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  1. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    RESOLVED [YLD-8509] Request timeout

    Thank you, I was wondering where my post went.
  2. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    RESOLVED [YLD-8509] Request timeout

    This bug only actually started happening to me on a new installation after the latest update. This is a new machine for me and I'm using Win 10 this time, my previous machine used Win 7. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    Cosmetic Appearance

    Cosmetic slots like lots of other games where in you can put things on top of your current armor to change outside appearance. i.e. I'm wearing Guardian or Mk 1 Armor but I have the pirate set above it so people see me wearing the pirate set but functioning like the proper armor (lights and all). Maybe an option to not show helmet.
  4. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    RESOLVED [YLD-8170] Lose Character and Item after logout

    Happened to me yet again, though I've taken to the habit of putting my entire inventory into storage. I just grab stuff in my chests to restore the crafting recipes, I've actually left samples of processed materials just for that. Hopefully, this will be resolved in the 0.6.3 patch. It nasty.
  5. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    KNOWN ISSUE Land Shark Oh My...

    I follow Keralis' videos. Sky sharks! The wife and I laugh when he zipped around shooting bunnies that seem to have infested his playthrough.
  6. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    How to get more Ylandium dust?

    Spawning rates are very odd. I found a rather large cave in an Arid Yland. It was really long and branched only thrice. Only found four animals. Lots of quartz. One node each of gold and sulphur. My home Yland had only 2 "visible" caves. Only some quartz in them. Until I found cave plants on a mountain peak and took out my spade. There was no real tunnel except for the one I made. I followed the "roots" digging back and forth until I fell into a rather large open area. I killed 28 different monsters, with more I haven't got to and got 32 dust from them. I also lost some of the loot to falling through or something. I tried digging the area they died dropped but I could not find them all (found some in the ground). Also found 2 crystals and a small node of gold. There are around 3 tunnels I haven't totally explored but one looks like it leads to another large open area. Ran out of ammo and inventory space so I had to bail.
  7. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    RESOLVED [YLD-8170] Lose Character and Item after logout

    Hello Ane. Happy Holidays! I have two save files where it happened. Both times I had saved in my base without ever putting down the protective barrier. I have two more save files wherein the character is still intact. The difference is that in these two save files that lost the character, I was wearing full Guardian Armor, the Propeller Pack, and an electrified base. Lotsa lights and such. The first intact one I do have the prop pack but no Guardian armor a wind turbine down but no streams yet. The latest file is a new save file, only just setting up with iron and stuff. I just tested the two intact ones and they still work. Attached are the two save files where I lost the character. Neo Islands, I made a new character to look for the old one and was the first time I encountered the error. Verdant Isles I never did make a new character. I put the output log clean as well as I noticed I forgot to attach it to my first reports/tickets [BI-RT #160567] [BI-RT #160455]. Regards NEO_ISLANDS.zip output_log_clean.txt VERDANT_ISLES.zip
  8. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    RESOLVED [YLD-8170] Lose Character and Item after logout

    Sorry, where to find the save games?
  9. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    My time in a new land

    I dredged a bit near my dock and when I swam back I saw my beach got extended. Hehehehe
  10. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    RESOLVED DId anyoe else just lose their game?

    Several of us have reported it in the bugs. The community manager saw it and asked about it last Thursday. No update yet. you may want to add your voice:
  11. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    RESOLVED [YLD-8170] Lose Character and Item after logout

    Reported the same: Replicated it again with a new save file: File Version Product Version: It seems that the bug happened after I crafted full Guardian Armor, wore my propeller pack, and started playing around with power streams. If that helps. I have another save without as much progress and it works fine. I made a ticket for both[BI-RT #160567][BI-RT #160455] DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  12. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    RESOLVED All Character Progress Items Lost

    Hello again team, I made another exploration game while I was waiting for this. And it happened again. Curiously, it happened right after I started crafting Ylandium related items. When it came out, I just cancelled. I opened it in the editor and looked for my character. It was nowhere to be found. I attached the new output log file. Also, is there a way to get the the save file to send to the dev team? output_log.txt
  13. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-7939] Game freezing in crafting menu

    This happens to me when I use my older laptop. It crashes / goes black or white screen and occasionally a driver error prompts from windows. This does not however happen in my wife's desktop because of her 1070 perhaps, though, to note, there is a definite lag/framerate drop at times.
  14. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    RESOLVED All Character Progress Items Lost

    Linked my account some time before. No issues. I'll check later with the editor perhaps.
  15. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    RESOLVED All Character Progress Items Lost

    I had finished playing earlier and I saved and exited, waited for steam to sync and shut down the pc. I logged in and I chose my save and it asked me to make a new avatar. I thought I had died for some dumb reason. A bug or something, I'd just report. I recognized the area I spawned in, so I made my way to my base noticing that all the stuff I had placed on my home island were fine, foreign trees I planted, old tools I had left in containers in some barrels that spawned. The lack of predators in the route I followed, etc. I reached my base and lo and behold it was intact with the storage containers containing what I expected and the furnace and kiln finished the stuff I placed in before I saved. The building projects I had started before I saved were all there. I looked for my corpse/stone the last place I saved from (see screenshot of the save) and it was not there. (My propeller pack, guardian armor, guns and stuff were all gone ) I also noticed ALL my crafting progress was gone. I looked around the last few places I was building making stuff and I could not find my corpse. My map update was gone (I had no map or testament in my inventory), it was like I entered it as a new player in MP. I made a ticket in your site as well but I put it here in case others may have had the same issue. I had just ventured into energy a day or so ago (RL time) and the prop pack a bit before that. I had streams all over the base. I was redoing my ship and building a lighthouse when this happened. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt