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  1. ffoxphyre@gmail.com


    i am unable to purchase coyns. i've been able to in the past but now i click on the purchase coyns and nothing happens. I put money into my steam wallet thinking that might help but it still won't allow me to purchase the coyns for the blueprint i would like to have.
  2. ffoxphyre@gmail.com

    RESOLVED [YLD-8121] Missing car

    I've had 3 cars disappear from my explorer game...yes i'm a bit stubborn and lost 3 before i decided to give up. I even started another Ylands world thinking maybe the first one got corrupted. Has Anyone had any response to this bug? Then yesterday my ship started sinking while sitting at the dock. It has not taken any damage so i don't see how/why it's sinking.
  3. ffoxphyre@gmail.com

    Protective Barrier malfunctioning

    Absolutely love this game and have already spent hours playing but yesterday i went to add onto my base and when placing a block the red error frame surrounded it and the screen flashed "location is inside others player's protective barrier". It is a multiplayer game as i sometimes play with my sister and nephew but they were not in the game when this occurred. Tried again today and found the same result...