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  1. Thank you for the reply!
  2. I've pasted an unlisted YouTube Video I made fairly quick to give a visual reference to the issue I believe myself and others might be having with the new Terrain Editor. Might also be caused by the Water update as well. Apologies for my camera overlapping the tool lol. I felt as though it would be easier to explain if the issue could be seen upfront. Please let me know if I may be using the tool wrong or if this was intentional.
  3. OneDeage

    Freecamera in-game

    Thank you for the answers. I wanted to spectate using freecam as my friends explored the world. Its not small at all lol
  4. OneDeage

    Freecamera in-game

    So I've recently learned about the "freecamera" command in-game that you can use and it's awesome. I want to use it for when my friends play the open world game mode I'm creating, but unfortunatley once you reach a certain distance the map stops loading in the entities (trees, grass, buildings ect...). Is there a way to circumvent that or is that render distance stuck only as far out as my character is placed. Is there a spectator mode I do not know about?
  5. OneDeage

    How to play created world in editor

    This worked perfectly. Thank you!
  6. I've created an open world exploration map ion editor and I've wanted to be able to truly test it other than through the editor. How do I place this world in my local games in order for me to play it?
  7. OneDeage

    Can candles be permanently lit?

    You guys are awesome! Thank you for the help!
  8. OneDeage

    Can candles be permanently lit?

    I've been using the editor for 2 weeks now and I've noticed when you place a burning candle into the world it will only stay lit for a few minutes of playing that world. Is there a way to make "burning candles" permanently burning unless put out by a player maybe?
  9. OneDeage

    Proposing a first person mode

    Thank you both for the answers and insight! It's greatly appreciated
  10. Hello! I just want to start off saying that I'm a huge survival/sandbox/open world game fanatic. I purchased the game a couple years back and I've just recently picked it back up. I've taken a dive into the editor and I'm currently creating an open world experience and it's very fun! One small characteristic about the game that I dislike is that it's 3rd person only. There are very few games that I enjoy playing that are 3rd person only. To me a 1st person game is much more immersive to my experience. Last night I was testing the world I was creating and realized pressing "C" brought my character to an immobile 1st person mode. I have to say the game had an entirely better feel and was very good looking in first person. I'd imagine developing a first person mode for the game wouldn't be an easy task, but is it possible? The only reason I see it being an issue is the animations that take place during combat and rolling. If the camera snaps out of 1st into 3rd person during these animations I wouldn't be bothered by it. I think the game just like any other can feel like an entirely different experience if there is a 1st person mode implemented. I think this IP has a ton of potential, but it loses that immersion it needs because of the 3rd person perception. Now I'm probably not the only person to bring this up, but if it matters myself and my friends would like to know if this could ever be added. Thank you!