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  1. Gracekain

    Ylands on Steam

  2. Gracekain

    The big fail (Dry Dock)

    drop the anchor and it will stop moving.
  3. Gracekain

    Duplicate Character in singleplayer

    Load your game into the editor and delete the extra body/ headstone.
  4. FOUND A FIX!!!!!! Kill your horse!!!!! No seriously lol. I had just built a stable for my horse, trapped him inside and then I died. I tried everything I could think of even deleting my character and starting a fresh new one. Killing my horse made everything "pop" and i was able to get it all working. I guess trapping your horse is a bad thing.
  5. but maps are edible...
  6. Gracekain

    Floating heads!

    try hitting the C key twice.
  7. Gracekain

    No Colors?

    I am not saying this is your perticular issue but if your GFX card does not meet the requirements or drivers not up to date then everything goes black.
  8. Same issue here. Fell into the water and was killed by sharks. I made a new character and changed the name. I ran back to the house and when I open the chest the chest animation shows it opening but the UI doesn't pop up. Also now when I try to drop something from my pack it is laggy and the item does drop but it icon remains in my pack UI. I have to close my pack UI and reopen it for the icon to go away.
  9. Gracekain

    Cant find the anivl

    It does update properly, the issue is with the hammers. For some reason, the game has an issue registering hammers. You can either restart the game or drop the hammer and pick it back up again. Now that you have the anvil I doubt you will have any more update issues. But count on the game not recognizing your hammer when you break it then get a new one.
  10. Check all of your power connections and make sure your GPU isn't overheating.
  11. Gracekain

    Cant find the anivl

    Make sure the hammer isn't broken, if it is fine then just restart the game
  12. are you guys only playing multiplayer? or is this happening in the Single player also?