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  1. Zachary Elvis


    I wish there was a way to get horses to other islands
  2. Zachary Elvis


    That's a lot of food
  3. Zachary Elvis


    Wow I'm glad you told me that bears will eat your fish like that.... Thanks for telling me now I'll be sure not to do it.
  4. Zachary Elvis

    KNOWN ISSUE Sharks

    When sharks hit my ship out at sea they constantly glitch hitting my ship repeatably over and over again. The sharks also spawn sometimes on top of my ship and kill me almost instantly
  5. Zachary Elvis

    Hardcore Survival

    If this is gonna be a survival game then it should have a good survival experience, these are my suggestions Washing: if you don't wash from time to time then a higher chance and risk of infection from a cut, after a wolf or a panther damages you and you haven't washed in a while you should have a risk of infection. If you do get a infection then there should be a plant that acts as antiseptic then you have to wrap that cut in a bandage or risk getting it infected again Raw Food: you know uncooked food is very bad for health for which it can have parasites, disease, and ETC. Especially pork it is loaded with parasites and disease, such as: Staph infection and many types of parasitic worms, and Unclean chicken can give you Salmonella. Unclean Water: Just as uncooked food can give you parasites and diseases, so can water, it also depends on the climate too, these are a few sub-suggestions I have In a Desert Oasis: water should be contaminated, as so do so many different animals drink from it and dirt is filthy rich in it. Tropical Water: should be clean, depends on if it is stagnant or not, but most tropical water is flowing and moving through streams. Sea Water: should be clean but why would you drink such salty water, it could dehydrate you really fast so you should first boil the water to make it safe to drink Forest Water: pretty much the same as tropical water but it all depends if it is stagnant or not Tundra Water: this water should always be safe to drink for which its to cold for a disease or parasite to live in, so this water is always safe to drink Ways to Clean Food and Water: to make sure food is safe to consume all you have to do is cook it simple enough... right? To clean water just boil it, but i mean you can't just throw water on a campfire and boil it, you have to have something to boil it in. Probably a stone pot, iron pot, clay pot, and copper pot. But this is all i could come up with, if you have any more suggestions to add please feel free to post them too
  6. Zachary Elvis

    RESOLVED Alchemy Problem

    Thanks it works now, I thought i would never be able to fly
  7. Zachary Elvis

    Magic Dust: Multiple Resources

    It really is luck to find these magic plants because they are rare, I do hope they add these suggestions to make finding magic dust more easier
  8. Zachary Elvis

    More Tamable Animals

    I like the bear and parrot idea, I think it would be cool to have a new mount and the parrot as a companion. I mean come on who doesn't want a talking parrot
  9. Zachary Elvis

    Make The World Round Again [Suggestion]

    I really like this Idea and the space one, I hope it comes into play Best of luck to you
  10. Zachary Elvis

    More Tamable Animals

    I think that more tamable animals would be a good idea for Ylands, not only does it give you a companion but they could be useful for finding rare loot or more mounts Wolf: Rare loot finder or basic loot finder Bear: same as wolf but another mount Bird: to communicate long distantly through crafted messages with your partners on multiplayer, because I think that if your going to play a survival game you shouldn't be able to communicate long distantly through an online chat. Also add that bird can talk back to you ( Strictly a Parrot) so you could have a companion when your playing by yourself Cats(Pumas, Jaguars, ETC): Cats would be good for stealth if you add a stealth mode for like liberating random structures from NPCs if you were to make any. It liberating structures would also add a good challenge to the game and to add a cat alongside with you would make it more exciting. And its totally up to you what type of food or object to tame them with
  11. Zachary Elvis


    Are they going to add pets later in the updates because I hope they do, it would be useful to be able to tame: Wolf: For scavenging purposes or finding rare loot Bears: same as wolf but also another mount Birds/Parrots: For sending messages to players in multiplayer because i think if your going to make it survival you shouldn't be able to communicate a through chat, long distance and it could be a companion to talk to when you playing by yourself Pumas/any cat: for stealth reasons because they might add built structures on some islands with NPCs that you might want to liberate But i think it might be a good idea to be able to tame any type of animal you can possibly find to give you different buffs/stats
  12. Zachary Elvis


    Can you make it to where there are stats for armor, so you can see if one weapon is better that the other or if it does more damage. Same for armor, to see if one armor has a better defense than the other because i have no idea what does more damage or has more defense than the other. Or if you where a complete set of armor it gives you a set bonus or special skill having that armor set
  13. Zachary Elvis

    Magic Dust: Multiple Resources

    I would like to suggest there be multiple resources to magic dust. Like add some creature that produces it, sorta like a mutated animal produces Yladium Dust. These are my suggested items. Fairies, because you already got a fictional animal Crystals that produce this resource in caves Have a magical plant like the one you already have on land spawn in water too These were just some ideas that i had to make the magic resource vast because I think there isn't enough. PS: The Fairies would add another wildlife to the game, but by the time you add that you'll probably have to add Dragons too
  14. Zachary Elvis

    Ship Ideas

    And i'd like to suggest a below deck on the large ship for like storage or a mobile home.
  15. Zachary Elvis

    RESOLVED Alchemy Problem