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  1. Onedown

    Dev Diary #72

    Just a quick recommendation for the person asking about learning c++. Any gamer interested in learning to program computers should look into autohotkey and use scite for autohotkey as the editor for your scripts (both are free). Autohotkey was instrumental in my learning to program because it gave me the opportunity to make programs that interact with the games I play helping to make it easier for me to play the games in a way that isn't cheating (I have several disabilities that I was able to play past this way). There is an extensive help file with examples of most everything and scite automatically checks syntax and helps a great deal with formatting the code so it is easier to read. Whatever language you choose to begin with you'll have to get a beginners guide and read it and reread it and practice coding as many times as it takes to have a mastery of at the very least the basics.
  2. Onedown

    Dev Diary #71

    One question please. Are you devoting any real play testing time to discovering methods of griefing so that you avoid as much of it as possible before you "release" the game? In a lot of games this type of testing is fluffed over and left for the players to report and troubleshoot leaving some players frustrated for having to do the game companies job. I haven't played in a long time but I plan on coming back once you have a final product and it would help me if I knew if you were expecting customers to ferret out the bulk of this.
  3. Onedown

    Music Albums worth listening to

    I wont post specific videos but if you have never listened to Mozart while playing a relaxing game I believe you are missing out. Real music with real depth.
  4. Onedown

    Weekly sneaky WiP #2

    Looks like a sorting method will be added.
  5. Onedown

    Weekly sneaky WiP #1

    It's a new mount to tame i'd say.
  6. Onedown

    What are you playing this weekend?

    No one can argue with jiggly bounciness. LOL
  7. Onedown

    What are you playing this weekend?

    Fallout 76 a little bit and a little bit more each update as they fix things up. The last patch was a great performance boost. Fun game, makes you think all the time about how to develop your characters. Nice survival aspects to it as well and they did a pretty good job on PvP rules so far.
  8. Onedown

    Portal Knights

    Portal Knights was fun I really enjoyed it but for me it really has no immediate replay value unless I wait like a year. The game was well worth the money and had no notable game breaking bugs. I'd recommend it to anyone. How does multiplayer work in that game? I never tried it. For me the next thing i'll put my heart into is fallout 76. I really like what I have seen from the 3 hour promo vids where they let you tubers and online game mags come play in west Virginia. It looks like it's going to be a blast and the devs seem right on top of any PvP exploits. We'll see how it goes. I love the bounty system they have in place for people who kill players who do not want to engage in a PvP fight.
  9. Onedown

    Security Concerns FAQ

    I would like to see total transparency in the form of being able to see exactly what data is being sent, when data is being sent and exactly where it is sent to as well as an explanation as to how each byte of data is used. Every byte of data sent should be explainable in an easy to understand report to make sure data is not gathered from outside the game itself. I would be more inclined to leave the option on to help if I could double check the data and account for everything you collect. It's not that I don't trust you it's that I don't trust you yet.
  10. Onedown

    Dev Diary #48

    I don't think it's taking it too far at all, first impressions carry a lot of weight and when enough people give a game a thumbs down and the game turns to mixed or mostly negative most people ignore the fluffy ads and pass without even giving the game a try. I know I and most of my friends don't even bother looking at games once they get to mixed reaction because there are just so many games with very positive and mostly positive ratings. I think game consumers are just getting tired of the buy it years before it's finished shtick. Especially when a game has so many flaws. It takes a whole lot of time and a lot of Ad dollars to turn things around. Because yeah, people don't care about the ads (what he was calling PR) as much anymore, they care about fun and if around half the people who play a game think its not fun I feel like there is a 50/50 chance I'll think it sucks too so I tend to stick to games with better ratings. The last EA game I played there was also a call for the few current players to post positive reviews, however that game shut down 6 months later anyway. They should have made sure that what they presented to consumers and took money for was as playable as possible but they neglected to do that. Little bugs in EA games eh, who cares but some of the bugs in this game are huge deal breakers. Also it seems to me a lot of the people posting these days aren't even playing the game, they are themselves spending time in the editor which doesn't seem to have the huge issues with sync and lag. Ylands could have been an enjoyable experience for a lot more people if they had only concentrated on the most annoying bugs instead of plowing ahead with their time table.
  11. Onedown

    Dev Diary #48

    Why is it some people call everyone who disagrees with them a troll? Just because you get mad doesn't mean they are trolling. Divergent opinions are important to progress. Galileo was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1633 because he had a divergent opinion that turned out to be correct. Let's not throw back to those days when differing opinions were not tolerated. This is my helpful tip to you, don't take the opinions of someone else as a personal attack.
  12. Nothing you wrote in this thread indicates the answer to the questions so if it helps you to use crayon please feel free.
  13. Who said anything about typing errors? I was asking about the PvP status of the server the guy who was killed was playing on because i'm not sure if it's a bug and you lectured on your understanding of what you think PvP should be. If you didn't want to answer all you had to do was not answer. I'm just trying to get a better understanding of the game mechanics as they are currently programmed.
  14. I just asked a question, was it on a PvP server? Does the game programming allow people to be killed while they are offline on that server? If the answer to either of those questions is yes then maybe instead of pontificating you could ask the devs how they planned for avoiding this type of event. I've always thought it was silly to be able to kill a players character while they are offline and the devs assured me the game was planned that way when I brought it up months ago. If it's part of the planned game play then they must have planned a way to avoid it.
  15. I thought there was a way to make it impossible to kill another player on private servers and that all public servers were PvP? Am I mistaken? If you are on a PvP server and you get killed I dont understand what all the fuss is about. Is it not possible yet to flag your server as PvE?