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Found 4 results

  1. So if you have 2 stacks of the same seed in the seed box, for example one stack with 5 cottons seeds and another with 20. When you start planting cotton with the 5 seed stack and when the stack finishes, it disappears from the box, but not from the quick access menu(or how its called?) and because there is another stack it lets you plant more plants without depleting the second stack. If you have only one stack of seed, after you plant them all, they will disappear from the seed box, but stay in your quick access belt. Any attempt to plant will tell you that it fails, but with a second stack it will let you plant however many you want. Which is not something bad because I find it weird, that you have to chose between the seeds or the fruit or plant. If you break a cotton plant for seeds you wont lose the cotton... I kind get why its done that way tho.
  2. [Exploit/Bug/Protective Barrier/Terrain/item/Glitch] Since there isn't much voice about this issue, ( A few similar posts ) today i did a server spawn area clean up, after the CPU idle % was around 35%, from ~5% initially, expecting the worst and i was not surprised. I currently host a Server for the Public if they so choose to use, i have put [Beta] tags on the server title, so people know what to expect. I personally play on the server, knowing full well things can break, however i do not live on the spawn island, so i don't have these issues. Note: All these places in theses pictures are under a Protective Barrier, people have added their own flare to other peoples areas. This exploit would need to addressed ASAP or Dedi Servers ( especially public ones ) will not survive and die out. eventually. ( These areas have now been cleaned up by me in the editor, which took 1-2hrs to complete , thankfully its a small server after the cleanup, CPU returned to around ~8% idle ! ) Below is an example of people not knowing about the issue at hand, unlucky for the owner left a stairway to the roof. These are players who are not at spawn but not far from it either. Another house taken advantaged of A shed house of the first picture.. And lastly a WIP underground base.. now ruined..
  3. Build: Hosting Multiplayer: Not dedicated What Happened I was playing multiplayer (not using DS) with a friend and had just started using the Seed Packet Box. I placed 3 groups of 60 cotton seeds into the seed packet box and kept them in separate stacks, ready to plant 3 plots of 60 cotton. I dragged one of the three groups of cotton seeds onto my avatar from within my inventory to equip it, and used hotkey 0 to start planting. I found that the number of seeds in that hotbar slot did not decrement as I planted them. I assumed they were being fed in from the other groups of seeds in the seed packet box, but after planting all three plots with 60 seeds each, all 180 that I had, I still had two full stacks remaining in the seed packet box, and could still plant more. What I expected Planting seeds from the seed packet box should decrement the correct seed stack until it is gone, after which you can no longer plant until another is equipped. Steps to Reproduce Open the editor Place down a Seed Packet Box and 2 cotton seeds Test the scenario Pick up the seed packet box and cotton seeds Drop the cotton seeds into the seed packet box Enter the seed packet box and separate the seeds into two stacks Drag and drop one of the seeds onto the avatar to equip it Exit the inventory Switch to cotton seed on your hotbar Plant an unlimited number of seeds
  4. Bug - When destroying the "Glass Sphere" that you can create in the glass foundry the user receives Ylandium dust, even though it is never used in its creation process. Please see below images of the crafting recipe, the deconstruction screen and the items received for deconstruction