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    KNOWN ISSUE Multiplayer

    I know I have the materials, cause I have already played through it on singleplayer. Also what happened is that I could not craft for example sewing kit, while having neelde and yarn in my inventory, but my brother could. So idk, kind of ruins the moment when we can craft essential parts needed to progress the game
  2. So I started playing multiplayer with my brother and I noticed that the crafting recipies di not unlock when they should, as they did on singleplayer when I played by myself. Enyone know why, or how to fix the issue?
  3. Zayzu

    Boat/Ship speed

    Haha, I will try to fit it on there
  4. Zayzu

    Boat/Ship speed

    Cool, thanks! I did not know that! ^^
  5. Zayzu

    Boat/Ship speed

    I dont know about you guys, but I feel like the ship/boat speed on the ocean is a bit low. I feel like it could have been uped a little bit. Or maybe its just something wrong with my ship that makes it go slower than it should be, idk.