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Found 3 results

  1. Like the title says, is it possible to find every ore in every world? Because Im sometimes not shure if I just can´t find the ore, or if it just doesnt exist...
  2. DW's Gaming N Animation


    I just came back from Thanksgiving and Christmas break, with no internet, just regular TV and my mind racing with ideas. I jump into Ylands after 3 or so months I find that the building system is completely different. So I've learned everything from scratch, then I find this............ I had tears come out of my eyes, because I enjoy posting, building, but to actually be heard and have the developers implement something I just wanted to talk about was so heart felt. I never thought that the building system would be improved like this. This is everything i've wanted and more. Thank you, thank you and thank you to the developers. Its a Christmas present I plan on putting to good work! Thanks again developers.
  3. LingFox

    Bunch of suggestions

    Hi, I like this game. Here are few ideas that I think they might fit in this game: So, I've noticed that when you're going in creative you can create the world, like seeds that cool Earth to choose... that thing, but it's still pretty neat. What I'm saying is: it would be nice if I can have that world generator in the Survival mode. Also, another thing that I would really love are saves. Maybe I'm just a newbie and I really need to learn how to play, but I don't know where to load the other characters. I hope they don't get overwritten each time I make a new character\world, because it would be quite annoying. I would also love to see some physic, like water (and other fluids) flowing, landslides, and that the sand being affected by gravity. Those would be nice if added in the game, in my opinion. Have a nice day, thank you for reading