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  1. Laiiix

    UI Overhaul

    I’m falling in love with this game again but the user interfaces are really clunky and oversized. i feel that going back to a small inventory window like what we had in alpha would be great. the main menu could use an overhaul as well because finding things is sort of an issue. great work ylands team stay classy.
  2. Laiiix

    it has been born

    look at my work
  3. Laiiix

    My Home Complex Still in the Works

    i was on the server that this base was built on, and it was all done legit. It was originally built on a mountain which he then completely flatted. Remember, this was from when all islands were cone shaped (mountain in the middle, hills on the side, beach surrounding it), so thats where all the stone materials were harvested from. Notice the stone chunks sitting at the top. He ran out of chests to put the stone in. It took about 1,000 hours to complete and after building it, bobolink quit playing ylands all together as he had finished his magnum-opus.
  4. Laiiix

    1.5 update won't bring real change unless...

    hopefully the more people that are attracted to the game because of the new features will be testing bugs
  5. Laiiix

    GUI Overhaul

    Now that ylands is seeing a return in focus to exploration, which I am stoked to see, I believe that this game will be back very soon to it's fun survival-type roots. But I really would like another GUI overhaul, as right now it can be pretty confusing. The inventory space should take up less room in my opinion, with a transparent background, sort of what like minecraft would have. The original inventory menu in the alpha version was far from perfect but I sort of prefer the minimalistic and simple design a lot more than the new giant inventory menu. The 'landing page' or the main menu should also get a redesign to be a lot simpler. When you look at most successful games, they almost ALWAYS have a simple and intuitive menu which this current one is no where near both. Simplicity is key, and minimalism is also very important when designing an intuitive menu. The buttons are rather large and they seem kind of out of order which really confuses me. The bright colors are nice, but every time I boot up Ylands I get sensory overload because there is just too much on the screen. In the case of GUI's, less is always better.
  6. Laiiix

    I used to love this game.

    I think the main problem with this game is the lack of direction. If you wanna make a bootleg roblox, do it. If you wanna make a survival game, do it. Just stop teasing me with these table scraps of updates if you don't wanna work on exploration anymore, because I'm tired of being lied to.
  7. Used to being the most important words in that sentence. This game was my favorite game, and it is still my most played game on steam as I have 472.8 hours on this game. Most of that playtime, however was before this game took a dramatic nosedive in quality as the developers shifted their focus from a unique survival experience to a unoriginal roblox copy. This game is on it's last breath and if the developers keep going in the direction that they are then I and MANY OTHER alpha players will lost interest. I come back to this game after EVERY SINGLE UPDATE and every single time I play for about 15 minutes, and then I get bored and I leave. One of the biggest complaints that I have with this game is that I can't see what I'm doing. I also dislike that the so called 'exploration' gamemode has no exploration at all. I remember how fun sailing used to be, and how I used to plot out my courses for my ship. Leaving your island felt like a fun journey but now it just feels like I'm commuting. I think the worst part about these complaints are that almost everyone I have talked to that played this game in it's earlier stages also feel the same way, and we have all been complaining for about 2 years now to no result. The developers have not listened to us at all and now that I'm seeing a lot more constructive criticism I really hope that you guys will FINALLY LISTEN TO US. It really feels like everyone in this forum is keeping ylands alive and we are getting absolutely nothing out of it. Tldr; listen to your player base or your player base will eventually leave. Below are screenshots from the old ylands for those who wish to reminisce about the times before this game completely went in the wrong direction. Please save this game devs I am begging you.
  8. Laiiix


    it would be really cool if terrain generation allowed rivers to form in islands so you can drive your ships through there, it would be a really cool addition to the game
  9. i heard someone say if you delete the save file for your server, you'll be able to join the server again. but this will result in you losing all of your stuff and the server would consider you to be a new player.
  10. currently having the exact same issue trying to join a dedicated server on explore output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  11. WARNING: be careful when reproducing this glitch, because 20+ can cause your computer to crash, anything above 15 causes ylands to instantly crash.
  12. If you walk on the campfire at the very small state, you fall through the world. This bug needs to be fixed asap because we crashed the entire server with 5 peices of grass a stick and a flint lighter. It could be considered a game breaking bug
  13. update #4000 i let the huge one sit for a while, and it slowly died down. If you get close then you start to lag and the fireball gets a little larger, but other than that it looks a lot smaller
  14. We played around with this glitch now and found the formula, 5 pieces of grass and one campfire. Also i got more pics