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  1. Whane The Whip

    Ship+Protected Barrier

    Yes, as stated in my reply, the PB does not protect ships.
  2. Whane The Whip

    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    Ref: [Editor] Added "Despawn" action to remove an entity Has anyone figured out how to call this action into play? I can't seem to find it.
  3. Whane The Whip

    Ship+Protected Barrier

    Unless they fixed it, the ship is not protected by the barrier. The barrier will however let you use fast deconstruct when using a hammer, so if you placed blocks on your ship, then pull your ship within the PB boundary, at least that will work... or at least it did in 0.63, have not yet tested with 0.7. Also it's very easy to steal a ship by just breaking the helm and putting your own on it. On MP this is an issue because many players will spend more time and effort on a ship than they will on a base that is protected by a PB. I am very happy though that PB's disallow terrain grief though, this is a big jump in the right direction and that means that a ship parked within a PB border can't be griefed (turned upside down etc) by griefing the terrain... now if we can only protect ships.
  4. Whane The Whip

    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    Thanks for clarifying that, I've been curious myself if this would be a future feature or not. I've been working with triggers and paranoid about getting them all right before I launch my 0.7 DS because I know any error with a trigger will mean a wipe when I go back to fix it. Also, thanks for adding the warning in the editor when generating a new world over a current save. In fact there are quite a few improvements and fixes that I've been looking forward to, except for one (pb in the editor) but it's a very good update and I see that I'm going to need to edit my list of issues and wishlist. I am curious if anyone else is experiencing a much longer load up time for Ylands... I get a black screen for a very long time before the Ylands menu pops up. I don't see it as a bug, just curious if anyone else is getting that or not.
  5. Whane The Whip

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    The problem with an early development game and untested/unknown host is that it can be difficult to determine if the issue is the DS or the host. For this reason I recommend always having a local DS for testing purposes too. I.E. if your local host using the same game save file as your rented also crashes, then you may have found a DS bug. If the problem is with your host, then you will have to hammer that out with them.
  6. Whane The Whip

    The Crow's Nest: [Public Server] [US West Coast] [Dedicated]

    TCN is down while I fiddle with new options in the DS and generate a new world for 0.7. Anything you had on the old map will be wiped. If you want a copy of the old map and you have a build there then PM me here or message me on Discord and I'll give you a copy of the game save.
  7. Whane The Whip

    MischTO, any stuff.

    I love it. And I'm a fan of raised platforms in water too. One day I'd like to do an entire fishing village along a coastline, something similar to what you hinted at in your last image, though imo I think the larger buildings would be further back away from the shore so that the view from the water would show the smaller buildings in the foreground. [EDIT] Like the boat corrales too.
  8. Whane The Whip

    KNOWN ISSUE Bug: Underwater fauna on land

    The issue with land sharks has been greatly improved. In the past it was so bad that the number of land sharks would pollute and lag the island. But they still manage to get ashore from time to time. What I find interesting in your case is that you've found a sign that the world may be treating the land as ocean, given that fauna.
  9. Whane The Whip

    Server frustrations

    @handofthesly Nice work. That must have been tedious to determine. If I could give you more than one upvote I would. The fact that the PB is off center is a bit annoying. But I know of at least one additional off center item, the helm control when placed in grid format.
  10. Whane The Whip

    My Catamaran MK III

    The first rendering of that boat was in survival mode: For that I parked the boat along side one of the natural xy lines so that it was perfectly lined up with a set of blocks I had placed on the shoreline. From there I went into first person view to place the windows on the side of the boat using the slight corners of the boat where the curves meet as a marker so that I could be sure to have both sides as even as possible. I also made sure to have the windows going into the boat just slightly. For the opposite side, I literally drove the boat out and then backed it in to the same spot (because my blocks were only on one side) with the same alignment. In survival mode this can still come out quite nice but the real tricky part is clicking to place at the magic moment between the ups and downs of the boat as the waves come in... obviously clear weather is needed. For the Waterworld Scenario I used the editor and it was much easier. With the editor I was able to use grid placement so everything was much more perfect looking than in survival. However I will add that when saving it as a composition I had to save it twice due to that weird color bug that happens when placing compositions. The fix was to correct the color after placement then save another copy of the composition. The lantern on the stick in the editor can be a bit precarious too if that is getting included in your version, in that case I found that it was actually easier to place that lantern on the stick in the game. In the editor the problem seems to be when changing the tilt of the stick... I wanted it to tilt higher so that the lantern was raised up a bit more but for whatever reason, the lantern did not want to attach to the stick when doing that so I ended up with a slightly flat placement of the stick and therefore lower position for the lantern than what I wanted. I'll add one more thing. If you are planning to fly colors attached to the mast, you will find that it wont work as-is because the mast does not register as a solid object. To fix this, you can place sticks inside the mast reaching up to the top and then attach a flag to that top stick. As a side note, this makes the mast appear to be solid and there may be a way to use this to hook it to a ship to pull it in transit, though I have not yet experimented with this. That boat, as simple as it looks, took a surprising amount of time to build lol, both in the editor and in survival mode. But I've always been a slower builder in games like this anyway.
  11. Whane The Whip

    Server frustrations

    Thanks for that. I was fairly certain that 30x30 was off too as I had counted 83 (with the smallest block) in the past but I was planning to do a recount first. I still have not done the recount but on my first (about a month back) I counted 83 with 41 on each side of the PB block.
  12. Whane The Whip

    Co-operation, is it becoming contagious? We hope so

    I'm often surprised at the general approach towards a MP game. It seems that a fair % of people only think to use it to grief other players 100% of the time with most players being neutral and waiting to see how others act. On other occasions, someone approaches MP with the idea of helping other people, that is the rarest approach. It's an interesting mindset because IRL I often hear people say "if I had the power to help everyone in the world I would"... a MP game like Ylands is an opportunity to do just that, but for some reason "helping" suddenly gets changed to "how many people can I screw over". This sounds care-bear, I know. But I do like PvP games a lot, primarily in MMO's with warfare being the objective, but even there one can be supportive of guild-mates.
  13. Whane The Whip

    KNOWN ISSUE Map eaten

    Yup, I ate both my map and my pickaxe. And it didn't even help with my hunger issue.
  14. Whane The Whip

    While they were sleeping...

    Try this some time on a 24/7 MP. Plant a tree seed, sit on it, logout long enough for the tree to grow then log back in.
  15. I don't know if unresponsive animals are on the official list or not, which seems a bit short IMO. But I can say that all types of animal glitching has been discussed, including unresponsive animals. I see unresponsive animals both in SP and MP but I have noticed that a restart tends to fix the issue on a DS. While I can't speak for the Ylands team, I think in many cases, there are a few lurking devs that collect information about bugs that are posted here and then relay that back to the Yteam. While there are two that seem more outspoken than others, on occasion I see other staff member post too, though it is rare. Here was a recent rare sighting. I'm not saying this to impress you, but to impress upon you that your issue will eventually get noticed, especially if others are posting about the same issue too, just keep pressing. In short, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, keep squeaking. Also, you will find a number of issues getting addressed in the Dev Diary.