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Found 4 results

  1. mcspacecash

    Crouch, Walk, Run

    Three essentials to any game.. Crouching, walking (as to not fall off things), and run (as in WATCH OUT, LEOPARDS!!!). I have fallen off so many things to my doom because there's no "be careful" speed. It's either go or don't go.
  2. Pharaun Mizzrym

    [SOLVED] Suggest Editor Move Faster

    Would like to see a faster pan so I can view my island creation quicker. It becomes very hard to create larger maps because it takes so long to slowly glide along to check your entire island. Great work! Love this game! Btw, I have NOT run into any game bugs so far. All play has been manageable. *knock on wood*
  3. Upon dismounting a tamed horse, while in third person view, my camera movement changes and sort of locks up, only allowing me to look up or down. Pressing A or D also spins my character in place, if I'm standing still, rather than moving my character left or right. I've asked my friend, and he doesn't seem to be having this issue with horses. After experimenting a bit, I discovered that switching to first person and back to third fixes this issue. However this camera behavior change always happens when I dismount my horse.
  4. It would be nice if you could move when performing actions such as mining, I dont understand why its restricted to only moving fowards