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    UNDER REVIEW Dedicated Server Issues

    We also got this error and it didn't disappear on a server restart so we typed /kick playername in the server console. The command would return with an error since no players was connected but we could log in afterwards. Don't know if anyone else can confirm this or if it was just a coincidence.
  2. Same issue here, we just close the dedicated server when we're done playing at the moment.
  3. I've played Ylands in Multiplayer on a dedicated server for 2 weeks now and this is what I've found so far (that I can remember). Server spec: Intel Core i5 (7th gen) 16 GB DDR4 Ram SSD Drive 100/100 mbit connection Client #1 Spec: Intel Core i7 (5th gen) 16 GB DDR 3 Ram SSD Drive Geforce 960 100/10 mbit connection Client #2: Intel Core i5 (7th gen) 16 GB DDR 4 Ram SSD Drive Geforce 1050 100/10 mbit connection Client #3: Intel Core i7 (4th gen) 24 GB DDR 3 Ram SSD Drive Geforce 1060 100/100 mbit connection Bugs: 1. Version in launcher says 0.4.3423 but news says the latest version should be 0.4.35021 rolled back to 0.4.34289 ? 2. Breaking a tool causes the server to crash (sometimes) 3. Built two large ships, climbing the ladder on the 2nd ship made me enter the first ship. (sometimes, a server restart solves this issue) 4. Placing items on a ship, last item disappears. Eg. If placing 4 cubes on a ship, the last cube would just disappear. (client restart solves this issue) 5. Sometimes the server launcher get stuck at starting. (soleved by exiting all instances of Ylands.exe in the task manager 6. A client restart is sometimes needed when dying on a ship to make all player items visible. Edit: 7. Launching the server monitor via Windows Remote Desktop and then exiting Remote Desktop and reconnecting to the server via Remote Desktop causes the server monitor to be displayed in maximized state.
  4. arnada

    DEV ANSWER Black screen

    Your overall system is too weak with a ~520mhz GPU that only supports DX10. Get a new graphics card that supports DX11. Edit: https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/2020/geforce-210
  5. arnada

    Server Monitor Redesign

    I would also love a simple console window where you could simply type commands and perhaps have a INI or JSON formatted file where all the settings are stored. I tried exploring a bit to see if it was possible to create something simple in C# but if you use Wireshark or SmartSniff you can see the ServerMonitor is sending the server name, password etc to the server in a JSON format so using eg. -launcherToken -batchmode -nographics -muted -dedicatedserver -localport:xxxx -remoteport:xxxx wouldn't work since the server didn't know what save etc to use. Hopefully we can get a nice / simple console gui from the devs =) Take care!