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  1. I think it has to do with the new "tech tree" they added in 0.6, it looks like you can now craft those stone/wooden things directly from your inventory menu.
  2. -ghost-tf

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-6891] [YLD-6892] 0.5 Bugs list

    The multiplayer stutter/"earthquaking" issue after using ships as a non-host is still not fixed in 0.6. There is now an extra issue where the character zig-zags by himself after only pressing W to move forward. Video below shows what I mean: Steam version. Build: 0.6.40852 (COUNTLESS COLORS) output_log.txt
  3. From what it looked like as soon as the weather changed/became more intense the game lagged out and the horse got stuck spinning, I couldnt get off the horse, move or anything like that, this continued for a couple minutes until I relogged. Steam version. Build: 0.5.37772 output_log.txt
  4. I added log to the first post, it seems to work now.
  5. I tried, didnt work :\ both the game and the logfile are not running, but its not just those, even if I want to attach a random screenshot to the post it tells me the upload has failed. Earlier today I uploaded my dxdiag just fine though, I dont know what changed.
  6. After zipping the file im still unable to upload it, actually I cant seem to upload any files anymore im getting this error everytime, not sure why.
  7. -ghost-tf

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-6891] [YLD-6892] 0.5 Bugs list

    Here is a vid of the stutter issue: For the host everything is fine but for me as soon as I walk on a ship in multiplayer and walk off it the screen starts stuttering, the fps is fine though. Also I am not able to jump properly while on the ship, its as if the hull pulls me down, in the video you can see I was trying to jump on the wooden pier but as soon as I tried to jump it teleports me to the left and I fall in the water. These teleportation issues happen quite often while on the ship hull. As a workaround for the stutter issue without having to kill yourself or relog, you can sit in a chair or bed and that will fix it. Some more ship issues: -getting stuck inside the hull. -getting stuck/teleported to the steering wheel. -if you fall/ragdoll from a height onto the ship, it will tilt the whole ship. -if you jump next to a mast, it can sometimes send you flying Steam version. Build: 0.5.37772 output_log.rar
  8. Every now and then objects start dissappearing/not loading for the player that is not hosting the session. It happens with invisible animals, lightsources (where it would still emit light but the fire effect or the lantern model would be invisible) and sometimes a whole island would not load. Relogging fixes it. This island was full with trees vegetation (rainforest) for the host, also note the shark nametag next to the mast, there was a shark on the ship hull that I could not see. The video below shows both the invisible objects issue and the sharks trying to hijack ships issue from this thread. Steam version. Build: 0.5.37772 I tried to upload the output_log but I keep getting an error midway through the upload, the file is 50.7mb is there a max size limit? DxDiag.txt output_log.rar
  9. -ghost-tf

    How to make a sewing kit ?

    -Put flax plant into the drying rack so you get dried flax. -If you have enough dried flax you can make a flax bundle in your crafting menu. -Throw the flax bundle in the weaving loom to make yarn. -After you have the yarn you can make the sewing kit: I may have made a mistake with one of the itemnames/crafting stations but its something along these lines
  10. -ghost-tf

    RESOLVED Older maps broken after 0.22 update

    All fixed now, thanks guys
  11. Hi, It seems that the 0.22 update is causing issues for the older explore scenarios. All my explore scenarios from before the 0.22 update have floating items: And in one instance the terrain didnt fully load (this one was a multiplayer explore scenario unlike the other ones, dont know if this is related). output_log.txt
  12. -ghost-tf

    DEV ANSWER Multiplayer Bugs Collection & Broken map

    I dont know if you can reproduce the issue this way, but what I did was: Climb the ladder of the ship while I was swimming, this ended up in me doing a swimming animation on the deck of the ship (the others could see me walking on the deck just fine so the issue was on my side only). I went off the ship and tried the ladder 2 more times until it fixed the swimming animation and I was walking normally on the ship. Then I took control of the helm and for the others I just vanished, like a.... Ghost What actually happened was I got teleported somewhere in the middle of the island, stuck under the ground. The others dug their way down towards me and sort of freed me except that I wasnt able to move. After reconnecting I spawned stuck inside the ship (while my actual character was still underground for the others, so after killing me i could respawn and go back to take my stuff). Confusing, but thats what happened lol Just to add to this, after taming a horse and actually naming him he will still throw you off after a couple of seconds. The horse shows "Tamed", I dont remember clearly from previous time we used horses, but is the problem here that there is another stage after this that will get the horse to "Loyal"? Or is this just a bug?
  13. -ghost-tf

    0.19: Boats & Buccaneers (06/12/2016)

    Nice update, the ships are awesome I hope in the future you guys can add fitting side panels/fences for the ship hulls similar to how the hull fore/aft are done because i tried wooden railing and some other stuff but it looks out of place
  14. -ghost-tf

    Sneak Peek #15

    I would like to see more variation with the banners and sails, more colors and perhaps different patterns on them to choose from ( black sails with a pirate skull on them would be pretty cool ).
  15. -ghost-tf

    0.18: Endless Exploration (27/10/2016)

    Does that mean the explore mode will work in multiplayer after this upcoming update or is multiplayer still limited to island size = 1 ?