine power and fuel. I'm also not a fan of changing the ship speeds in ylands depending on how many blocks you've added, as that would mean you get punished for adding blocks for design reasons. I think the game should encourage building stuff.
  14. I mean sure, but gathering resources isn't difficult or anything, it just takes time. It's equally ridiculous to me that you could create an invincible ship and travel around stomping everyone. I suppose you could have an upper limit to the health bonus to avoid that. Like, somewhere past 200-300% hp, additional materials won't increase hp anymore.
  15. I feel like this system could easily be abused without serious restrictions in ship-building. If you were to just add a check to see which blocks are part of the ship weld (and add hp respectively), you can just place a steel block somewhere inside the ship hull (so it's not visible, and ruins your design) and duplicate that block a few houndred times until your ship is practically invincible. Of course it'd be expensive, but people are willing to grind.
  16. zarwil

    Dev Diary #221 Rebalancing the Future

    Yeah I suggested this before, with reply from @Nikki Severin
  17. zarwil

    Dev Diary #221 Rebalancing the Future

    This probably won't happen, since the devs have expressed their difficulties with changing the water physics. There have been many requests for making boat hulls hollow, but the devs haven't exactly been eager to do it (due to said difficulties). Technically speaking, underwater buildings is a very similar challenge to hollow hulls, in the sense that they would need the ability to subtract/displace volumes of water dynamically.
  18. zarwil

    The new crafting system needs a little work.

    I think this is the most natural solution. It works really well in the early stages of Subnautica. The oxygen tank in that game takes up quite a bit of space in your inventory, though, as a balancing act. If you want to dive deeper, you compromise on inventory space.
  19. The sound is way too loud IMO. If you stick a beacon at the bottom of your ship, the sound gets annoying pretty quick.
  20. zarwil

    Dev Diary #222 When the Prints Go Blue

    I never even noticed this, since I rarely use the default building mechanics in explore.
  21. zarwil

    Dev Diary #222 When the Prints Go Blue

    But if the blueprint is too large your game literally becomes unplayable due to low fps. I've had my game crash trying to load a blueprint. Sometimes the blueprint takes so long to load that you die of hunger before it's finished.
  22. zarwil

    Dev Diary #222 When the Prints Go Blue

    Seems very intentional. They used to announce things way before they were properly considered, leading to broken promises and poor feature implementation. Keeping it vague is better (to me). Don't think is a relevant question for this upcoming update. There's no reason why they would add a limit for blueprints in private use. For the 1.11 update, however, the devs will have a tough decision to make when it comes to sharing blueprints and selling on their store-front. Blueprint performance is different for every PC. You don't want to limit players who have good PC's with an artificial limit, but on the other hand, an enormous blueprint can easily freeze someone else's game. If a player buys a blueprint from the store, but can't use it because it freezes their game, they would be right to feel scammed. The devs could potentially add a size limit for shared blueprints (i.e. on the store-front), but keep personal blueprints limitless. "The biggest change when compared to pre-1.10 Blueprints is, that you can create those in the Editor and then use in your Exploration world. Also, they can contain much more than just building blocks. You can have a Blueprint of a house, filled with items, surrounded by a garden with flowers and trees." Seems like a huge improvement to me. What else do you want, aside from that? What do you mean by this?
  23. zarwil

    Dev Diary #222 When the Prints Go Blue

  24. zarwil

    Dev Diary #221 Rebalancing the Future

    ABZU serves as good inspiration, however that's a game where pretty much their entire selling-point is the visuals of the environment. It's not really fair to expect similar things in Ylands (which you probably don't, I'm just saying).
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    Ten small ideas

    You can achieve this effect using doors/gates on the deck of your boat, and placing storage containers underneath! It's easier to do this in the editor, but it can be done in exploration as well. Btw, if you want to place blocks on the grid, but the block can't be placed due to clipping something else, you can still "aim" the block while in grid view, and then, without moving your mouse, entering freeplace mode to actually place it there. This way you can place overlapping blocks while still keeping to the grid! Example: