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  1. roomie101

    Dev Diary #132 - UI Community Improvements

    had a idea for a new outfit, its call the chicken outfit and its made out of feathers!!!!
  2. roomie101

    Dev Diary #132 - UI Community Improvements

    they do give you eggs and feathers but it depends on which nest you find
  3. roomie101

    Dev Diary #132 - UI Community Improvements

    One I would like to see if we get enough hay you can build a nest and maybe herd chickens or something that makes eggs so we can get either eggs or feathers, I am sure I would have more
  4. roomie101

    1.1.1: Heartfelt Fixes

    [YLD-21780] Fixed: Hermit did not speak. Awwww I have a build where I buried him and made a graveyard around so its like the ghost of the Hermit in it lol
  5. roomie101

    RESOLVED add Compositions in editor

    yes but I just saw your video about it and I figure it out, thanks for that. You can close this one
  6. Hello, I just started playing your game again after a year and was trying to make some of my builds I did in the editor and add them in compositions but I could not. I had to make a folder for it cause I had a friend make one of my builds into a composition and after I added the folder and put it in it worked. But I still can not create a composition. can you help me please. Oh also love how the game has come along since I last play it over a year ago, great job guys. ROOMIE BUILDS.zip
  7. roomie101

    A day building in Ylands

    I can understand about the clay since it seems there not a lot of it in some games, It like building my greenhouse way too much glass
  8. roomie101

    A day building in Ylands

    the clay bricks do look better and if you want you can add two different colors to it
  9. roomie101

    ideas for a greenhouse

    I have now put this in the Ylands workshop, here it is link to it (https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/545) if that doesn't work do a search for Big Greenhouse or my nick. Just a warning there is plants inside the greenhouse but you can remove them if you want.
  10. roomie101

    ideas for a greenhouse

    OK this is the finish product. I am calling it Big Greenhouse.
  11. roomie101

    ideas for a greenhouse

    Hey Alfred, How are these pictures work? I have been using what the greenhouse that Ylands use just made it bigger. I'm still going to use basic materials. I was thinking using steel beams (blue color) at where the clay bricks ends and than fill it with clay bricks (brown color) and windows (light blue color) off the side (see picture).
  12. roomie101

    ideas for a greenhouse

    Hey, I am in the middle of making a large greenhouse. This is has far I have gotten but not sure about the middle part. Should I just put windows or bricks or a mix of both, or even more steel beams. Would love to hear your thoughts about this. I have made it big enough to hold a banana tree in it to give you a idea how big the inside is. I was thinking of putting a steel beam in the middle, like the other beams or use bricks in the middle and glass for the rest.
  13. here you go DxDiag.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. here a pic of one of the bugs that happen during a MP game