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  1. A bit of balance seems necessary. For instance, you have to cut down about 40 trees just to have a ship and a house. There is no way to use up anywhere near the amount of resin, sticks, and firewood that you get from those trees. If you're ambitious you can use up 10% of that. This situation is a prime example of the imbalance in material needs and uses. It seems like the burn time for charcoal is just about right, but the burn time for sticks and such is too long. I'd prefer to see one stick only capable of giving you a burn time of 1 minute. You'd use up more sticks this way. If I were able to make a mod for this game, I would make a Cauldron workstation. The concept is of a lidded cauldron over a fire, meant to boil things, and the uses I have in mind for it would allow you to use up all those tree byproducts. 1) Boil firewood to extract resin. Or, use a knife on firewood to cut it to sticks. 2) Boil resin to condense it into varnish, which is used to "lock" freeplaced objects. This lock only prevents right-clicking to pick the item, not protection from other players. 3) Boil sticks to change them into wicker, which has the same uses as bamboo. 4) Both bamboo and wicker must be combined with varnish to be turned into a building block object. 5) Boil varnish to distill turpentine, which acts as a solvent for varnish (use to "unlock" objects "locked" with varnish). 6) Cauldron could be used to further the challenge in making alchemy by requiring you to boil flowers for their extracts.
  2. bihlbo

    Map shortcut

    I'd welcome this change too. Since the map is such an integral part of the game, I'd prefer for there to be a location on your character sheet for it to be mounted, similar to how you put boots in the boot slot. Remove it from being tied to the hotbar entirely. Alternatively, make the map a consumable thing. Once you craft it, you eat it all up and gain knowledge of all the places you'll go from then on. If you want to make a copy to give to a friend, you make a new map and they eat it, learning all the places you've been. I wouldn't suggest this if there were a way to lose your map, but since you get a new one when you die, it seems like it doesn't need to be an item at all.
  3. The islands (or are they ylands?) seem excessively close to one another, in some cases so close you can see one island's shore from another. For those of us who'd like travel to be a more meaningful part of the game, could we please get a world generation configurable option to increase the distance between islands? Personally, I'd multiply it by ten if the game could handle it.
  4. bihlbo

    Infinite Clay!

    Currently, you can get infinite clay by making clay stairs for 1 clay each in a kiln, then breaking the final result to get 4 clay each.
  5. When in first person on board a large ship, if I walk into an object built onto the ship, I begin pushing the ship rather easily. This is more pronounced when strafing to the side against objects. Example of objects: the mast, the helm, a stove, etc. Makes it easy to just propel the ship forward over shallows and land, but also makes free building things carefully while in first person (the easiest way to place things) maddening and dangerous.
  6. bihlbo

    Object Locking/Unlocking

    As I was placing some walls I thought about how handy this would be. My ideal solution would be to add something like a paintbrush/sponge/rag (I'm going to call it an "applicator") that can apply a "varnish" made from either resin, or boiled wood stuff. Use the applicator on your wall or rug or whatever, using up some varnish, and the item is locked. The only way to unlock it is to have an applicator in your hand to "wipe it clean". And I'm not talking about locking it so no one can remove it. I want other players to be able to remove my varnished objects. I can already place it normally to protect it fully.