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  1. I see. I used the search feature but for some reason at the time it was coming up with zero results nomatter what I typed. Perhaps some sort of network issue. However, if it had worked, I may still have posted anyway as: I note that on none of those posts that members of staff have acknowledged the bug yet, nor is it on the compilation of known issues thread. Calling it 'known' may be premature. Perhaps more attention needs to be called to it? I also note that none of the other posts contain as much detail nor a detailed set of steps to reproduce. So, are you suggesting that posting additional details about this under a clear title is a bad thing? Should people be discouraged from going to extra effort to help the developers by posting clear bug reports? Right now I am failing to see what your point was, other than "I see an opportunity to put someone down for DOING IT WRONG! *stomp stomp on the newbie so they never go to effort to help again*". Was that your point in making that terse reply? Perhaps I should think twice before getting more involved in this community.
  2. Build: Hosting Multiplayer: Not dedicated What Happened I was playing multiplayer (not using DS) with a friend and had just started using the Seed Packet Box. I placed 3 groups of 60 cotton seeds into the seed packet box and kept them in separate stacks, ready to plant 3 plots of 60 cotton. I dragged one of the three groups of cotton seeds onto my avatar from within my inventory to equip it, and used hotkey 0 to start planting. I found that the number of seeds in that hotbar slot did not decrement as I planted them. I assumed they were being fed in from the other groups of seeds in the seed packet box, but after planting all three plots with 60 seeds each, all 180 that I had, I still had two full stacks remaining in the seed packet box, and could still plant more. What I expected Planting seeds from the seed packet box should decrement the correct seed stack until it is gone, after which you can no longer plant until another is equipped. Steps to Reproduce Open the editor Place down a Seed Packet Box and 2 cotton seeds Test the scenario Pick up the seed packet box and cotton seeds Drop the cotton seeds into the seed packet box Enter the seed packet box and separate the seeds into two stacks Drag and drop one of the seeds onto the avatar to equip it Exit the inventory Switch to cotton seed on your hotbar Plant an unlimited number of seeds