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  1. Vonnie406

    New Exploration FAQ

    i am confused....my friend invited me to his exploration experimental game. he's made it a shared game. when he logs out I can't play. is there some way I can start my own version of this game? and then we sail to meet up with each other? don't really understand how it works. just seems a shame if i can't play it when he's not online
  2. Vonnie406


    Hi I am getting worse and worse lag on my game. trying to move around is like trying to walk on ice, i am lagging, skittering, over-running. it's just really difficult to play. in fact it's putting me off playing at all. i am not sure what is wrong, not being a teccie sort of person. How can i tell if it's Ylands, my internet, my ping, kaspersky. I don't know where to start. I am disabled atm and bedridden, it's hard to do keyboard and investigative work, even if i knew where to start. I am baffled as to why the game started off playing fine and is now becoming unplayable. upsetting because i love the game
  3. Vonnie406

    Game Unavailable

    I've been having lag and disconnects for a few days in multiplayer. Today my my multiplayer game says "Game Unavailable". I've pm'd you the Ylands output files. I've done so much work in game to get me ready for a big adventure today. It is really annoying I can't play it, it seems, for the foreseeable future. I'm bedridden, this was my outlet and one of the few things I can actually DO just now. Goodness knows how long it takes to get such things sorted out
  4. For the past few days (perhaps a week), i am getting terrible lag? If that's what it's called. Constant jerking, pausing of game, It's really annoying and giving me a headache. I did not have this issue a few weeks back. I think the most recent patch said it fixed some lag issues? Well, for me, it's actually given me issues I didn't have before. Getting to the point that it's putting me off playing.
  5. Vonnie406

    Stuck in rock on horse!

    I am on my horse, stuck in rockface, cannot dismount. Stupidly I mounted without realising it was in the rock. Now I can't get off, eat, or anything at all. I am on a different island to spawn one. I shall soon die as i can't eat. I've tried typing /unstuck and /unstuck 2, which I saw somewhere as a solution, but this does not work. I am punching the rockface hoping it will go before I die, but I don't seem to be hitting it. Oh deep joy!
  6. Vonnie406

    multiplayer stuck on 'saving in progress'

    well had to end it as only way to get into anything else was windows+r, left it for hours. bet the game is gone. some way of reporting this?
  7. Vonnie406


    lanterns? lightbulbs? miner's helmet? energy stream thingies? wow lots more to discover, know nothing about these things. i expect glass might be the next thing to make, need it for house anyway. will certainly be going cave mining also
  8. Vonnie406

    stone chunks?

    thanks folks, i was tooooo impatient, just needed to dig a bit longer, hadn't realised you sometimes get stone, sometimes stone chunks. was using pick. i have wooden shovel, but i use that for flattening. does a spade do something different?
  9. Vonnie406


    that's odd, i don't get anything like that. i couldn't work out what to do in the editor either. got a sign up, changed the box were it says text, but how you make that appear outside the editor i have no idea
  10. is there a bug or something? I set up a multiplayer game for my friend and i to play. played for a few hours, quit to main menu and it said it would save progress. The screen is stuck on saying 'saving in progress'. it's been like that for half an hour. Does that mean the game is lost? there's a bug? can i close the game down or is that a bad idea.....
  11. Vonnie406


    thanks for this, i have now positioned my wooden letters :). Can't see how to put letters on signs in editor. But as I can use the letters it doesn't matter so much. Thanks again, really helpful
  12. Vonnie406

    stone chunks?

    how on earth do i make stone chunks? i am sure this must be really easy but for some reason i haven't been able to find a way to make them or mine them, i have ONE so i did it somehow...sometime...but don't seem able to do it again. what tool? dig ground or hillside? tried axe, pick, knife, chisel, hand! haha
  13. Vonnie406


    Hi, i have multitude of containers, they only hold 9 things. i have so many i never know where anything is! haha! i made a sign thinking maybe i could write on it and label up the baskets and chests, but it seems you can only place them. has someone been able to do this? I also made some wooden letters but i don't get an option to place them, so no idea what they're for.
  14. Vonnie406


    there is a brazier, this lights area up a bit more, it goes out tho, like everything else seems to, def goes out in the rain
  15. Vonnie406


    relogged and lo and behold the shovel turned up, must have been some bug! lols, anyway off i go to make my little house