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  1. ok =/ would the fix come in the next update or in an other one?
  2. yea, im unbanned, we tried banning and unbanning if that would work, but right now im unbanned
  3. one things that we noticed now is that on recent played games the game file for the server is somehow a shared-game, while on other servers it´s a normal game file, and somehow I don´t have acces to play the file while clicking on it and I cant safe it, but it shows me that I played it today, also I could myself move with /unstuck 1 even when I couldnt see the chat, other commands or keys didnt worked
  4. its in the multiplayer lobby, but I have contact to the owner
  5. What do you mean with what server? It´s a Server hosted by a normal player, mode is Explore and IP is 2751305876
  6. DO you know approximately how long it could take?
  7. the problem is that it happens everytime I want to play on the server, so here are the output_logs output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  8. Hi, I wanted to ask for help by an Supporter to move or kill me on a Server. I want this because everytime I try to join it, everything seems to be fine, but then the progress bar stops by 100% and nothing loads. In that state Im half online, because the owner can kick/ban me and my character is standing, but I can´t do anything except watching the loading screen. We have the theorie that my character is somehow stuck so that the game doesn´t no what to do with my character. The problem is, we can´t move my character, because I was inside my barrier when I logged off, and he can´t kill me, because he turned it off that you can kill offline players. Also when the owner of the server came near me, he glitched out (video in glitch.zip ). Would be cool if you could somehow move me in some way (maybe in my house or something. If it isn´t possible I can understand that. Have a nice day, PercyCreeper Server IP: 2751305876 glitch.zip output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt