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  1. Hi everyone! I was finally able to befriend someone on Ylands (just kidding, it's the first time I try). This new friend and I are not Steam friends, just friends in-game. I want to send this friend my sharegame code, invite him\her to my clan etc... I don't see any way to invite this friend inside Ylands. I can whisper, but it says "user is offline". Does the message still go through? If it does go through, how do I invite this friend to my clan? Thanks! Kittemz
  2. Kittemz1

    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    That's nuts everyone! GG to whoever compiled this god damn list...!
  3. Kittemz1

    European server's resets everyday? Why?

    So Explore servers get wiped every week? That is highly discouraging...
  4. Kittemz1

    RESOLVED large ships still broken

    Personally, I abandoned all ship building for two reasons: 1) Ships are buggy and ship ladders are worse. 2) Wearing flippers makes you swim faster than any ship. Find or craft some flippers and the ocean world will once again be open to you and your ultra-super swimming speed.
  5. Hello there! Encountered a pretty dismal bug. Almost every time that I leave my house (on OFFICIAL EXPLORE EU 9), when I come back to the barrier zone the server kicks me out with "Host Unreachable" error. I then have to log back in and do it all over again, and next time I will leave the barrier zone and come back the game will probably kick me again. This is super reproducible and I attached the needed logs. Here's to hoping you can fix this without resetting the entire server, deleting a few days' work... Thanks! Kittemz output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  6. Kittemz1

    protective barrier

    Regardless if the barrier is fixed or not, active or not - it will only protect you when you are offline. The barrier does not provide protection when you are online and on the server. I hope that helps.
  7. Kittemz1

    Animal over population OUT of hand

    Would love to see a screenshot of that monstrosity...
  8. I can report the same problem. I have two ships, one with sails and one with a steam engine. Using the ship ladders is out of the question - there is a very high possibility that the ladder will teleport me to the last island i had my legs on, no matter the distance. That is why I only jump on ships instead of using ladders. In addition, walking around on the ship, from bow to stern for instance, will always (100%) result in myself teleporting around the ship and finally into the ocean. Attached my files as well. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. Kittemz1

    Key chain nightmare

    Interesting that you say this. Each time I die I respawn with my map and my key chain. If you lose your key chain when you die it's a bug.
  10. Hi everyone! I need help! Potential spoilers ahead - this is all happening on [OFFICIAL] Explore PA 15. Story first: Been going around for days, trying to find a submarine sphere to fit the key I found in a cave structure. It took me days because my map was resetting every time I left the server... Finally located the downed submarine by pure accident in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It had no locked sphere in it or around it. There was a bamboo chest on top with some sailor stuff. I found coins and a goblet inside. I excavated all around that wreck and there was nothing else to be found. I thought "oh well, there's always the floating structure on the starter yland, maybe the submarine sphere is there". I go back to my yland to prepare. I get back to starter yland and climb to the top of the floating structure. I then build a small cannon to shoot the Tesla Coils down. I shoot 1 cannonball, and realize the cannon is bugged and I cannot reload it. I destroy the cannon and get the material back - but the cannon is still physically there. I make a cannon, shoot the Tesla, destroy the cannon and repeat the process 10 times. The Tesla does not go down, despite registering hits from a dead-close cannon 10 times. I am out of cannonballs so I put on my rubber suit and step into the Tesla. I am miraculously unharmed. There is nothing on the roof with the Tesla Coils and I take the ladder down. I am in an empty room with two Ylandium generators. There is absolutely nothing there. Now the questions (I am more than willing to log in with one or more of you guys and gals, and figure this out): 1) Is there more than 1 submarine wreck on the server? Could it happen? Since the one I found had no sphere. 2) Are cannons bugged for everyone or just me? Could you log unto PA 15 and let me know if it's just the server? Are Tesla Coils supposed to go down to cannonballs? If so, how many shots? 3) Since crafting Guardian Armor, animals can't seem to hit me at all, I can't drown underwater and generally can't take damage. Is a rubber suit (shirt, pants, flippers, breathing mask) known to be invulnerable to Tesla Coils? Is it just me being invulnerable on the server by some kind of bug? 4) I read a lot of reports of finding locked chests inside the floating structure. Has anyone ever encountered a floating structure that had no treasure in it? This was really frustrating, felt like days of work are for absolutely nothing. I don't know if it's bugged or I just fell on the wrong side of the Random Hammer. Can anyone help figuring this out? Thanks!
  11. Kittemz1

    How do I eat?

    Alternatively (or just quicker) - if you right-click most items in your inventory, they will be equipped in your hand. After an item is equipped, it can usually be used in a special manner (food is eaten, knives to use on trees, saws on trees etc.). The equipped item will always show in position "0" - the right most on the hotbar.
  12. Sethix - does your map information save itself when you regularly log off? Seems the map resets itself each time we log off, regardless of death - is this not bugged for you?
  13. This is also relates to official MP games. Every time I leave an official server, my map will be erased.
  14. Seems I also cannot place any kind of chest or create a lab burner. So I am kinda stuck. Any idea when will this hotfix be released? Thanks for the quick reply as usual...
  15. Hello again! Encountered a bug I havn't seen before. This occurs on OFFICIAL EXPLORE PA 15. I am trying to craft a Guardian Helmet. It appears in the crafting menu as craftable. I have all the ingredients. When I click to craft I get the "FAILED" message. I tried reloading the game, reloading Steam, loading another Yland and coming back to this one - nothing worked. This same server occasionally blocks me out of the crafting menu. When I click the tab it does not switch, and clicking the "O" hotkey does nothing. When this happens, reloading the server fixes this issue, but the Guardian Helmet remains uncraftable. Attached are my output files and DXDIAG report. Thanks! DxDiag Ylands.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt