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  1. TheSparkPlug

    KNOWN ISSUE Sleeping bug

    Try sitting in a chair to fix it.
  2. TheSparkPlug

    Weekly sneaky WiP #8

    Do the arrows represent all the things he's actually going to hit while trying to target the block he's looking at? 😛
  3. TheSparkPlug

    Hunger system

    It happens regularly on our sharegame too, and I have seen many others say they have the same issue. Also, when it stops you seem to get more hungry... going to sleep at night with anything other than full hunger will kill you before morning! (It is almost like the host gets the hunger that the other players are saving)
  4. TheSparkPlug

    crafting frustration

    You can cancel them... just click on the wrong items (it sometimes takes a few attempts) and they will be removed.
  5. The current theme seems to be dedicated inventory containers. Cotinuing that theme, I'd like to see a few more... - Some sort of tool box to carry the tools I dont use often; ... and three to help when gathering raw materials (so not crafted blocks)... - raw wood (logs, sticks, bark, pieces, maybe resin) - stone and stone/sandstone/marble chunks - ores, clay, flint
  6. TheSparkPlug

    Ylands gameshare

    Firstly, click on your profile in the main menu, then select the 'sharegames' tab. Select your sharegame, then "remove'. SAY YES TO MAKE THE LOCAL COPY OF THAT GAME. Now, in the editor, select 'file/open' then click on the 'games' tab. Your game should be there. after editing, select 'file/save'. WAIT FOR THE 'GAME SUCCESSFULLY SAVED' PROMPT BEFORE EXITING. finally, go back into sharegames and re-add it.
  7. Seagulls were removed, but the larger birds should still be around. The vendors only turn up at certain times of the day. if you don't want to wait for them, try sleeping till midday
  8. As I previously posted: That only works occasionally, and not for everyone. It didn't work for me at all. Sitting in a chair is a guaranteed fix
  9. TheSparkPlug

    Dev Diary #60

    ... and I don't remember a full release game ever having such an important feature completely missing! You ended by claiming that it isn't important in explore, yet you began by saying the opposite. I can tell you, as a player, and based on the huge response it's had, it is massively important. It may even be the difference between people being able to (or wanting to) play or not... and that's no exaggeration.
  10. TheSparkPlug

    Dev Diary #60

    Yep. All I was suggesting was that - until FIrst Person is fixed - we dont need anything other than to get back the ability to switch modes with a single key press. I also worry that the proposed 'workarounds' are likely to break more than they fix
  11. TheSparkPlug

    Dev Diary #60

    I would happily keep the current "broken" first person view (which IMHO is still a lot less broken than the current third person view!) I am also happy to keep the unecessary "unsupported" message every time I switch to it. The only small change you need to make (until it is fixed) is to give us back the ability to switch modes with a key.
  12. TheSparkPlug

    Fatal Login Error

    Hopefully they get this fixed for you... been enjoying your Youtube playthrough and would hate to see it end
  13. Okay, an update to this... i tried having someone else host the game and/or initiate the sleep. Still no joy. i tried a different bed, which was near a chair and accidentally clicked on the chair... I was able to sit in the chair, and after that I was able to sleep normally. So, anyone having the same issue should try it.
  14. This just happened to me. Also after dying in my sleep on a ship. Nothing sems to fix it. I have tried relogging, trying beds on other islands, /killme and even jumping from a great height ! This bug is one thing, but the fact that people are dying from hunger in their sleep is a nonsense. Waking people up when they are starving would be the best fix, but if that is a problem for multiplayer then maybe hunger should not progress during sleep.
  15. If you have two or more of the same item and each is dyed a different colour, then multiple issues arise. You cannot place both into the same chest. The first goes in okay, but the second attempts to replace the first but also remains in your inventory. Once that happens, neither the real item or ghost item can be removed from the inventory - either by placing in the world or by putting into a different chest. Relogging fixes the inventory desynch, but also deletes one of the items. to reproduce, get two bricks and paint one, say, blue and the other red. The blue one can be put in a chest without issue, but when you try to put the red one into the same chest the red goes in and the blue returns to your inventory. At that point, even though the red is in the chest, you have both blue and red in your inventory and they are stuck there. After relogging, both are gone, leaving just the red in the chest and the blue lost. i transfer items by right clicking, but I think this also happens when dragging.