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Found 3 results

  1. Ikaarus


    With all the time i have spent sailing the Yland's seas so far, i have had a couple of occasions where i feel like i cant see far enough, i feel like i have passed by a close island many times. I feel like a great remedy for this situation would be a telescope like the pirates used to spot land. This would not only let you spot land on your ship, it will also help you spot recources on an island and maybe give people a use to make a crows nest (i think that would be cool). Thanks for listening to my suggestion and hope it will be considered.
  2. When you are riding on your horse at full speed and switch to first person, then switch back to third person and start spamming W or/and space bar the camera will zoom really far out. I think this happens because the game still thinks you are in first person, because you can't use the option to re-align the camera anymore. In the gif the effect is not that extreme but I've seen the camera go even further than this.
  3. RoyalBazto

    Editor mode problem

    Hi, Im trying to create an yland and generally testing the editor. I find the movement of the camera a bit slow and often I spam shift + mousewheel in hope of moving faster but there by the problem. I get out of bounds like real far away from the Yland. Sometimes I can make it back by locating a trigger zone symbol but now I have gone to far, not even those symbols are showing and I'm utterly lost at sea. Even with all the power of creation I cant make it back. I have tried playing but as soon i'm done testing i'm back at the latest camera position, at sea. I have also tried enter as the test doll in the editor but it's just a guy floating above the sea. So is there a way to save a position so that I always can get the camera back? Or lock on to a trigger? Would be terrible to start over again just because I cant find my Yland