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  1. Before saying anything, I don't know what the main purpose you guys are following with this game is, so I'm not sure if you wanna pursue simulation or you are creating a sandbox with no realism more focused on the amount of things you can do, but I have noticed you have put some hard work into making the ambient and the feeling of some artistic parts of the game transmit a nice realistic vibe (rain, torments and the awesome sky colorings), if I were you guys, I would go for a bit more simulation with this game (the potential is there and is REALLY BIG). Non of my ideas or comments are meant to offend anyone, they are just described as I have thought them. * After clarifying that point, here we go with some things I think need changes: 1. During long ship travels, alone or with friends, you mainly get nothing to do apart from seeing the beautiful sky (with friends even worse in the sense they have nothing to do at all apart from maybe... looking the map?), the ship doesn't lose its path even if you leave the rudder alone, the wind as it is right now has no effect (or almost no effect over the ship apart from the speed), I would recommend to implement a sailing system where you can have and control different kind of sails and even have to rotate them depending of the wind direction making that to have a real difference on how the ship behave on each situation, then you could make use of your friends as ship crew and give them some kind of utility, if you are alone, well, to handle a big ship alone IS a really hard task, so the idea should be to reflect that in the game, you should be able to pay for some NPC to control parts of the ship and maybe live on your ship in the case you don't have any friends to play with. ***This whole point number 1 would create something that has more logic to me: "The more sails you set in your ship, the faster you go but the harder is to control it properly"*** 2. Doesn't look that placing the sails on the ship's sides has any wrong effect on it, the center of gravity of the ship doesn't vary, that's not cool and doesn't feel logic at all, you should be able to sink a ship totally bad constructed. 3. The water simulation is off, so I will wait to comment on that in detail, but I am expecting something cool from it, something that really affects the way swimming, ships and boats work in the game. 4. Some stamina system is necesary, there is no sense that you can swim faster than a ship the whole time. 5. there is no risk of die during a torment if you are swimming apart from dying frozen being near to a pole. Maybe you should or could drown if you get out of stamina? (point 4) 6. The AI (artificial intelligence) of the game is poor at the moment, feels bugged and not responsive at all in most cases (plus some animals, specially tigers or wolves should have an special evasion movement as well). Maybe add serpents on deep forests when getting plants? (venom risk, etc...), I won't comment on sharks, I am sure you already know what happen with them. 6.1. Ground animals can be EASILY killed if you go to water and even punch them to death, and viceversa, sharks can be EASILY killed if you go to the seashore and punch them from the solid ground. Maybe you have seen more than one of this comments or ALL reviewed before by other users, but I hope they really help to create an awesome game, because it is, and I repeat, the potential is there. Have a great day and I will keep tracking issues when I have time.
  2. Hello guys, I have been playing for a good bunch of hours already and first, I wanted to point out the game in general terms, from my point of view, is heading to the right direction for now, congrats to the devs!, so about this post, I just want to put over the table a couple of problems that I would like to see improved/solved in the future. 1. This is probably a bug, if you eat for example corn, and before you have finished eating it you change to another object, for example the map, that item gets eaten instead of the food and disappears. 2. The AI is reacting better in some cases but still lacks a lot in the way it works and I am sure this is probably a known issue, there is another post in the forum about this maybe?, I just don't have the time to look for it sadly so I will resume with this: 2a. Wolves can be easily killed if you keep swimming close to the shore area and lure them to water, they remain there (kinda underwater, which seems weird to me) and you can punch them to death one after the other. This is probably happening with all aggressive creatures, however I haven't tested it. They gotta begin acting more realistic and even use their advantage in numbers to attack the players, after all, wolves hunt in packs. 2b. When you shoot an arrow to a wolf, if you fail or not they will react 2 ways, one is attacking you (if their path finding can spot you near them) and another is moving aside and temporary hiding, which is good BUT, when they move aside if you wait enough (30 seconds to 1 minute so so) they will come back close to the same spot you shot them ( it will repeat as many times as you shoot without killing the wolf), which makes it easy to hunt them and seems totally absurd instinct for an animal that is being shot and cannot counter that. 3. Sharks seems to be in the same situation as wolves getting stuck on the shore when pursuing a player, unable to run away or attack they easily die. Ylands is a quiet game I know, but a little challenge would make it more realistic and more interesting!, keep that in mind. Best regards.