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  1. Elenis

    I just got robbed by two people.

    The boats can be locked using the suction locks on the helm. Personally, I have all my boats locked this way when I'm not using them. Rather, I have a few ideas and questions. I haven't figured out how to make one key fit multiple doors. While it is possible to make copies of keys so that multiple people can open one door, it would be good to have one key for multiple doors as well. Then when you have a large castle, you don't have to carry ten keys for ten different doors, but one that opens all of them. Another thing is to be able to have a door with a password lock. It's much more convenient than constantly lugging around a key. The password would be entered when you set it up, and then the door would automatically lock every time you close it. If you don't want it locked, leave it open.
  2. Elenis

    Dev Diary #235 Patchworking Problems

    Hello, Unfortunately, I've had a similar problem a few times... see here: https://ylands.com/community/topic/31830-problem-with-building-a-ship-from-blueprint/ Over time, I found that of the decorative items I used, only the plain rope would occasionally go bad. And in addition to rope, I also use planks, wooden stakes, steel rods, bark, feathers and some tools as decoration. (I don't use traditional 1x4 logs, iron bricks, nails and fabric though). The problem manifests itself in that sometimes when you put rope in decorations, you can't deliver it between on building materials and vice versa. The simple advice is to put everything between the main building materials. Without it, you can't complete the blueprint and you run the risk of losing the unbuilt ship completely (it happened to me twice, once in exploration and then in creative mod). If you don't add it between the decorations, then after the build is interrupted, you'll find the ship finished without just a few decorative ropes. But I have one question. I don't know if it's a bug or intentional, but if you make a blueprint from the editor, all decorative items are not built as collectible even if they had interaction turned off in the editor. It's just a small detail, but if you make a ship then you waste a lot of time curing all the decorative items. The problem is that some items are hard to get to, and other times it's quite tedious. (I have over 350 iron bars and 80 breads on my ship that make up my rigging.) Likewise, when you put a regular blueprint for the game into the editor, all the parts and blocks are collectible when you test, including the basic building blocks. I haven't figured out how to turn this off yet. Do you know how to prevent this? Overall though, the 1.10 update is a big step forward. I especially like the new workstations and especially the export from the editor. Since I couldn't export blueprints from the editor it was just a marginal addition for me. I spent almost all my time in the game exploring. Until the 1.10 update was announced, but now I'm spending more and more time in the editor, trying to make both new ships and buildings. Overall, it's a huge qualitative leap forward not only for the editor, but also for exploration, and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart.
  3. Everything's working again. Reinstalling the game probably helped.
  4. English: There is already a link on the forum to the same problem from user NICO14973: https://ylands.com/community/topic/29894-blueprint-disappearing/ It still doesn't work for me, so I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with this and knows what would help against it? Thank you very much in advance for any advice. Czech: Na fóru je už odkaz na stejný problém od uživatele NICO14973: https://ylands.com/community/topic/29894-blueprint-disappearing/ Stále mi to nefunguje a proto se Vás chci zeptat, jestli s tím někdo nemá zkušenosti a neví, co by proti tomu pomohlo? Předem moc děkuji za každou radu.
  5. English: I'm having trouble building a ship from a blueprint. After the 1.10 update, the first ship went well, but all the following ones can't be built. If I add the necessary resources to the build, the interlaced part disappears in the build, without running out to replace it with the finished part. So if you build the whole ship it just disappears and you have neither the raw materials nor the finished ship. The problem only applies to ship building. For buildings it works normally. And it persists even after restarting my computer and also when trying to build on other islands. Both new blueprints from the editor and old blueprints created in exploration using the camera were tried. The problem is with all of them. I will keep trying to solve the issue and if anything changes I will write about it right away. Thank you in advance for fixing the problem. Czech: Mám problémy se stavbou lodi z blueprintu. Po aktualizaci 1.10 šla první loď udělat dobře, ale všechny následující nejdou postavit. Pokud dodám do stavby potřebné suroviny, tak ve stavbě zmizí prolínavě zobrazená část, aniž by došlo na náhradu hotovým dílem. Pokud tedy postavíte celou loď prostě zmizí a nemáte ani suroviny, ani hotovou loď. Problém se týká pouze stavby lodí. U budov to funguje normálně. A přetrvává i po restartu mého počítače a také při pokusu o stavbu na jiných ostrovech. Vyzkoušeny byly jak nové blueprinty z editoru, tak i staré blueprinty vytvořené v průzkumu pomocí fotoaparátu. Problém je u všech. Dál budu zkoušet, jak danou věc vyřešit a kdyby se něco změnilo, tak o tom hned napíšu. Předem děkuji za vyřízení problému.
  6. Elenis

    New Community Manager

    Vítejte a přeji Vám hodně štěstí a úspěchů jako Community Manager.
  7. I guess I misspoke. My point is that unequally sized hulls with equally sized plating have the same speed. My boat is built on a Chinese junk hull. With two large masts, one smaller mast, and one modern windlass, it reaches 7 knots. The large hull with the same sail reaches a speed of even 7.2 knots. And it's much bigger, so it should have more histrodynamic drag. Plus, it's not even game-balanced. Small hulls actually only have the advantage of being cheaper (you don't care about that later in the game), having less draft, and being more maneuverable (which you also don't care about most of the time). It is much more advantageous to build only big ships. They're just as fast (or faster), more durable, and there's enough space on them to serve as a floating workshop. I think it would be more fun to be able to reach high speeds more easily with a small hull and also have more acceleration. The top speed could be the same, but a large hull would need more sail area to achieve it. Then the player would build small ships for exploration and for fast travel, and vice versa for large ships as floating base or for battles.
  8. Smaller hulls have the advantage of greater maneuverability and less draft. Therefore it is not good to make them as damage resistant as large hulls. Capping it at 200-300% endurance is a good idea. Another thing that is similar to this topic is hull speed. It seems all hulls are equally fast with the same plating. Or the differences are very small. It seems illogical to me, as it tends to be easier to achieve higher speeds in small ships. For a boat with a small hull and few building blocks, a few sails should be enough to reach high speed, while a large or steel hull would need lots of masts or a strong engine. I played around in the editor a bit, figuring out the hull's resistance with a small cannon. It really doesn't matter at all the number of building blocks. The resistance is the same as an empty hull: Chinese junk: 5 hits. Catamaran: 6 hits. Small wooden hull: 6 hits. Large wooden hull: 9 hits. Steel hull: 18 hits. Interestingly, there's not much difference between the wooden hulls.
  9. Elenis

    Extended Industries: Brewery

    Adding a colonization and building simulation to Ylands is a big dream of mine. I think it would attract a lot of players. Being able to build your own city on an island in exploration, populate it and manage it economically and militarily would be awesome. It would be a huge incentive to build. Plus, if one city couldn't get everything it needed on its own, it would force players to discover other players' cities to establish trade relations. Not to mention the fact that the city could be raided by pirates from time to time. Anyway, this is no longer a small improvement idea, but something really big. It would be at least for a separate big update, but more like a new DLC. But when Deadeye_Rob sketched it here I had to agree with his idea. I hope to see a similar expansion sometime in the future.
  10. Elenis

    Extended Industries: Brewery

    Yland's energy has always seemed untapped to me. There are other interesting uses besides new workstations for mass production. Perhaps a personal energy shield would be interesting. A device that would be worn on the back and, while charged, would give the wearer protection from attack. It would present an interesting dilemma for most players. Should they take a flying backpack or an energy shield? Energy cannons could be another. They would fire lightning bolts and recharge from ylands generators. It would take some time for the capacitor in the cannon to recharge and be reusable after firing. Another idea might be a motorized revolving platform. That way you could build a rotating gun turret like the USS Monitor had, or a rotating observatory dome. Possibly motorized hinges and pistons for tilting bridges, big gates, and other moving things made outside the editor.
  11. Elenis

    The new crafting system needs a little work.

    I don't have a depth gauge on my sailboat. When I dive, it's only until my oxygen is past halfway. Then I turn it up.
  12. Elenis

    The new crafting system needs a little work.

    I think, but I'm not sure, that surfacing is twice as fast as submerging. If I use half the tank during a dive, I have about a quarter of the tank to explore and if I don't find coral I have to go back up immediately.
  13. Elenis

    Extended Industries: Brewery

    The fact that several hundred threads can be produced on a single spindle nowadays strikes me as odd to say the least. Plus, with the ylands heading towards an industrial revolution, there could be large production machines. In addition to the existing workstations, have a new workstations that need ylands power and take up a lot of space. They could produce those by the hundreds, and it would have a really good atmosphere too. Instead of a small workshop that looks like the middle ages, you walk into a hall with big machines full of moving parts and spinning wheels, and above it all are flashes of ylandos power lines.
  14. Elenis

    The new crafting system needs a little work.

    I've only mentioned caisson disease in passing and I hope he's never in the game because diving would become virtually impossible. Changing bottles underwater would completely upset the balance of the game. Staying underwater would become very trivial and easy. Just make enough bottles and you'd be worry free. Even now, you can stay underwater for a very long time thanks to air corals. I've had several times where I've surfaced after about ten minutes underwater and been so far away that I couldn't see my boat. It's not pleasant when you have a shark on your back. For me, having some weights to pull me to the bottom quickly, would have been enough. It would have given me more time to look for first air coral and explore.
  15. Elenis

    The new crafting system needs a little work.

    As far as I know, weights are used to descend when diving to shallower depths, especially without oxygen tanks. Most of the time it is a simple stone that quickly pulls the diver underwater and he just leaves it on the bottom. For diving to greater depths, this is not done, because it would kill the diver with caisson disease. Maybe it would be enough to have some weights that, when in your inventory (or in your hand) would quickly pull you underwater. Either would have to be in your hand and then it could be used repeatedly and would probably be pretty expensive for ingredients. Or it would be disposable and the diver would have to dump it out of inventory to move around and swim out normally.