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Found 5 results

  1. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Stone Blocks and Glass

    I think something has been changed in the game, I just noticed that the stone block with the design has two 4*1*4, there is no 3*1*3, also the plain grey stone block only has a 3*1*3 it doesn't have a 4*1*4. Also can we get a 3*1*3 of the Stone Path Textured block?
  2. DW's Gaming N Animation


    I just came back from Thanksgiving and Christmas break, with no internet, just regular TV and my mind racing with ideas. I jump into Ylands after 3 or so months I find that the building system is completely different. So I've learned everything from scratch, then I find this............ I had tears come out of my eyes, because I enjoy posting, building, but to actually be heard and have the developers implement something I just wanted to talk about was so heart felt. I never thought that the building system would be improved like this. This is everything i've wanted and more. Thank you, thank you and thank you to the developers. Its a Christmas present I plan on putting to good work! Thanks again developers.
  3. Jdtriton

    Stone Arches? Any Ideas

    Do any of the more advanced builders out there have any ideas as to build stone arches?
  4. Would love to see some curved or semi curved stone and wood materials. It would make for some really cool building features.
  5. PATCH THIS, take the day it would take to change the "SINGLE" player when it comes to removing your own blocks. Fine, they become hardened, then how about 6-8 hits with a hammer for stone blocks??? I've got over 100 hours and finally decide to build my permanent base. Well after a serious bit of tedium trying to terraform, I start laying stone blocks. Hey wait a minute, don't like this design, damn I have to break stone blocks. Well its not to bad right, 300+ at 8 hits each......... I would love to just profane this to death but what on earth were you guys thinking??? Remember how I said "Don't frustrate your new player base"? Those of you that might claim the EA, and this team for still allowing this decision should go check your self, this is completely ridiculous. It would be a ONE day effort to clear a patch for this. Its single player..... Yes I am a bit ticked off as I just ruined my 100+ hour save. I do make back ups but not every 30 minutes. No, I don't want to use a "single use" barrier in a single player game, as I want structures on a few of the other Ylands. Now, I have to say, other then the performance issues and a "LOT" of clean up, features to be added, building/construction work(alot) I love this game, man its been a blast and like I have said, this is going to give us Bored Minecraft players PIRATES and SHIPS and Pirates with ships.....