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  1. mcspacecash

    Map Indicator

    Oooh, a compass? I likes it. Now... who's gonna update the wiki? Cause I have zero clue how to make energy :-D haha
  2. mcspacecash

    Map Indicator

    Please, for the love of god, give us an indicator of where we are on the map.
  3. My friend and I have been putting in some good hours exploring and crafting and learning the game. One of our biggest frustrations is storage. The most amount of items we have been able to store in a single chest was 12 stacks. With items like sticks, grass, etc filling up very quickly, it would be very helpful to have larger storage capacity. Additionally, we like to take our ship out and explore other islands, collecting their resources and bringing them back to our base. It would be pretty cool (and realistic-ish) if the ship itself had an inherent cargo hold that could hold large quantities of items so that we're not stuck piling our little 12 stack chests all over the poor thing.
  4. mcspacecash

    Items Not Showing on Boats

    I am playing on my friend's hosted game and often times when i place down objects (using V) on his boat they don't show up for me but they do for him. I have also experienced where the hull of the ship is completely transparent but the masts, bow, and wheel still appear.
  5. mcspacecash

    Error Streaming

    Ylands minimizes when I open my GeForce Experience panel to stream causing the stream to fail. It doesn't do this with any other game.
  6. mcspacecash

    Crouch, Walk, Run

    Three essentials to any game.. Crouching, walking (as to not fall off things), and run (as in WATCH OUT, LEOPARDS!!!). I have fallen off so many things to my doom because there's no "be careful" speed. It's either go or don't go.
  7. mcspacecash

    Map Location Marker

    It would be very convenient to add a little "You are here" dot to the maps. Also, an error happens when you leave a server and rejoin, your map gets wiped with exception of your first spawn location and where you show up when you join.
  8. mcspacecash


    The current way items are sorted either in your inventory or in chests is very inefficient. It would be great to have either an option to sort by, or auto sort on pickup.
  9. mcspacecash

    Store Checkout Error

    I am unable to access the checkout to pay for the game. This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_RESET