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  1. silentghoust

    Dev Diary #18

    My community would love to participate in the DS beta as well! We have a dedicated server located in a database in Seattle, WA. If you need some U.S based hosting let us know!
  2. silentghoust

    Dev Diary #13

    I'm glad you are taking your time with this, even in early alpha. Many sandbox games have fallen to the idea that early access means you can just leave problems behind. Which of course makes them bigger problems when you have a mountain of code on top of it. Any chance some networking and dedicated server tweaks will be coming out with this update as well?
  3. silentghoust

    First Look Cars (GIF)

    Welp, now to make a few racing tracks...
  4. silentghoust


    In the map editor, you can generate islands that are bigger than the ones currently generated in explore mode. You can't get the cool caves and stuff yet, but I'm sure that will be implemented in the future.
  5. silentghoust

    Crime Scene

    @John - Ylanders How are you managing the server to even keep it active? Do you just restart it every hour or so?
  6. silentghoust

    Winged Hussar Armor

    I use Blender.
  7. silentghoust

    Winged Hussar Armor

    Just a quick 30-minute model concept. Won't be able to really "shape," the armor tell I get my hands on the player model. Might as well stock up on models tell then!
  8. silentghoust

    So I found this...

    I was thinking more like pudding, or jelly!
  9. silentghoust

    So I found this...

    Also decided to do a little experiment.
  10. silentghoust

    Editor mode problem

    The first thing I recommend soon as you make a new world lay down a spawn point. That will be the spot you spawn at each time you test the map. It's saved me from being lost at sea several times!
  11. silentghoust

    Odd sized doors

    Let me elaborate more. Lets say you are wanting to build a small town for a map. A builder might be making a pretty good size town, so they will want to save on build time. I'm also taking a guess that the connecting faces of two blocks are not removed on individual blocks(yet). So the bigger the chunk of per block, the more optimized your buildings will be. Since most doors are 3x width blocks. If you want symmetry with your house, you pretty much are forced to have some sort of 3 block path going from your door to whatever for consistency. You can't for example, get a panel floor without some hiding of that last 4th row in some form or another. This also limits your ability to utilize panels as a fast and efficient way to establish a full floor, as well as being able to use some of their unique textures.
  12. silentghoust

    Odd sized doors

    So, I don't know if I'm missing a golden ratio or something. But it seems impossible to have a consistent design with having 3 block width sized doors. This has had profound effects on pretty much all my structures. I have tried several ways of covering up the oddity area. Such as using the 2x2 cubes on one side, using a single square block, ect. Not sure what everybody else thinks or had this issue as well. Or maybe some advice? Below pic is an example of simply trying to get a pointed roof lined up.
  13. silentghoust

    One doubt about the game

    Maybe a packing option? Like the ability to convert large objects into crates with nails, planks, and a hammer? Then that crate can then be picked up and place as needed.
  14. silentghoust

    Artifacts in rendering.

    Just realized I posted this in the wrong section if a moderator could move this topic to the Bugs & Technical Issues section that would be great!
  15. silentghoust

    Artifacts in rendering.

    I noticed lots of artifacts(rendering glitches) when duplicating pieces or moving them around too much. As seen in this video. I manage to fix them by simply deleting the glitching blocks, and duplicating none-glitched blocks. Couple footnotes. The artifacts persist when hitting play in the editor. Haven't tested loading the map up in single player. Aside from it seeming having something to do with duplication, I can't seem to narrow the direct cause down.