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    it would be really cool if terrain generation allowed rivers to form in islands so you can drive your ships through there, it would be a really cool addition to the game
  2. i heard someone say if you delete the save file for your server, you'll be able to join the server again. but this will result in you losing all of your stuff and the server would consider you to be a new player.
  3. currently having the exact same issue trying to join a dedicated server on explore output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  4. WARNING: be careful when reproducing this glitch, because 20+ can cause your computer to crash, anything above 15 causes ylands to instantly crash.
  5. If you walk on the campfire at the very small state, you fall through the world. This bug needs to be fixed asap because we crashed the entire server with 5 peices of grass a stick and a flint lighter. It could be considered a game breaking bug
  6. update #4000 i let the huge one sit for a while, and it slowly died down. If you get close then you start to lag and the fireball gets a little larger, but other than that it looks a lot smaller
  7. We played around with this glitch now and found the formula, 5 pieces of grass and one campfire. Also i got more pics
  8. Me and my friend were on a multiplayer server, when he took his flint lighter out and lit a campfire that someone else had built prior. Upon lighting the campfire, our entire screen was covered in bright light. Our frame rate dipped to 1 Frame Per Second, my friend's computer crashed, and mine was glitched out. I couldnt get screenshots of the bright light when i was next to the campfire. I got screenshots of the campfire from far away though. It also crashed the entire server lol
  9. Laiiix

    A new way of life

    आप सात सूरज नीचे के दौरान मर जाएगा
  10. Laiiix

    A new way of life

    that guy in the picture looks really cool
  11. you guys should add solar panels and daylight sensors to the game you could put solar panels on your island to power your lights and other energy things and would work like an engine or a generator daylight sensors would work like switches and you would be able to set it the sensor would kick on at night or at day and then things like lights would light up at night time automatically