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    (New) Dedicated Servers FAQ

    Q1: What exactly are rented dedicated servers? A: By renting a dedicated server you will get access to a powerful PC that will act as a server for hosting your game. Each dedicated server supports only a certain type of game. While elementary servers will run all Universal games (Mobile compatible and thus smaller) with up to 10 players, High-Performance servers will run absolutely anything (in Ylands that is ? ) including Exploration with up to 8 players. Q2: How many ways are there now in Ylands to host a multiplayer game? A: There are three ways now how to play in multiplayer with your friends. First is regular multiplayer - you host a game on your PC and make it available to others, who connect to your machine. It doesn't cost anything, although the disadvantage is that when the host is not available, others can never play without them. Second option in Ylands are Sharegames. It works in a similar principle as regular multiplayer, although when the player who is currently hosting disconnects, the last save file gets uploaded to the cloud. Other players can download it from there, host the game on their machine and continue playing without the original host being present. This is a paid service, although there is also a free tier for everyone to try out. Third and last option are now dedicated servers, where the game isn't hosted on any players' computer, but on a rented machine elsewhere. Q3: Could you please explain the exact difference between Sharegames and rented dedicated servers? A: In Sharegames players are renting only the cloud storage space, where the save file gets uploaded when the gameplay session ends. The storage is always available to all participants of the game, so at any point, any of those players can download it, host the game, and continue playing. The disadvantage is that one of the players must always host the game on their machine. With dedicated servers you are not renting just storage space, but also computing power, because the hosting of the game runs on a rented PC elsewhere. Q4: Where exactly are the dedicated servers located? A: Servers available for renting are in data centers all around the world, and the closest to the player's location gets always selected when they are renting it. Q5: Where do I find the rented server section in Ylands game? A: It is located in the Account section of the Main menu, in a tab called My Servers. Q6: How do I rent a dedicated server? A: In My Servers tab, click the Rent a server button on the bottom of the screen. It will take you to a screen with available subscriptions in the in-game store. You can choose the one that suits you best and click the Purchase button. Purchasing a server will create a slot in your list of rented servers. Please note that not every server can support every kind of game. While Elementary servers can only play Universal games (mobile compatible and thus smaller), High-Performance servers can run any type of game, even Exploration. Q7: How many rented dedicated servers can I have at once? A: The amount is currently not limited, any player can rent any number of dedicated server slots. Q8: How do I place a game into my dedicated server slot? A: Once you rent a dedicated server, an empty server slot will be created in your rented servers list. If that slot is clicked, the Add game button appears on the bottom of the screen. The button will take you to a screen with available save files to upload to the dedicated server. Q9: I have uploaded a save file into my server slot but it appears to be inactive. How do I make it run? A: If the server slot with inactive games is clicked, a checkbox will appear controlling the status of the server and the game on it. If that checkbox is checked, the uploaded game starts to run on the dedicated server, and people might start connecting to it. Every running game can be also stopped at any time using again the checkbox, which disconnects all players that are currently playing it and makes the game unavailable. When the game is shut down, it remains in the server slot and can be started again at any point. Q10: My game is running in a server slot, how do I jump in? A: If you select a server slot with an active game in it, a Join button will appear on the bottom of the screen. If you click it, it will take you directly into the game that runs in the selected server slot. Q11: How do my friends find the game I'm running on my dedicated server? A: If the game is set as Visible, they will see it in a MP lobby, and can connect to it through there. If the game is password protected, they will also need to know the password. Q12: If I want to put another game into my dedicated server slot, do I need to delete the current one? A: When the server slot with inactive games is clicked, there is an option to Remove the game. If the garbage can button is selected, you will be asked if you would like to store the current game locally to your machine before deleting it from the server slot. In case you choose to store it, a regular save file will be created from the current game, which can be at any moment uploaded again to an empty server slot to continue playing it. In case you choose not to store it, it will be permanently deleted. Q13: How does the Extend subscription button work? A: The length of the subscription for any dedicated server slot can be extended. This button offers a quick and easy way to keep the current slot running without the need to remove a game from it when it expires and uploading it to another slot. Although if the original slot was rented for example for 3 months, it can be only extended by the same time period for the same original price. If you would like to extend the subscription for a server slot and rent it for a different time period, you will need to rent another slot (before or after the original one expires). Q14: How do I know if my game has a password? A: If you added a password to your game earlier, the password field in the Game management window will contain some amount of stars, showing that the game is password protected. You can remove that protection or replace it with a new password at any time. Q15: Why is there a slider for the player limit when each dedicated server is rented for certain amount of players? A: There might be some games that are suitable for less players than what your supported player count for the selected dedicated server slot is, so you might want to temporarily lower it. Q16: What exactly do the Visible and Locked checkboxes do in the Game management window? A: If a game in a server slot is set as Visible, any player can see it in a MP lobby. The game can still be protected by password, so accessing it can be restricted no matter the visibility. If the game is set not to be Visible, players knowing the Direct join code can still connect to it. When the game is Locked, no one else can connect, although people who are already in remain in-game. Q17: What does the Wipe button do? A: Wipe will take your save file, delete all progress and player modifications that were done to the world, and generate everything the same way as it was before anyone started playing there. Be warned that this is irreversible, so wipe your game only when you are really sure you are done with this game and want to start playing again on the same yland. Also please note, that wipe can only be commenced if no player is currently playing the game and when it is shut down. Q18: What is the Command line and Console in Game management window for? A: Through the Command line you can send usual commands into the game as if you were just playing it. This gives you the option to control the game from the outside. Please note that if current players are using the console in game, you won't see their messages here when you are outside. Q19: What do the Kick and Kick all players buttons do exactly? A: Kick will remove the selected player from the game. It does not revoke their rights to join the game again, although if the game is for example locked, that player won't be able to get back until the game is unlocked again. Kick all serves the same function, only it will remove all current players from the server. Q20: What if I use Ban on one of the players? A: Banned players cannot enter your game. Banned players also remain in a list of players for you to be able to unban them if that is desired at some point. Please note that the list of banned players is connected to a certain game, not a dedicated server slot. If you remove the game from your server slot and upload it there again, the ban list will reset and will be empty. It is recommended to protect your game also with password. Q21: What does the Promote button do? A: If the owner of a dedicated server slot desires, they can give rights to other players to use commands in console while being in-game by promoting them. Promoted players can also be demoted to regular status at any point.
  2. Adam Snellgrove

    Streaming Suggestions

    Hey there Ylanders! As I mentioned in Dev Diary #149, we'd love to hear, what you would like to see in future streams, so I set up this thread, so we can talk about the contents of the streams ? I myself am very new to streaming, though I did do radio shows before etc. so I'm not sure, if the quality will be top-notch right from the start, but I will try ? But most importantly I'd love to cover things, that you are interested in as well as news and new features that are coming or are newly in the game. So would you like me checking out the different games, that are in the workshop as I have done before? If it was more of an FAQ or that I have a lot of guests? Or is there something else you'd like to see ? Also any suggestions as for quality/format and anything else would also be much appreciated ? Put your suggestion below ?
  3. Adam Snellgrove

    My Last (official) Post

    Hey there Ylanders! So this is it. My last (1966th) post ? As was mentioned (maybe too many times) already, I am leaving Ylands for new adventures, but I do so with a heavy heart. It's been nearly two years that I have spent with y'all and I don't know about you, but I had an absolute blast. Also, I have learnt a lot, which gave me the confidence to move on when the call came. So thank you for that and for all the fun we had in the process. This game and this community are truly something special. With such an interesting mix of adventurers and creators, there is always something new to talk about, try out and figure out. Of course, the road hasn't been always easy, but I think Ylands is now on the way to becoming really great. With the recent updates to Exploration (which are really awesome and I think we all really enjoyed them, even on the recent streams ?) and the competitions showing us all, what amazing feats are possible in the Editor, there is a bright future ahead of the game. And I for one am really looking forward to it. And I am also proud of what we have managed as a community. When I started at Ylands, there was a bit of a disconnect, that I think we managed to bridge together, especially because of a ton of goodwill from you ? And while it may not be readily apparent or immediately seen, all your feedback and bug reports were essential in the last two years and the way Exploration and other aspects of the game developed is in a huge part because of your ideas and requests, so thank you for that. I also think quite a lot of life was breathed into our Forums and especially the Discord (https://discord.gg/KxQJJAY), which when I began was kinda quiet and now I am delighted, how much you guys chat there and share screenshots. So thank you all again very much. Thank you for being so welcoming and kind. Thank you for all the private messages wishing me a bright future and I wish you all also the very best. But most of all I wish you all to stay classy as you've always been Ylanders ? Adam "Major General" Snellgrove T P.S. Thank you @Spyler.X and @Christal for the beautiful artwork and all of you, that helped out to build the Major General a retirement home. And the Pub is fantastic too, thank you @cfrox
  4. Adam Snellgrove

    My Last (official) Post

    Thank you so much and I thank you for all your help and willingness ? You've really been the perfect Ylander so please keep up your wonderful energy and creativity ?
  5. Adam Snellgrove

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-23829] Crash at launch

    Could you please once more send us the crash logs (C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp\Bohemia Interactive\Ylands\Crashes) and the output_logs and output_logs_clean (\Program Files(86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ylands\Ylands_Data) after it happens? We thought we fixed it ☹
  6. Adam Snellgrove

    My Last (official) Post

    Not sure I'll have a lot of time to do so and also I don't have the required equipment, but I'd love to stream something in the future. Might be a mix of Ylands and other stuff, but will let you all know if that ever happens ?
  7. Adam Snellgrove

    RESOLVED incompatible game version

    So it seems it is because the host of the game you are trying to connect to is still running an older version of the game @kimbuck so please tell the owner of P1 HOME PART to update their game and then it should work fine.
  8. Adam Snellgrove

    RESOLVED incompatible game version

    We are looking into it, but in the meantime, maybe just reinstalling the game? ?‍♂️
  9. Adam Snellgrove

    1.5.1: Goodie Pack #3

    Yep, we're looking into it. I let QA know and they're looking through the logs. Thank you for them ?
  10. Adam Snellgrove

    1.5.1: Goodie Pack #3

    Highlights Polar assets - Whether you are a bold Explorer planning to visit arctic regions or a Creator making a game from icy lands, you will love this update. And if the cold isn't your cup of tea - give a try to the brand new Junk ship! Fixes - many of them addressing the most critical issues experienced when playing the new experimental Exploration New assets New creature: Jötunn New creature: Wolverine New creature variant: Reindeer New creature variant: Snow tiger Plastic pillar blocks (4) Snow blocks (26) Metal door Inuit hat Inuit parka Expedition gear Knitted cap Santa armour boots Frost armour Research equipment (3) Ice formations (5) Inuit idols (5) Junk Ship Junk sails Junk hull Kayak Additions / Tweaks [YLD-28117] Tweaked: Unsummmoning ship with a padlock on the helm will now remove the padlock from the helm Fixes [YLD-28023] Fix: / Tweak: Exploration player data (character, ship) are now saved during the exploration session, instead of just at the end which should prevent players from losing a significant amount of their progress. The approximate time between player saves updates corresponds to the game save period - 10min by default. [YLD-27976] Fixed: In some cases, you were not able to control a ship with engines after you unsummoned it and summoned it in one game [YLD-26776] Fixed: A wrong count was shown when crafting planks [YLD-28123] Fixed: You were able to claim ownership of an unknown but padlocked ship [YLD-28285] Fixed: Objects or project table couldn't be placed near ship blueprints [YLD-28286] Fixed: Items disappearing twice from the inventory when dropped on the ship [YLD-27934] Fixed: If a sleep request was pending in multiplayer, the UI icon would stay on even after joining another server [YLD-26388] Fixed: Heavy FPS drop on mobile devices when aiming with guns [YLD-28176] Fixed: Dig action event was triggered twice on a pickaxe which breaks visual scripting [YLD-28284] Fixed: It is not possible to place some animals from Hotbar if switching to them from any weapon [YLD-27380] Fixed: Profile screen displays incorrect name when opening the profile popup for the first time [YLD-28530] Fixed: Rented servers: When the Workshop is down, trying to host a game from it results in the game data corruption. [YLD-28430] Fixed: Keybinds not loading correctly after restarting the game [YLD-28434] Fixed: When you click the Message button in the Social screen, it redirects you to the chat screen, but with the wrong user selected [YLD-28016] Fixed: Blueprint Camera shines the flash all the time, not only when actually shooting [YLD-28038] Fixed: CTD: Crash when you try split stack of items inside inventory container to already a full stack of items [YLD-27259][YLD-28309][YLD-28325] Fixed: 3D Game Logic icons should are sometimes nor properly rotated [YLD-28327] Fixed: Editor: Editing particles on equipment in the Player role does not work correctly [YLD-28165] Fixed: Editor: Changing scenario description does not work [YLD-28115] Fixed: Editor: Unique items are mergeable with non-unique ones of the same type in some cases [YLD-28032] Fixed: Editor: NPC with a weapon with a particle in hand in Entity template breaks Object properties window [YLD-27218] Fixed: Editor: 3D GameLogic icons have the horizon visible through them [YLD-28177] Fixed: VS: Script tiles sometimes overlap each other Hotfix 15.02 [YLD-28625] Fixed: Ships with many blocks onboard should no longer have shifted collision on load. [YLD-28610] Fixed: A quick fix for conversation tabs switching in Messages screen when a player changes their state. The downside is that the Clan chat screen won't get immediately updated when a player joins/leaves your clan. [YLD-28610] Fixed: A potential fix for Conversation tabs switching in messages when players changing their online, offline or in-game state
  11. Adam Snellgrove

    1.5.1: Goodie Pack #3

    Hotfix 15.02 [YLD-28625] Fixed: Ships with many blocks onboard should no longer have shifted collision on load. [YLD-28610] Fixed: A quick fix for conversation tabs switching in Messages screen when a player changes their state. The downside is that the Clan chat screen won't get immediately updated when a player joins/leaves your clan. [YLD-28610] Fixed: A potential fix for Conversation tabs switching in messages when players changing their online, offline or in-game state
  12. Adam Snellgrove

    1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    Hotfix 15.02 [YLD-28625] Fixed: Ships with many blocks onboard should no longer have shifted collision on load. [YLD-28610] Fixed: A quick fix for conversation tabs switching in Messages screen when a player changes their state. The downside is that the Clan chat screen won't get immediately updated when a player joins/leaves your clan. [YLD-28610] Fixed: A potential fix for Conversation tabs switching in messages when players changing their online, offline or in-game state
  13. Adam Snellgrove

    1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    Highlights New experimental Exploration In 1.5 we begin a transition to a new, different Exploration. Instead of many Exploration games, we give you a large Exploration world to travel. Please note that we think of this new Exploration as "Early access" as it will be finalized in 1.6. If you feel like waiting for a polished, finished product, you can keep playing the original (legacy) Exploration. Custom bitmap import Creators can now import their own images to be used as game UI (panels, buttons, icons...) or even in custom particles. Please note that all custom bitmaps are checked before the game is made visible on Workshop. Improved profile page We've improved the profile page (accessible by clicking character portrait in the Main menu). See your favorite games, your friends' Avatars or their friends. Optimizations We've added further optimizations - especially owners of lower spec mobile devices should experience noticeable improvement. Scripting modules You wanted an easier way to re-use your code in various game scenes or share with others ... and we answered. Dynamic lights visible on mobile devices We keep tirelessly working so that your mobile gaming experience is as close to PC as possible. Light Game Logic object Maybe your scene would look better with one or two dynamic lights to set the mood? Weather effects visible on lower spec mobile devices Now you can experience Ylands' weather even with less powerful mobile devices! Mobile controls Editor preview Are you making a game to be played with mobile devices? Now you can check what the control will look like when testing the game on PC. Bow-shooting and grenade-throwing enhancements We rewrote a lot of code so that these are now better controlled and much more fun. Be sure to give them a try! Visual scripting fixes and improvements Another batch of fixes and improvements that will make it easier for you to create great games. Terrain roughen tool Making a natural-looking terrain is so much easier with this new tool. Native American assets With these assets, we give you yet another great setting/era where you can set your game. Controlling the non-player object Two new instructions have been added: Get Horizontal Input / Get Vertical Input, which will return player X / Y controller input. They can be used in new Event Listener event - On Fixed Update to "animate" any object as if controlling the player. Please note that this feature currently works for SP games only. New assets Totem Golem monster Native decorative blocks Stone doors (3x) Native melee weapons (4) Native ranged weapons (3) Stone furniture Native Clothes (Chieftain hat, Shaman set, Sunplate armor set) Wendigo totem Rugby ball Soccer ball Basketball Flat basic shapes (show now seams when connected) Additions / Tweaks [YLD-26202] Added: Editor: "Create game logic" button inside object properties window for each Game logic reference there. [YLD-25483] Added: Editor: added warning when there is more than 11 active Custom controls triggers with the same mobile button position -> game will not work with 12 or more [YLD-10263] Added: Editor: VS: Some of the array instruction have now variant returning a value (removed object or a new length of the array) [YLD-27021] Added: Editor: skill icons in skill bar can be now set to be borderless [YLD-26483] Added: Editor: you can now set "preview time" for the Editor to test your game scene in different phases of the day. [YLD-26299] Added: Editor: added a new option "show Game logic bounding boxes" to a view window [YLD-25670] Added: Editor: help window is always open when the Editor is turned on unless the player chooses to not show the window by changing the toggle [YLD-26947] Tweaked: Editor: you can use /hidechat command also in the Editor now [YLD-27303] Tweaked: Editor: Object properties: Data set file list should get updated when you refocus an app [YLD-27207] Tweaked: Editor new game wizard: warning message about invalid name should now occur only when you try to confirm the game name [YLD-27051] Tweaked: Editor: you can break groups or unweld entities even though if you have in the selection not only groups/entity welds [YLD-27025] Tweaked: Editor: Explorer now support multiselection (hold Ctrl and select different game logic objects) [YLD-25737] Tweaked: Editor: Translation widget plane manipulators now are always the nearest ones [YLD-22366] Tweaked: Editor: now items groups by type are sorted by their name inside groups in Explorer [YLD-24066] Tweaked: Editor: Texts (even empty ones) in Custom HUD prevented to click buttons (default ones) under the texts. Now they do not prevent these clicks. [YLD-20234] Tweaked: Editor: painting entities should work better when painting 2 entities overlapping each other. [YLD-21649] Tweaked: Editor: Max HP value are now clamped between 1 and 1 000 000. Bigger Max HP values could cause problems. [YLD-24537] Tweaked: Editor: Time trigger now also does not use -1 as an infinite repeat count. [YLD-26007] Tweaked: Editor: Time trigger repeat count equal 1 now means that Time trigger triggers exactly once (used to be twice) [YLD-27351] Added: VS: To upper case, To lower case instructions [YLD-26522] Added: VS: new single-player-only script tiles (Get horizontal input + Get vertical input) [YLD-26381] Added: VS: many game logic events are now listenable also with the Event listener [YLD-26521] Added: VS: Update event listenable in the Event listener [YLD-25247] Added: VS: Script tiles for get/set special attack multiplier (heavy, jump) [YLD-26314] Added: VS: get and set custom variables in Storage game logic objects can have a different scope (eq. Global get, This only set) [YLD-26946] Tweaked: VS: Name input field is selected by default in Create variable window [YLD-26944] Tweaked: VS: literal/enum script tiles are first in the search results [YLD-27269] Tweaked: VS: Removing fire catapult, activate the trap, deactivate the trap, unpack, pack script tiles because they can not be used with any existing entity [YLD-27220] Tweaked: VS Damage/kill VS tile have now switched instigator and target entity [YLD-26949] Tweaked: VS: custom instructions now can have up to 16 arguments [YLD-26650] Tweaked: VS: menu items for storage variables are grouped by type and sorted by name inside the type Changed visual of furs dropped by dead animals Fixes [YLD-27307] Fixed: VS: Some of the disabled actions in Custom controls were still available for players through inventory UI. (eg. igniting torches) [YLD-27306] Fixed: Editor: Custom controls - disabling "On hold" actions did not work [YLD-26884] Fixed: Editor: Placing composition containing Particle effect templates did not always work [YLD-26824] Fixed: Editor: empty Game Logic Labels are invalid as Spawn places and will now result in an error when trying to test game with them [YLD-26856] Fixed: Editor: Undoing the creation of Group when editing that group could cause problems [YLD-26756] Fixed: Egyptian vase gives correct resources on destroying [YLD-26408] Fixed: Editor: it was possible to copy-paste non-entity object to edited weld and it did break the editor [YLD-26614] Fixed: Editor: broken undo/redo step for turning off the construction mode of vehicles [YLD-26625] Fixed: Editor: big entity welds could break AI pathfinding [YLD-26323] Fixed: Editor: It was not possible to set embedded entity into Entity template directly from "Add object" window [YLD-26304] Fixed: Editor: saving could stop to work when you tried to save a game through the menu panel. [YLD-21109] Fixed: Editor: Deleting all objects in Entity weld or in a group could make an invalid group. Now deleting all objects will delete whole weld/group immediately. [YLD-8603] Fixed: Editor: releasing of alt button while moving objects could scatter them around a map [YLD-26056] Fixed: Editor: severing energy links in the Editor was not always possible to do on both sides of the connection [YLD-26052] Fixed: Editor: a copy of Entity template+Global storage (where an entity in the template was referencing Global storage variables/instruction) still referenced variables/instructions from the original Global storage [YLD-20235] Fixed: Editor: "None" event was in event list in event listener by mistake [YLD-24790] Fixed: Editor: creating a new game while you are editing weld or group made terrain tools inactive [YLD-21228] Fixed: Editor: energy and pick custom cursors could stay visible in a play test [YLD-21746] Fixed: Editor: there was "Fist internal" in the list of entity types by mistake [YLD-25735] Fixed: Editor: rotation widget did not always show the nearest octant to the camera [YLD-20565] Fixed: Editor: Redo of Undo/Redo for placing multiple objects (copy+paste, placing compositions) did not recover correctly all references between restored objects. [YLD-27216] Fixed: Editor: switching levers on/off in editor had no effect on their visuals [YLD-27184] Fixed: Editor: Ctrl+Z/Y did not work in Custom UI/Controls window [YLD-26184] Fixed: Editor: animated objects in the animated group were not always animated in exported game. [YLD-24367][YLD-22802] Fixed: Editor: Placing preview behaves strangely in the editor when cursor points at the sky or UIfiring cannons through script did not work [YLD-25916] Fixed: Editor: There may be missing relation lines among Skill and objects references on its timeline. (eq. particle template) [YLD-25525] Fixed: Editor: newly created games were not listed in Recent game list [YLD-26851] Fixed: VS: If player dropped item from an inventory then "On item removed from inventory" was triggered before the item has a new position in the world. [YLD-26657] Fixed: VS: specific category icons were missing [YLD-26883] Fixed: VS: custom particle effects attached to entities through scripts did not work correctly on clients [YLD-26581] Fixed: VS: it was not possible to close stackable window through scripts if there was opened non-stackable window at the same time [YLD-26872] Fixed: VS: setting stack count to the same count could incorrectly trigger "On item added to inventory" event. [YLD-26894] Fixed: VS: Transform rotation for animated entities did not work correctly (you may need to adjust your scripts if you were using it) [YLD-26458] Fixed: VS: switching between scripts did not work correctly when one of the scripts was a script of templated objects [YLD-26411] Fixed: VS: "Screen shake" did not work when no sound effect was chosen [YLD-26346] Fixed: VS: Scripts in embedded objects in Entity/Game logic template were not updated correctly when Storage object was deleted which was referenced in those scripts [YLD-26348] Fixed: VS: Chain of a triggered event could cause that you got the wrong argument in "On connected" in Player role [YLD-25769] Fixed: VS: Remove from skill list did not work (it tried to add provided skill instead) [YLD-23709] Fixed: VS: Screen shake does not cast any error when you assign incorrect argument to player parameter [YLD-6816] Fixed: VS: wrong translation of Dialog "Questioner" on a client [YLD-26351] Fixed: VS: There are random puzzles in the background of the left panel [YLD-26125] Fixed: VS: disappearing texts when renaming variables or changing literals [YLD-26393][YLD-26394] Fixed: VS: Change role script tile did not change inventory correctly [YLD-21324] Fixed: VS: on animals were event On trade even though it would never trigger [YLD-22127] Fixed: Grass and Seedling lack the foliage collision effect [YLD-24821] Fixed: Camera: cannon on steep terrain you can move camera under the terrain [YLD-25950] Fixed: Ships: Small and middle-sized animals cannot be placed directly on the ship's surface [YLD-20822] Fixed: projectiles got broken when they hit an impassable barrier. [YLD-24577] Fixed: Codex: Incorrect hotkey definition for dismount action and summon animal [YLD-25763] Fixed: Lighting ball particle did not render all it's parts after game save/load [YLD-25549] Fixed: random encounter on the starting yland in explore can be placed in water [YLD-21039] Fixed: Light source bulb on helmets will not flash on/off while dyeing headgear from inventory [YLD-26677] Fixed: Custom particles on inventory items could prevent save to be loaded [YLD-23611] Fixed: The game wanted a password if you accepted a cloud save game invitation. [YLD-21645] Fixed: Wrong error message when trying to join a server with a blocked scenario. [YLD-26550] Fixed: Skills: "vertical angle delta" did not work correctly in Projectile events Hotfix 18.12 Fixed: Action cooldowns no longer stack upon leaving/entering exploration mode game (fixes the "hunger issue") [YLD-28026] Fixed: Dragging game variable or storage variable breaks visual scripting [YLD-28021] Fixed: Legacy exploration: there was hot weather even on polar yland [YLD-27519][YLD-27630] Fixed: you were unable to fix Broken protective barrier in custom scenarios [YLD-28017] Fixed: Explore: you can now use Demolition hammer to deconstruct entities on your ship in Protective barrier [YLD-28015] Tweaked: Explore: newly owner of the ship can not damage his ship's hull [YLD-27996][YLD-27995] Tweaked: After exploration character reset, new character will receive a broken barrier if the old character had one in inventory. All existing character which do not have a barrier in inventor... [YLD-27994] Fixed: Resources without interaction are spawned if a player dig right under himself [internal][YLD-27991] Clearing character cooldowns on each exploration arrival. [YLD-27976] Fixed: Explore: unsummoning ship using engines while controlling it could cause that you were unable to control it again after summoning it Hotfix 15.02 [YLD-28625] Fixed: Ships with many blocks onboard should no longer have shifted collision on load. [YLD-28610] Fixed: A quick fix for conversation tabs switching in Messages screen when a player changes their state. The downside is that the Clan chat screen won't get immediately updated when a player joins/leaves your clan. [YLD-28610] Fixed: A potential fix for Conversation tabs switching in messages when players changing their online, offline or in-game state
  14. Adam Snellgrove

    frozen water "it won't let go .. :) "

    Yep, still reading ? I have sent the new logs ti the team. They managed to reproduce it too, so hopefully something can be done with it in update 1.6 ?
  15. Adam Snellgrove

    Farewell for Adam

    Wow, thank you so much guys ☺ Thise are really beautiful. Love Mini-Major ? And the drawing is perfect ? Thank you very much, you really are the best. Hopefully I'll still see you around the forums and Discord in the future and hope you'll keep creating such beautiful creations and keep having fun ?
  16. Adam Snellgrove

    frozen water "it won't let go .. :) "

    Wooot? ? Thanks for the logs and if you encounter it again, a video or screenshot (if anything would be noticeable from the screenshot) would be cool too ?
  17. Adam Snellgrove

    Tencent becomes minority investor

    Nothing really. As the agreement stands, total control of Bohemia Interactive is to stay with the current administration. We may see more support to our developers within the company in the future though since Tencent is going to release their version of Ylands soon in China and so far it has been testing well in the eastern market, so that might be nice ? But yeah, nothing really changes for us here ?‍♂️
  18. So this is a mistake and we will fix it ?
  19. Adam Snellgrove

    More Wool from Wooly Rhino

    I'll pass it on and maybe the designers could have a look at other animals too and what the pay off is.
  20. Adam Snellgrove

    RESOLVED [YLD-28667] Exploration not loading

    Thank you for letting us know. We'll look into it.
  21. And you do have the ship in Constraction mode?
  22. Thanks for the report and video. We have registered other occurrences of this happening and are investigating so thank you for the info ? I'll let you know if we need any other information.
  23. Adam Snellgrove

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-28658] Game slows down and crashes

    We are looking into it. Could you please send us your specs? Please press Windows key + R and type in "dxdiag" and send us the text file ?
  24. Is it still happening @SandyT? We are looking into the problem.