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  1. Good afternoon, Still loving the game, just wanted to let you know I can reproduce the Server Connection Lost error 100% of the time with my character on the Social Survival P1 exploration map in multiplayer. It's not my server, but here are my log files. If you'd like me to reproduce this for you while you monitor, please let me know. I have the steps down (it's basically triggered in an area near my base). I can get it to lose connection 100% of the time, if I head that way. I hope this helps! Normally I am able to play MP games with Ylands without issue, and the occasional disconnect, but this I can reproduce 100% of the time. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. I've had this happen as well, picking up Flax on an MP server. I'll keep an eye on it to see if it's 100%.
  3. Hello, I just received this error message today, at 2:20PM PST, I'm playing on P1's server called "Social Survival..." If you search P1, it will show up, my character name was Lemans. Thanks for your help with this! I’m able to log in now, not sure what happened, but thank you if you fixed!
  4. Just wanted to bump this in case it got lost. Obviously this is minor, but would still be a nice thing to see fixed.
  5. Great game, really loving it so far. It would be fun if we could build industrial forges, foundaries, ovens, etc. that would craft many items at a time, these could be powered by the current electrical system. An example would be an industrial smelter that would allow you to stack 90 (9 stacks of 10) instead of 9 items and do them in a minute. End game components to build these, of course. It would also be nice to have a craft all button, that would take as many items that fit to queue for crafting, in one click. Thanks for taking the time to read and for being so responsive to the community.
  6. lemansgranprix

    Working on my first cabin :)

    Really nice! I like what you did to center the door, and that fireplace is awesome.
  7. lemansgranprix

    RESOLVED Ship Ladder Teleports Me To Last USed Ladder

    In multiplayer it even teleports you to other people’s ships.
  8. lemansgranprix

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8225] Doorway Stutter

    I experienced this as well, I had to go back and re-frame the doorway with joists lining the sides, with one regular log on the top, and bottom, and then it seemed to work fine.
  9. I’ve had some issues in multiplayer with my tamed horses. My first tamed horse, named Silver, appears to have been tamed by someone else, it’s the same horse and name, but tamed by someone else now. My second, Marrón, simply disappeared. I’m a guest on the P1 Explorer multiplayer server and am not sure where my second horse went, but when I whistle for him, he’s not appearing anywhere. Each time I’ve logged out, both myself and my horse were in the protective barrier, but perhaps that doesn’t matter. Once, I was logged off for 8+ hours, but the second time was shorter, more like 4 hours or so. I hope some, or any of my information helps!
  10. At 4k resolution, the left scroll bar in the stone chest is off the screen and I am unable to scroll to the last three items in the container unless I change resolution. Basically the window that pops up appears to not be centered and too far to the left. Thanks for taking the time to read this and if I missed this in the forums already, I apologize. I did search first! First image is at 3k, and the second image is at 4k (Windows 10, Intel processor, NVIDIA 970 GTX).
  11. lemansgranprix

    RESOLVED [YLD-8149] Starving while logged off?

    Just to add to this, I also log off inside my active protective barrier and come back either hungry or starving. ...and I agree with Sethix, amazing game.