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Found 4 results

  1. According to the wiki: "The Protective Barrier Generator first appears in the players inventory as the Broken Protective Barrier Generator which requires to be repaired before becoming functional. Once fixed, this item will grant the player a 30x30x30 cube (or 82x82x82 in blocks) in which they will have several abilities: the power to pick up placed blocks with a hammer after the timer would normally be up, immunity from damage when logged out, placed blocks cannot be damaged by other players, other players cannot place any blocks" I have been playing on the public server EXPLORE NA 48 with no issues until I logged in today. While I was offline, players were able to break a locked door, glass windows and three locked chests inside my cabin. From the description of the protective barrier, I thought this was not possible. Did I not set up my barrier correctly or is this a known bug? I attached some screenshots.
  2. roomie101

    Protective barrier broken

    Has you can see in this picture I died by a bear WITHIN my protective barrier!!!!!!! Now I thought you were save within the barrier but I guess not! Anything you need to fix
  3. Hello there! Encountered a pretty dismal bug. Almost every time that I leave my house (on OFFICIAL EXPLORE EU 9), when I come back to the barrier zone the server kicks me out with "Host Unreachable" error. I then have to log back in and do it all over again, and next time I will leave the barrier zone and come back the game will probably kick me again. This is super reproducible and I attached the needed logs. Here's to hoping you can fix this without resetting the entire server, deleting a few days' work... Thanks! Kittemz output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  4. So what i noticed is that when i am playing with a friend, i cant edit in his protective barrier. Normally this is a good thing, but we WANT to be able to edit and place in each other barriers. This because we just want to work together en build a nice base. Would'nt it be helpful to make a system so you can add players as friends or as Tribal/Clan mates so that you can work together inside one barrier? that way you can make multiple bases on more islands also. Or simply a system where you can chose who may edit and who cant edit.