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  1. Just a heads up I have had the same issue as well it does not happen on all games however. You can right click it for now to craft it.
  2. daskunk

    RESOLVED Guardian Armour Pants

    Ahhh yes your right apologies. I see where I got confused I did re colour them but they have not shown up in the thumbnail below.
  3. The preview image for guardian armour pants is showing steel armour pants.
  4. I had my eye on this bug as I had noticed using Acai berries did not recover health until you were injured again. After this update it is now working again. Single player only.
  5. If you open a container while in one of your containers in your inventory like the herb bag , seed box , soil box etc and transfer one of your items to the container content window on top of an item it transfers the item no matter what it is. eg: Stone,tools,food, etc
  6. daskunk

    Trust no one!

    I still think that a function like protect should be available like shift right click = Protect/ Lock
  7. daskunk

    Small Rainforest Tree no resin

    Hi Ane ty for replying here's a video to show you ... It could be something I have on or maybe in my Inventory ?... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/233848633 Edit for more info Its a fresh start only about 4 hours into it. Small boat made - Single player - No deaths - Not used the Barrier - No crashes.
  8. daskunk

    Small Rainforest Tree no resin

    Yes when you fell the other trees they drop resin
  9. Small Rainforest Tree's are consuming knives trying to collect resin, also no resin from felled Small Rainforest Tree trees
  10. daskunk

    Box Container Fix

    As you may know the Box Container is a little buggy and does not go in the inventory. You must have your protective barrier active for this to work Create the box container and let the timer run out. Now select your hammer and deconstruct. The container will now go into your inventory for you to use. Hope this helps