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  1. Gabgab145


    How do you get them then ?
  2. Gabgab145


    I am wondering how to craft those fancy armchair? I have no clue how and cant seam to figured it out. thank you guys
  3. Gabgab145

    Santa clothing

    Hey just wondering how to craft santa clothing? I cant seem to figured this out thank you guy !
  4. Gabgab145

    KNOWN ISSUE Problem with ship

    i would think so to cause its happening often now ! Really annoying!
  5. Every time i go on a cave and come back later to my ship everything on it is invisible like everything, sails, woodend block, railling, all you see is the wooden ship and that’s it
  6. Ill tell you right away i know its a low poly game but i have a gtx 1060 6gb, 16gb ram and an amd a10 processors and i am still getting like 12 fps alot of time ! i am thinking about getting a i7 since i am pretty sure this is why i am getting low fps since i got a high end graphic and ram so. i would say your system maybe need a upgrade graphic card wise.
  7. Just happended to me and i cant asset nothing on my ship. So all my chest with my gear and stuff all gone
  8. Gabgab145

    Dev Diary #24

    Wait are we getting those santa clothes? that wouls be amazing
  9. One thing that would fix this, i think is make sure when you log off that you are in your protective barrier field so nothing afect your character while you are log off.
  10. I had the same problem somewhere on the map with a buddy ! We fixed it by backing up with the ship for a while then turned away from the bugging spot, after all it worked.
  11. Gabgab145

    Need help

    Thank you i got it !! :))))
  12. Gabgab145

    Need help

    Is it only the bird that are high in the sky that lead to a land or there is other bird ? lower or something ?
  13. Gabgab145

    Need help

    Okay so ive been navigating all over the place ! I got a map and i am following the bird but only found 2 map not including the one i spawned on. The bird lead me to the same island over and over ! cant find new one
  14. Gabgab145

    Cant remove sail

    Hello ! When ever you put sails on your ship they cant be removed after the time is done. They can’t even be destroyed, witch is kinda annoying if you want to upgrade for more less.
  15. Probally not the only one but, i builded a ship and when ever it was snowing or raining it was inside the cabin as well. thank you love the game