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  1. I'm assuming the problem with phantom chopped trees is in multiplayer too, as I see it there often. What appears to be happening (my guess, anyway) is the location of the fallen tree is not accurately being represented to the client. Logging out and back into the session fixes it because once you reconnect the true position of the down tree is being displayed, and your swings are no longer being wasted on empty air. Whenever I run into this problem I have the host chop up the downed tree, as they always seem to be able to see its correct position (although to me it looks like they're swinging at empty space).
  2. I have these exact issues with ships in multiplayer as well. As a client, warping and rubber-banding whenever moving through the ship is horrible (although fine for the host), often resulting in being dropped into the ocean into shark infested waters. And this is just in a two-player game. I've also experienced the ship being reduced to a black hull when moving out of rendering range of it and returning (common when exploring a new island). I usually have to leave the game and return to get the ship to appear normal again (which, of course, then ends up erasing my map). To pass the night more quickly my friend and I both slept on the beds on the ship. When I attempted to leave the bed my character teleported out far into sea with a falling animation, and no ship in sight. A few moments later I was luckily returned to the deck of the ship. That made me pretty nervous about using beds on ships. I already have the issue of losing my body and/or hair whenever I use a bed elsewhere in a multiplayer game (which requires a reload to fix). I'm really hoping these multiplayer ship bugs will be worked out in the upcoming update.
  3. FVin

    LOD/Render distance problems

    I've noticed this also appears on structures that are not part of a boat/ship, however the difference seems to be that after a brief period of time the smaller individual blocks making up an object will eventually stop vanishing at short distances (I'm assuming they are being rendered as a group beyond that point rather than as individual blocks for performance reasons). However, blocks that are part of a boat/ship never seem to gain these benefits.
  4. FVin

    LOD/Render distance problems

    I need to correct what I said above. While the LOD issue does occur with 1x1 *wood blocks*, it is not the same for other blocks. Which blocks cease rendering at short distances seems to vary based on the type and material. For example, 1x1 bamboo ramp (triangle) blocks are visible much further than many of the other triangle blocks made from other materials (wood, stone, etc.). And yet other bamboo blocks vanish from view much sooner than the 1x1 bamboo ramp. We really need consistency with these blocks, and none of them should stop rendering at distances where the absence will be obvious. Keep in mind that a player may create significant portions of a structure out of smaller blocks, and when they cease rendering entire sections of a build can disappear.
  5. FVin

    LOD/Render distance problems

    This problem is still present. It appears the target of early/aggressive LOD-ing are the 1x1 blocks. They are the ones that completely vanish at even a modest distance, where as 1x2 blocks (e.g. elongated triangle) continue to render normally. So far this just seems to be an issue with 1x1 blocks that are considered to be "attached" to the boat. If you place a 1x1 block off by itself on the terrain it won't vanish any earlier than the other larger blocks near it (which is the preferable behavior). I am wondering how people are getting around this issue in their boat builds - have they've just been taking close-up screenshots to avoid showing it, or avoiding the usage of 1x1 blocks in their designs? Or is there another workaround?
  6. I haven't made vehicles yet, so I've only been seeing this on structures. Roof pieces are very common. Those happen to be pieces that often trigger the automatic placement (whenever you place two blocks in a row the game accurately begins to predict where you want the next block, which allows for rapid placement). I am wondering if the speed of placement at that point is triggering a bug. Like the above poster, I also wondered if it had something to do with undoing or moving pieces, but this would only impact pieces that have spent time in the editor. But while I am seeing this bug frequently in the editor, I encountered this past weekend in the explorer game mode on several new pieces that have never spent any time in the editor at all. I only realized the bug was occurring again when I was attempting to remove these pieces with hammers and axes - my hits were being absorbed by the overlapping blocks, doubling the amount of hits required to remove what should have been just one block - after that I took the file into the editor to confirm that there were duplicate blocks hidden inside the existing blocks. I'll try to get those files uploaded this weekend when I get another opportunity to play.
  7. I am running into a problem where building blocks, logs, etc. are duplicating so often that I'm surprised I'm having problems finding other reports of this. This bug occurs both within the editor and the explorer mode of the game. When creating a structure, I will often find that many of the building blocks I've used have been duplicated and are overlapping one another. It is easier to see this in an editor where you can move an existing block aside and find a duplicate of it that was hidden, still in place. It is more difficult to see it occurring in the game, as you have to manually destroy the block with a hammer before realizing a copy of it was hidden in the same location. It is not an infrequent bug, as (for example) constructing a roof and then moving it aside in the editor will show that nearly half of the roof had been duplicated at some point. Please note that this is without using the "duplicate" tool - this bug causes placed building blocks to duplicate all on their own. And, again, it also occurs in the normal game where editor tools are not available. Is this a known issue? I didn't see it on the known issue list, nor do I see reports of it elsewhere, but it happens to me *all the time*. If it is a known issue, is there a way to avoid it? Obviously I would like to avoid the potential hit to performance of having a two copies of the same structure sitting on top of one another (one being hidden by the other).