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Found 8 results

  1. There seems to be no immediate plans to give us the first person back, so please give us the latest multiplayer version before the removal of the first person as a beta branch option! Unsupported as it is, it is a low-effort effective way of getting more people interested in the game and in getting the old people who left the game back into the game. The game is already free, but you could even launch it as a paid DLC, to have the people who already paid for it pay for it again.
  2. Hello! I just want to start off saying that I'm a huge survival/sandbox/open world game fanatic. I purchased the game a couple years back and I've just recently picked it back up. I've taken a dive into the editor and I'm currently creating an open world experience and it's very fun! One small characteristic about the game that I dislike is that it's 3rd person only. There are very few games that I enjoy playing that are 3rd person only. To me a 1st person game is much more immersive to my experience. Last night I was testing the world I was creating and realized pressing "C" brought my character to an immobile 1st person mode. I have to say the game had an entirely better feel and was very good looking in first person. I'd imagine developing a first person mode for the game wouldn't be an easy task, but is it possible? The only reason I see it being an issue is the animations that take place during combat and rolling. If the camera snaps out of 1st into 3rd person during these animations I wouldn't be bothered by it. I think the game just like any other can feel like an entirely different experience if there is a 1st person mode implemented. I think this IP has a ton of potential, but it loses that immersion it needs because of the 3rd person perception. Now I'm probably not the only person to bring this up, but if it matters myself and my friends would like to know if this could ever be added. Thank you!
  3. DoneMantis7270

    Improve First Person

    I like third person view and I would like to play in first person view except I have a few things I would love to have in first person view. I would love if you could see what is in your hand in first person view. (like swords dirt etc) If you add a field of view slider in settings that would be awesome! Thanks -DoneMantis7270
  4. KlownHero

    First person visuals

    So after playing the game for 2 days now, there are at least two main suggestions for you guys. One, I'd love to be able to see my hands/tools while in first person! And, second, being able to look a full 180 degrees from 90 degrees up to 90 degrees down would be fantastic! As of right now, you are only able to look down and up at about 150 degrees and it deters most people from playing in only first person. As well as not being able to see first hand what tool you are using. Implementing this would highly increase the immersion of the game. It makes you feel like you are completely in control of your character where as at the moment you constantly have to switch between 3rd and 1st person, making it feel like you're controlling some random avatar (which you are, but immersion is key). Any feedback on this would be great! Whether you are going to implement this eventually or reasons why you are not.
  5. Francesco Fabbri

    [suggestion] first person arms wiev

    Is it possible to add arms visibility and items in hands while in first person view? Maybe also the capability to use one item per hand so we can hold a gun and a lantern at the same time.
  6. When in first person on board a large ship, if I walk into an object built onto the ship, I begin pushing the ship rather easily. This is more pronounced when strafing to the side against objects. Example of objects: the mast, the helm, a stove, etc. Makes it easy to just propel the ship forward over shallows and land, but also makes free building things carefully while in first person (the easiest way to place things) maddening and dangerous.
  7. Upon dismounting a tamed horse, while in third person view, my camera movement changes and sort of locks up, only allowing me to look up or down. Pressing A or D also spins my character in place, if I'm standing still, rather than moving my character left or right. I've asked my friend, and he doesn't seem to be having this issue with horses. After experimenting a bit, I discovered that switching to first person and back to third fixes this issue. However this camera behavior change always happens when I dismount my horse.