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Found 4 results

  1. Totoro In Ihrer Welt

    login error

    Fatal login error Backend request failed (500) This is the message I get when I start the game. I checked the game for errors, restarted Steam, the error keeps coming back. Please, what can I do, what's wrong?
  2. I'm currently playing an Exploration map on the current version of Ylands on a multiplayer server with a friend. I seem to have glitched or broke the rabbit bait. I place rabbit bait down not knowing how it worked ( that it was for taming not hunting) we shot an arrow at the rabbit spooking it wait from the wait i when to pick the bait up after some time had past because i notice the rabbit wasn't coming back. Picking it up glitched it in my inventory, first it was invisible so I left the game and came back then the bait was back but I couldn't drop, destroy or trade it (an fail message pops up) and dropping it duplicated a glitched version that my friend picked up now he is stuck with the bugged item as well . It can be moved around in my inventory but that's it. It counts as a space as well. please how do I fix this. I really don't wanna start a new game.
  3. I have all of the materials to make the propeller pack, but when I go to the locksmith table and click on the pack, the CREATE button stays grayed out and unclickable. So I select something else that I can make, the button becomes active for that item, I then select the propeller pack again and the CREATE button becomes active for making the propeller pack. I click the CREATE button and I get ..... FAILED The propeller pack isn't created. What did I do wrong?
  4. Daniel Lohne

    The big fail (Dry Dock)

    Since it's so frustrating to build on a moving ship (due to Waves), I decided to make a dry dock, however it still Counts as being in the water https://imgur.com/a/NQznS FAIL!