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Found 5 results

  1. I was on the server ![NRE] Lost In The Wilderness. My internet in the area went out suddenly while my character was on a large ship out in the ocean. The ship was not moving at the time I had been crafting cogwheels. After a few hours later I logged back in and it asked me to create a new character. I thought something killed me, but when I looked in my inventory it was empty except for a new protective barrier, but I had already used the protective barrier for my base out in the middle of the ocean away from the Islands. I also noticed that my name Defaulted back from DW to Deryl. So I killed myself and changed it back to DW but nothing was fixed. My chests are locked and there are no key and no map back in my inventory. Usually I die and my key ring and map are back in my inventory. Ylands Devs Help!
  2. daskunk

    Box Container Fix

    As you may know the Box Container is a little buggy and does not go in the inventory. You must have your protective barrier active for this to work Create the box container and let the timer run out. Now select your hammer and deconstruct. The container will now go into your inventory for you to use. Hope this helps
  3. DazRogue

    protective barrier

    Hi this is my first post. If i have the protective barrier active while i am online can someone break my buildings. i just had an aggressive player chase me i blocked the only way in to my base with blocks and he broke in and attacked me. i don't think i understand how this barrier works. please advise.
  4. According to the in-game help, the protective barrier, when active, will protect the plot owner from damage by other players while offline. However on the official NA 4 server I had an activated protected barrier and was within plot while offline and I was still PK'd. When I logged back in on the NA4 server I was even able to catch the name of the person that killed me.
  5. 0ldguy


    Ylands have *exploration *creative *multi player exploration •Suggestion• > main multiplayer -an island that can not be reset -with a companion npc for building and crafting (cause it will take time now) -can sail to your friends’ island -Island hub that connects player in the region where players socialize and get ready to go adventuring in: 1. Dungeon to clear. 2. Underwater ruin 3. Cave to explore 4. And more *When you die you get back to your main island. •Extra suggestion• *Protective Barrier > 3 kinds - For the island 30x30x30 (upgradable) - For cars: its like a sunscreen and when you put install it, it will protect the car only - For ship: same concept for example, you or your friends can only lock/unlock doors and change the structure of the ship. *protective barrier for cars and ships only cover the vehicle’s parts/cosmetics/skin/surface so no one can destroy it.