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  1. TheSparkPlug


    Syllable count needs to be 5-7-5 for it to be considered a haiku
  2. TheSparkPlug

    1.2: Astonishing Adventures

    He/she has just as much right to be here as you... and they have a right to voice their grievances. Looking at the change log above, most of the improvements are editor based, and have no bearing on the explore game... which @Horemvore is clearly playing.
  3. TheSparkPlug

    The Website Uses Cookies

    That is nonsense. You only need to ask once. For guests/visitors, that would mean once each visit (not once each page!). For registered AND LOGGED IN users that would mean literally once... and if you were nervous about that, you could easily store our consent along with all of the other settings in our profile.
  4. TheSparkPlug

    Dev Diary #111

    How was it a necessity? There has been no improvement in stability or performance since the old, larger, maps were replaced. I note that you are looking at introducing a way to expand the maps (perhaps by linking worlds together?). It will be interesting to see whether or not we have to pay for this feature.
  5. TheSparkPlug

    Dev Diary #98

    Will we be able to place these beds on ships?
  6. TheSparkPlug

    Stone Blocks and Glass

    If it works like clay bricks, make a blueprint of a square section of your ceiling, then repeatedly place it and provide sand... no kiln needed
  7. TheSparkPlug

    Dev Diary #75

    Will we be able to use our (perfectly adequate) Steam friends list?
  8. TheSparkPlug

    Water bug

    Go into the editor, load up your explore save, select your ship and drag it into deeper water.
  9. TheSparkPlug

    KNOWN ISSUE Sleeping bug

    Try sitting in a chair to fix it.
  10. TheSparkPlug

    Weekly sneaky WiP #8

    Do the arrows represent all the things he's actually going to hit while trying to target the block he's looking at? ?
  11. TheSparkPlug

    RESOLVED Hunger system

    It happens regularly on our sharegame too, and I have seen many others say they have the same issue. Also, when it stops you seem to get more hungry... going to sleep at night with anything other than full hunger will kill you before morning! (It is almost like the host gets the hunger that the other players are saving)
  12. TheSparkPlug

    crafting frustration

    You can cancel them... just click on the wrong items (it sometimes takes a few attempts) and they will be removed.
  13. The current theme seems to be dedicated inventory containers. Cotinuing that theme, I'd like to see a few more... - Some sort of tool box to carry the tools I dont use often; ... and three to help when gathering raw materials (so not crafted blocks)... - raw wood (logs, sticks, bark, pieces, maybe resin) - stone and stone/sandstone/marble chunks - ores, clay, flint
  14. TheSparkPlug

    Ylands gameshare

    Firstly, click on your profile in the main menu, then select the 'sharegames' tab. Select your sharegame, then "remove'. SAY YES TO MAKE THE LOCAL COPY OF THAT GAME. Now, in the editor, select 'file/open' then click on the 'games' tab. Your game should be there. after editing, select 'file/save'. WAIT FOR THE 'GAME SUCCESSFULLY SAVED' PROMPT BEFORE EXITING. finally, go back into sharegames and re-add it.
  15. Seagulls were removed, but the larger birds should still be around. The vendors only turn up at certain times of the day. if you don't want to wait for them, try sleeping till midday