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    Shift Running

    There was an opportunity to press the SHIFT key and make a somersault. This greatly accelerates the movement of characters. It is fast. I think that this is not right. Running speed should be faster than somersault on the ground. I think you need to slow down somersaults. Or forbid to do somersaults one by one.
  2. And one more thing about the camera. When I aim with a pistol I have no way to change my shoulder. I think we need a button so that I can press it and then the camera would show me a view from the left shoulder. This applies to firearms. I think this is not the most important change. But anyway.
  3. I don’t know why, but when I enter the world created about one year ago, the "C" key does not work. But if I go into any new world, then the "C" key turns on the first-person view mode! Why is that?
  4. Hello dear developers. Sorry for my English. I am a fan from Russia. I want to offer. I really need the opportunity to move with a first-person view. This is especially important indoors when I look in chests stacked on top of each other. I found that the "C" key includes a first-person view. But I'm sorry that it turns off as soon as I start moving. Make it so that I can turn on and turn off the first-person view, on only by starting the "C" key. Make sure that the first-person view does not turn off when I start moving. Yes, I know that there is an opportunity to enter the command /fspcam enable. But it’s not very convenient to enter a command every time! I really like Ylands. This is the game of my dreams. Please complete a very important thing for me. Thank you. And thank you for your work.
  5. And how about automatic awakening at threat of life? After all, sometimes you can die in a dream of hunger or cold..
  6. I would like the clock to be in the game as an object that can be created. To not only show the time but also for the entourage. And thanks for the advice. I now actively use it!
  7. This scenario is in SHAREGAME. I do not know how to get it from there. Where can I find instructions? By the way, I would also like to keep a copy for myself, in case something happens to the servers after a long time.
  8. bumaks

    Difficulty with free placement

    Yes, there was such a problem. Now everything has become much better!
  9. Since yesterday I have noticed that logs from felled trees now do not fall under the ground and I can again hang things on the wall. And it's great! But it got a little harder. Previously, I just directed the object on the wall and clicked the mouse. Now I have to push the object a little inside the wall. The only thing that I could not hang is the key. Even if I move it almost completely inside the wall - it vseravno falls to the edge of the block on which I try to attach it About the cabinet with shelves. I just tried to do it. It is not possible to get objects from the shelves, including from the closet I have installed now. Of all cabinets where there are shelves. It seems to me that the physical model of the cabinet has ceased to consider the shelves. And when I put an object on the shelf, the game considers that I put it inside the cabinet texture.
  10. After the release of the update, I can no longer place items on the walls in the free placement mode. I can't hang a fishing rod or fish on the wall because it just falls down. Before the upgrade, I could fix the item on the wall if I installed it so that the faces crossed the faces of the wall. At this point, the oblique became less transparent and I fixed it on the wall. It seems to me that the objects, although they remain the same, are a witness, but they have lost their physical edges. Now the edge is somewhere inside the object. And it is not possible to arrange it so that it crosses the wall only slightly. A vivid example of this is the log falling almost underground from felled trees! Previously, they lay above the ground plane. Now I have no opportunity to decorate my home. And it is very sad. Since for me this is one of the key properties, for which I fell in love with YLANDS. I beg you to correct this in the following updates. I will wait very much. In the photo: fishing rod, fish and knife. Unfortunately now there is no possibility to put objects in this way ... Else after the upgrade, I can not access any objects that is on the inside of the cabinet on the shelves. I placed them on the shelves before the update. But all that is on the closet, I can take.
  11. bumaks

    grass growth

    I do not want to level off, but in minecraft there is such a mechanic. When installing blocks of dirt next to the blocks of grass, after some time, the grass grows on them and they turn green. In YLANDS sometimes you have to fill the soil to level the surface and then it remains mud. it would be great if she turned green!
  12. I think everything will be clear on the screen, but I will explain. Earlier, when there was no green mesh, I noticed that digging a tonel with a bayonet spade digs four cells at a time. And these cells could be identified. Because in the cage I aimed at was the upper left corner of the square to be dug out. (by the way, it changes to the right or left depending on whether I’m digging a tunnel on a sweater or in the other side of the world) Now when the mesh appeared, these cells are highlighted. But here's a nuisance. My formula moved one cell to the right. Those. I am now looking not at the upper left corner of the square, but one cell to the left! So To dig a straight tunnel you need to direct the gaze to the side! 1. Please correct the direction of digging! 2. Also, the net behaves itself not always adequately and jumps in all directions, running from a square into something unscalable. Just try to level the surface under the house on an uneven landscape and you will understand everything. 3. It would be convenient if the square were stable relative to the cursor and did not depend on the direction of the tunnel on the island.
  13. I propose to improve the system of digging. The fact is that in order to dig an even katlavan or beautifully level the surface on a slope, it is necessary to know well how teraforming works and not to make a single mistake. It is also practically impossible to raise the level of the ground evenly. This is a steep cliff. Here is an example. I need to level the slope in order to build a house on a flat surface. I can level the slope while the height of the back wall is not very big. After I can not align ... Then there are three options. The first: You can take a bayonet spade and dig straight, but then you can’t see an even slope like your ears .. Second: You can climb higher on the slope and dig there with a bayonet shovel clearly down and this is the only way to get an even break. But it is worth once to dry up, as smooth lines will not get. Plus, the edges will not be very smooth .. Third: You can smoothly align layer by layer. dropping to the level when the shovel can level. But it is a separate pleasure to find the right level of alignment for the new layer, not to mention the fact that it is really long. Maybe I’m a perfectionist and take a prank, but maybe I’ll find those who agree with me I suggest 1. Make the digging slower. It really doesn’t believable quickly. Huge amounts are dug in one stroke, which leads to difficulties in leveling. Since one movement makes a big hole! 2. Include some kind of binding when digging. So that the amount copied depends on the location of the levels nearby. For example, if there is some kind of protrusion on a flat surface, then the shovel aligns it in accordance with the level at which I am standing. And if such a protrusion is in the vertical plane, then the bayonet spade does not align it to level with the flatness, but makes a hole! It is difficult to explain ... In general, a shovel has a leveling mechanism on the edges. And I would like to see something similar for the bayonet. That's how crooked I could explain. I just want to be able to dig even holes and cavities.
  14. There is such a problem. If you go to bed hungry, you can just die in a dream of hunger or cold! I think it would be right if I could either interrupt the dream in order to feed or dress the character, or I could add a button so that I could manually interrupt the dream. 1. I propose to add a button to wake up. 2. I suggest to make automatic awakening at threat of life. 3. I propose to give more options for choosing when to wake up. Narimer: “wake up XX clock”, where XX is chosen by the player. And as a consequence, I propose to add WATCHES! Watch the game is very necessary! When I work in a mine and I would like to know when to go to the surface.
  15. Bank for seashells worn out. I can't fix it. And this applies to all storage types. When I click on a normal object, I get into the description of the object, where there is a "repair" button. When I click on an object of the type "storage", then I get to the list of objects in this storage and there is no "repair" button! Maybe I’m wrong, but I haven’t found a way to repair the repository objects ..